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Lou Ferrigno -- Too Hip To Park

9/18/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a damn good reason bodybuilding legend Lou Ferrigno was parked in a handicap space when he hit Gold's Gym in Venice a few days ago -- and it all has to do with Michael Jackson.

Lou Ferrigno

TMZ spoke with Ferrigno's wife, who told us the bodybuilding legend recently underwent a hip surgery -- not to mention he already has "a fake hip and two fake knees."

But here's the rub: Ferrigno -- who was Michael Jackson's personal trainer -- only scheduled his most recent hip surgery after following Michael's advice.

Ferrigno told us that while he was pumping MJ up for the ill-fated "This Is It" tour, Jackson encouraged him to do "Dancing with the Stars." Lou -- who knew he had a bad hip -- listened to MJ and met with the "Dancing" people.

Lou claims the "Dancing" people loved him -- so he decided to get hip surgery so he could be on the show. But Lou says after the surgery, the "Dancing" people "blew him off" and he was never officially invited to do the show.

So now Lou is still recovering from the surgery -- hence the handicap parking. But due to the fact that Lou told us he dominated the stair-stepper earlier this week ... we're assuming he'll be back to parking in a regular spot pretty soon.


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He's working out because he recently had surgery=in other words he's doing physical therapy. Ignorant people have no right to critize. A persons handicap is not always visually apparent.

1826 days ago

Right back at ya    

I don't care if you're a Celebrity or an average Joe/Joanna, if you have the ability to walk, let alone exercise, then you shouldn't be parking in a Handicap space. The same thing applies to people with weight problems, or pregnancy; what's the difference between walking a feet to and from the Handicap space, versus walking throughout the store?

1826 days ago


Does he have a placard for his vehicle? You can't park in the handicap spot unless you have one.

1826 days ago


Now you can finally rest in peace, but i miss you Michael.

1826 days ago


Being deaf or partially deaf does not make a person need handicap parking. Handicap parking is for people who have trouble walking long distances. I think the determination is 200 feet.

1826 days ago


Okay I understand he is deaf and obviously that is a handicap.

My question is if someone has hearing loss that qualifies them to be considered deaf how is he able to get a driver’s license?

Hearing is an integral part of driving (Have to be able to hear warning horns from trains, cops ambulances etc.)

Just wondering if anyone knows?

By the way it's a legit question and I'm not trying to stir up some SH!T!

1826 days ago


More about Michael please! Break some news already! It's Friday for goodness sake! Haven't they arrested somebody or filed some kind of papers?

Get with it TMZ!

1826 days ago


I have to say, thank you TMZ for the nice photo of Michael! You are doing a good job with that lately!

1826 days ago


Congrats for trying Lou! Atta go. What would be interesting is to hear the stories of how people (famous or not) were inspired by Michael Jackson and what they did with that inspiration (before and/or after his death). After his passing, and being 50 years old myself, I realized I had better get serious about my neglected health and weight and "go for it" - I have since healthfully lost 45 pounds (still going), I have enrolled in a jazz dance class (after a 25 year absence from dance studios) and am embracing my friendships and family with new enthusiasm and appreciation. My plan is also to find a volunteer opportunity with children and partake in it. Although it might sound goofy to some, I look up to the heavens every day and thank Michael Jackson for my inspiration. Hey, whatever it takes, right?!! Anyone else?

1826 days ago


Don't be silly! He must have a handicap parking place because of his deafness!

1826 days ago


Uh, does anyone in the media ever follow "Dr." Murray around? How about Tohme-Tohme? He shouldn't be allowed to get away with any wrongdoing. Why isn't he being investigated?

1826 days ago


hum......Maybe he parked there because he is hearing impaired and is really handicapped.

1826 days ago


He is temporarily handicapped because of his surgery which is clearly stated in the article: "So now Lou is still recovering from the surgery -- hence the handicap parking."

1826 days ago


Hmmmm, Tito forgives Dr. Murray:
"So yes, I forgive. It's what God said. You're supposed to forgive. It's a
religious thing."

Tito is gearing up for his London concert. No wonder he forgives Dr. Murray. He wouldn't have this gig without Murray.

I will NEVER forgive Dr. Murray. Hope he rots in hell. Come on LAPD, get him off the street before he flees.

As far as Lou Ferrigno, I can't figure out how he got a license to drive, being deaf.

1826 days ago


TMZ, why are you posting this? What we want to know is who killed Michael. Updates about the investigation please! What's going on, why the delay??

1826 days ago
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