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Jessica's Doggy Help -- Calling Off the Search

9/18/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the group of experts aiding Jessica Simpson in the quest for her lost dog is officially calling off their search.

Jessica Simpson and Daisy

Sources close to the situation tell us Simpson and the people have exhausted every possible resource to find Jessica's precious Daisy -- last spotted in the grasp of a wild coyote.

We're told Simpson's camp used tracking dogs, scoured neighborhoods, put up posters, power-dialed neighbors and did everything else they could to find a clue ... but came up short.

Jessica Simpson And DaisyWe're even told a pet psychic offered to help, but we're not sure if Jessica actually accepted the supernatural offer.

Jessica still has hope ... but that hope seems to be fading pretty quickly.


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It's so sad because I have two labs & I can hear Coyotes at night & they sound so scary so I can relate to how she feels. Unfortunately, this dog is deceased.

1868 days ago


"the group of experts advising" funny is be in this group of experts.....I am pissing myself laughing!!!!

1868 days ago


Jessica Simpson is making this up because She is a liar and have no clue about Coyote! Coyote does not come out in middle of heavy city duh! Coyote only comes out in WINTER season when there will be any snow! WTF is she on ? Her dog was just ran away but NOT being snatch by a Coyote! LOL what a joke!

1868 days ago


Omg this is the saddest thing. I feel soooo sorry for her. I would go into stroke zone if that happened to my baby. You really do get so attached to them that they are like your children. Please please NICK buy her another one.
I have loved that little adorable baby too since she got it and the fact that Nick gave it to her is a hundred times worse. That was their baby they never had.....soo sad.

1868 days ago


OMG Jessica Simpson is so freaking stupid. What's really horrifying to think about is that her dog was alive when the coyote started eating it. Try being a better "mother" next time, Jess, and keep your damn dog on a leash and supervised.

1868 days ago


Take time to grieve for Daisy and then, when you feel ready, visit an animal shelter and adopt a doggie who needs a good home. This would be a nice tribute to Daisy's memory.

1868 days ago


Dixie - why couldn't Nick buy her another dog.. It would be a nice thing to do... not that anyone on this site would know about being nice. Maybe he remembered the breeder and could get another similar pooch.

1868 days ago


68. OMG Jessica Simpson is so freaking stupid. What's really horrifying to think about is that her dog was alive when the coyote started eating it. Try being a better "mother" next time, Jess, and keep your damn dog on a leash and supervised.

Posted at 12:49PM on Sep 18th 2009 by Stank

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1868 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Did not anyone explain to this girl that coyotes EAT their prey. They will never find anything of this dog. She's milking this for the media attention.

1868 days ago


Bigfoot snatched up my little yorkie on a family picnic and went running into the woods with it. I was to afraid to follow it!

1868 days ago

Trooper Tom    

That dog has been dead since day one ... pretty much like her "singing" and "acting" career. She is a ding bat!

1868 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Miss Simpson I am back to remind you of my previous post of several days ago, you are the laughing stock of the USA and now the entire world. It's time you got a clue (if thats possible) and started acting like an adult.

1868 days ago


Poor Daisy.

1868 days ago

who dat    

Alright, for all you lame-O's. The dog was staying with Jessicas Parents in a gated community in CA, as Jessica was out of the country at the time. Her mother had the dog in a non-fenced off area of the back yard. The dog saw a squirrel and ran from the back yard. A coyote had been hiding behind a tree at a distance and when the dog was chasing the squirrel, the coyote jumped out from behind the tree and grabbed the dog and ran off, game over. Jessicas mom had seen this, tried to call the dog back, but, just as she was, the coyote grabbed it. Jessica was not told until she came back into the country.

1868 days ago

KIDS AT RISK karen lee    

According to published news reports, JESSICA was NOT with Daisy when she was snatched by the coyote -HER MOTHER WAS!

Regardless, a defense-less puppy was sacrificed to the elements because proper care was NOT taken. Martha Stewart got it right; their carelessness cost Daisy her life.

One can only hope they learned a lesson; had it been a CHILD, the loss would still be a terrible LOSS ... because obviously nobody THOUGHT about WHERE they were living; or WHAT THE CONSEQUENCES of California's raging wildfires would be.

If they didn't have the MONEY to build a proper enclosure, that would be one thing. The fact they did --but didn't DO ANYTHING is just sad.

1868 days ago
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