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Taylor Gives DJ Swift Kick to the Curb

9/18/2009 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor SwiftNo Kanye needed this time, because during a radio interview yesterday Taylor Swift cut her own self off -- after the DJ repeatedly asked her about the VMA incident against her wishes.

It's all anyone cares about this week, but apparently the West situation wasn't a pre-approved "talking point" for her visit to the MJ Morning Show. After briefly addressing the controversy, Swift was done -- but the DJ wasn't.

The dude kept pressing the issue as Taylor told him three times to stop -- then her handlers stepped in and stopped the interview completely.

This is the same DJ who interviewed Miley Cyrus in June -- with the same result.


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She did a good job and with class. I think it is great that she stood up for herself. I can not stand Kanye, but she accepted his apology and she was the victim not us. If she is ready to move so should we..

1858 days ago


some people just dont know when to stop if they tell you they dont want to talk about it you dont keep pressuring them to talk about it, some people should get a clue and show some respect.

1858 days ago


I agree give it a break...its old news. He does it all the time so what. Thats his persona and hopefully he is going to get some help.
He just lost his mom and hes drinking to much and they make stupid decisions. Shes probably thrilled! now everybody knows who she And this will live on in pop culture so they both win.

1858 days ago


WAY TO GO TAYLOR! your Rock. your politeness is your charm. what you did was totally cool.

1858 days ago


Way to go Taylor! She's a big enough star that she can stand up and walk out. Like Dr. Phil always says, "you teach people how to treat you". I bet the next group of dj's will get the hint and they'll move on when she makes the request! Otherwise, she'll have to stand up and walk out ... and HER FANS WILL UNDERSTAND! The radio stations will lose, not Taylor Swift. Go girl!

1858 days ago


This Tampa,FL DJ is a BULLY. I do not think artists should give him interviews anymore. Why does he like to BULLY teen girls? How would he talk to Kanye West??

1858 days ago


I heard this interview "live". I was bored right from the start! Then after the interview he went to the phones to see if his listeners backed him or Taylor... the first few were immediately for Taylor and he went NUTS! What a BABY! Then he probably had the screeners put through only the MJ supporting stories so he wouldn't look like the jack @ss he is!

This interview was stale. He forced stupid general questions that were all asked before. He has no original material, is trying to make something out of nothing for sake of his own publicity. SHAME on YOU for trying to put words into her mouth! Shame on you for trying to up your ratings on the shirt tales of this poor girl's misfortune!

I'm sure this story was put on TMZ from one of his staff... MJ YOU'RE BORING! You have nothing NEW to say and nothing but yourself to talk about! I can read TMZ and Fark and Drudge report and any of your other sources to get the same information...

You're a self-absorbed d-bag! Get over yourself!

1858 days ago


Well, what do you know? A 19-year-old with class. She should give Miley Cyrus some lessons.

1858 days ago

St pete    

He was asking questions I wanted to hear. I think he should have asked some other questions in between though. Go Mjjjjjjj!!!

1858 days ago


i listen to mj all the time n i love his show. on hi website ( they posted the list of what mj cant ask taylor swift about and there is nothing in there about the kanye west incident. what does she expect is going to happen when she set up interviews right after the VMA's. Of coarse she would be expected to talk about it, Mj was just doing his job and im totally on Mj's side.

1858 days ago


MJ is an Ass Clown!! Bubba Army..

1858 days ago


MJ is an idiot. Tampa radio sucks and he's a prime example of why. The girl wants to move on, she wants to be known for her talent, not a stupid incident with a complete spaz. Get the drift idiot, she wanted to move on!

1858 days ago

who the f*** cares    

what a Jackass!!! maybe this DJ and Kanye should get together..and start a JACKASS R US club.

1858 days ago

a fan    

Kanye should apologize to Michael Jackson's fans for ruining his tribute show. Instead of the media talking about how great Janet's dance was or Madonna's speech all they want to talk about is Kanye. Tayler talk about MJ's tribute when you give interviews.

1858 days ago


I listened to the whole interview and really this D.J. so reminds me of those telemarketers who keep going and ignore your request to drop it!! I could tell too that he was in a sneaky way trying to agree with Kanye as he was like saying to Tayler, 'And you didn't think you were going to win right?' Zzzzzzzzzz!! Then, he's like well other radio people will want to ask same thing - duh!! so what, if 10 million want to be annoying like him and not respect her, that's there problem. Then, he goes after 'What happened!' as if it's Taylor being difficult. He goes on to say, the next question from me whas going to be 'Do you think Kanye is crazy?' Ahhhhhh!! Taylor is not a pshchiatrist and why should she now make negative comments on air on Kenye - just so these malicious dj.s can then say, see she's not nice. I'm so proud of Taylor Swift and the whole thing shows that she's not going to be bullied as well I'm glad her handler stepped in and she too was not going to be stepped on. To top it all off you can hear the rest of the dj's at the station making howls like, how could you Taylor dish our dj!! This mjmorningshow radio station should be called the mischief and harrassing show. Leave Taylor alone!!!

1858 days ago
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