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Taylor Gives DJ Swift Kick to the Curb

9/18/2009 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor SwiftNo Kanye needed this time, because during a radio interview yesterday Taylor Swift cut her own self off -- after the DJ repeatedly asked her about the VMA incident against her wishes.

It's all anyone cares about this week, but apparently the West situation wasn't a pre-approved "talking point" for her visit to the MJ Morning Show. After briefly addressing the controversy, Swift was done -- but the DJ wasn't.

The dude kept pressing the issue as Taylor told him three times to stop -- then her handlers stepped in and stopped the interview completely.

This is the same DJ who interviewed Miley Cyrus in June -- with the same result.


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So, this DJ is an ass wipe like Kayne West? I think so.....

1831 days ago


god taylor swift has gotta be one of the dumbest people in the world. the people interviewing her are right.

1831 days ago


I am so tired of seeing this ugly publicity whore everywhere I look.She is just an average singer but has a great promotional team behind her.

1831 days ago


MJ's ratings have slipped consistantly for awhile now. I quit listening to his show years ago and have switched over to Bubba The Lovesponge. MJ's entire show is all about hearing himself talk and he can't even do that right, because he turns the bass of his mic up so much it's unbearable, all to make his voice sound deeper. It's awful. The level of this man's arrogance is unbelievable. I don't know anyone who listens to him anymore. It's 4 straight hours of "me, me, me, me, me." And when he's not talking about himself, he's using as his material for conversation. He's not even original.

When Billy Mays died, it was absolutely SICKENING to listen to him. It was ALL about HIM. I grew up with a father who spent 30+ years in radio and MJ is a total disgrace to true radio DJs and journalists.

1831 days ago


wowwww that dj is obnoxious and annoying. stfu and just accept the fact that your repeated questions aren't gonna be answered and lower your annoying typical dj voice. i do not like this guy ughh

1831 days ago


Good for Taylor! The guy was just being an A-HOLE. If he'd done
his homework he would have already known the answers to all his

1831 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

To the people who are posting the lame argument that the Kanye thing is what the radio stations and interviewers want to talk about and that is the only reason they are interviewing her:

If they initiate the interview - for whatever reason - that is their business. However, when Taylor (or anyone, for that matter) gets in the interview, she (or he, as the case might be) has the prerogative after discussing an issue (or at any time, actually), to let the interviewer know when she (or he) wants to move on.

Let me put it this way: if you call me and want to talk to me, I don't care what reason you have for calling, I determine what I want to talk about and what conversation in which I am going to participate. Not you. I am not responsible for your goals in the conversation. Got it? If you take the conversation down a road I don't want to go, then I have the right to tell you I don't want to talk about that. If you can't deal with that and you persist, I have the right to END the conversation, because I WON'T BE FORCED into a conversation in which I do not want to participate. Got it, yet? Just because Taylor Swift is a star and just because the person initiating the conversation is on the radio DOES NOT mean she relinquishes her right to determine about what topics SHE will converse. If the interviewer had specific goals in mind when he started the conversation, that's HIS problem.

As for the other stations who were "lined up" to ask her the same questions, I stand by my previous statements about that. What OTHER stations were going to say to her was NONE OF HIS BUSINESS and NONE OF HIS CONCERN. His ONLY concern was the interview in which he was a participant and in THAT interview, he had been asked THREE times to move on and told QUITE CLEARLY that she was NOT going to continue to participate in a conversation about that topic.

Only an IDIOT or a PREDATOR would continue to try to force her to do something she had EXPRESSLY told him to stop doing. The only thing hard to believe about any of this is that the IDIOT actually thought she was going to remain on the call after he did what she SPECIFICALLY asked him THREE TIMES to stop doing.

Finally, it DOES NOT MATTER what questions or topics the handler said before the interview were ok and which were off-limit. That has ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING on this issue.

The point is NOT that the interviewer was asked NOT to talk about this prior, the point is that Taylor asked him THREE TIMES DURING the conversation to STOP. She told him that SHE HAD HAD ENOUGH AND TO STOP. That's ALL that matters here. When someone tells you no, whether they are a man, woman, child or monkey, if they tell you to stop, THEN STOP. If they tell you no, THEN STOP. After Taylor asked this idiot the first time to stop, THAT SHOULD HAVE ENDED IT.

She kindly gave him two more chances he didn't deserve.

So don't lay down a bunch of crap here about why the interviewer called her in the first place - whatever he called her for in the first place is NOT HER CONCERN AND NOT HER PROBLEM. She has the right as a human being to determine what conversations she wants to participate in - as we all do.

1831 days ago


We all know that this jackass DJ was just going for the publicity. One of those bitter old backwater radio station geezes, do the ego puff up by picking on the teen stars. Talk about weak ego structure.

Kanye West would've done to any of the nominees what he did to Taylor Swift if one of them had won instead. He would've grabbed the mike from anyone who wasn't Beyonce. I personally think it was a setup (West, Beyonce's hubby, maybe even Beyonce), and Swift was just the victim because she was the one who happened to win.

And how about this--they didn't think the young country western teen would win, no country performer had ever won before, they expected to trash someone who looked less vulnerable than a teen, maybe someone who'd kick his ass.

1831 days ago


the difference here is that miley totally deserved and taylor didnt

1831 days ago


At the end he gets all mad!? ...what a jackass, all he wanted to do is get Tyler to say something she didnt want to.

1831 days ago


Nice girl, why do they keep doing this to this girl? She wants to move on, let her

1831 days ago


This station is local where I am and I know MJ is known for pulling this kind of stuff. In his many many years at 93.3flz he's been known to rattle a good helping of celebs and don't think your disgust will get to him. He's the morning guy. He wants to keep his listeners tuned in.

1831 days ago


Jennifer Bouldack I like the way you put it.

1831 days ago


For those of you to stupid to PAY ATTENTION...

He spoke with her handlers for several minutes before the interview. They spoke about Kanye. At NO TIME did the handler say hey we'd like to skip that topic.

Stop acting like this girl is made of glass...she's not this fragile; in fact if it were me I'd find all of this rather insulting.

1831 days ago

Imagine That    

I was channel surfing when I stumbled on 93.3. I heard them say that the Taylor Swift interview was coming up so I waited while MJ bragged about how he had made Cyrus hang up on him and wondered if Taylor would last as long as she did. Before the interview, he spoke with Swift’s handler who told him that Taylor did not want to talk about the Kanye issue. MJ is a coward. He may enjoy beating up on little girls but the rest of us find it distasteful.

Taylor has done more with her life in the past year than MJ has done in his entire career and he has the audacity to condescendingly give her career advice after ambushing her. What a loser.

1831 days ago
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