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Lou Ferrigno -- Too Hip To Park

9/18/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a damn good reason bodybuilding legend Lou Ferrigno was parked in a handicap space when he hit Gold's Gym in Venice a few days ago -- and it all has to do with Michael Jackson.

Lou Ferrigno

TMZ spoke with Ferrigno's wife, who told us the bodybuilding legend recently underwent a hip surgery -- not to mention he already has "a fake hip and two fake knees."

But here's the rub: Ferrigno -- who was Michael Jackson's personal trainer -- only scheduled his most recent hip surgery after following Michael's advice.

Ferrigno told us that while he was pumping MJ up for the ill-fated "This Is It" tour, Jackson encouraged him to do "Dancing with the Stars." Lou -- who knew he had a bad hip -- listened to MJ and met with the "Dancing" people.

Lou claims the "Dancing" people loved him -- so he decided to get hip surgery so he could be on the show. But Lou says after the surgery, the "Dancing" people "blew him off" and he was never officially invited to do the show.

So now Lou is still recovering from the surgery -- hence the handicap parking. But due to the fact that Lou told us he dominated the stair-stepper earlier this week ... we're assuming he'll be back to parking in a regular spot pretty soon.


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Linda Mott    

When you look healthy, people don't realize the pain you may be in. He has an image to maintain and may not let people know about the handicap. Does Mike get the $20 back or was that just for the hearing handicap?
Happy Rosh Hashanah!!!

1800 days ago


Duh he is handicapped. He's very hearing impaired!

1800 days ago


I guess TMZ will find anyway to mention Michael Jackson. He is dead. You didn't treat him right when he was alive so leave him alone now.

1800 days ago

Rip Off Chris    

Having surgery and being handicapped are two different things.If he can work out and drive he has NO reason to park there!!!My husband is hearing impared has hearing aids and he sure as HELL dont't park in the handicapped zone.Lou get a grip dude!you really have no valid exuse!I say slap him with a citation!

1800 days ago

For Sure    


You look great for having knee replacments and two new hips OMG.
You are a true inspiration to all who have any type of arthritis etc.
I think all should know Michael Had severe arthritis. Most dancers have some type of arthritis. Joints only can take so much before they start to wear out!
Arthritis can cause fevers swelling ...All you fans did you not ever look at MJ's hands...Notice his joints on his hands.

Also in dancers effects knees...hence colapses by MJ and meds will cause bleeding and other severe side effects.

1800 days ago


relax people he is able to park there he has a sticker, Lou is partly deaf. This is legal for him, and will not be fined.

1800 days ago


You know what this kind of story is simply an effort to distract from the fact that their is a very serious murder investigation going on. In addition there are rumblings on the net that say this investigation is about to come to a close. So I am more interested to see if Michael jackson is going to finally get justice in death that he did not receive in life.

1800 days ago

THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

Good and Gob bless the memory of the King Of Pop. What a great person he was.


1800 days ago


#29 -Frank- That is an ignorant comment. You can't always see someones handicap. You of all people should show acceptance , compassion, and tolerance, your not the only one out there with a burden to bare.

1800 days ago

something smells    


1800 days ago


If you look closely you can see a tag hanging on his mirror.

1800 days ago


I love and miss you Michael!!!
I just can't get over it!

1800 days ago


Did you mentioned Michael Jackson?
Thank you!!!!
Keep it up!!

1800 days ago


If you can drive and still be partly deaf, then you can park where you are supposed to. This guy is a shyster and lazy and disregarding the rules as the handicap spot if for the handicapped, not someone who's doing the stairmaster. Also, where is his Doctor's certified handicap sign? It really irks me that he thinks he's above the law.

1800 days ago


In order to PARK in a handicap spot you can't just say I had surgery, you have to have the permit. It's not just for self-serving celebs who think the rules don't apply to them. Get a grip more deserving people who have legitimate problems & have a permit need the spot. Loser get off your high horse.

1800 days ago
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