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Cousin of Rapper Common

Killed in Accident

9/19/2009 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CommonAjile Turner, the cousin of rapper Common, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Brooklyn last night.

Sources tell us it happened on the corner of Greene Ave. and Washington Ave. We're told cops responded to a call involving a motorcyclist colliding with a guy on a bicycle -- Turner was on the motorcycle. Both men were taken to Brooklyn Hospital and both were pronounced dead on arrival.

We're told there is no criminality suspected in the incident.

DJ JS-1, a long-time friend of Turner, confirmed his passing and told us, "He was one of the greatest friends anyone could have, he was a pure, honest, good person, hard worker who traveled the world and lived a great life. We all love him and are going to miss him very much."

Turner was founder and CEO of the Echelon Group, an independent concert production company in NYC.


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just sayin'

1770 days ago


CC.. I couldn't agree more... And let's not forget the 2 week long tirade about Jasmine Fiore and her bf who was on a show barely anyone had heard about. Was it awful, yes, did I know who are did it effect me personally no... Whatever the case, I NEVER would have spoken ill of the coverage or commented on the fact that it wasn't "news worthy".

What kind of f'd up society do we live in that we have the right to comment on someone's life like that. I happen to love Common and I'm a white professional living in NYC. This doesn't have a damn thing to do with race, this has to do with common decency to have enough damn respect for human life to curb your nasty comments.

Like I said before Jenny, you sound like a sheltered, selfish, cruel, boring a@$ b@%$$!

1770 days ago


Losers if you don't know who Common is. And it is disrespectul to diss the dead. Sorry Common and all for the lost

1770 days ago


Hmmm. I understand it's COMMON for rapper folks to get killed.

1770 days ago


I do not like rap, but my sincerest condolences to his family.

1770 days ago



1770 days ago


RIP...So sad how life can end so quickly...Another lesson tho to all motorcycle drivers! PLZ BE CAREFUL!!! My prayers are w/ Common nd his family...God Bless...

1770 days ago

Never was a fan of Maya    

@ # 34... TMZ is no less out of order to report on news about Common's cousin (a noted businessman in his own right) than Britney Spears' sister's baby (noted for nothing).

Wait, do I detect the stench of racism around here too...
Posted at 3:27PM on Sep 19th 2009 by CC

Dear CC:
Britney Spears Sister had her own television program, so these two people aren't comparable. It's apples and oranges my dear. And as for the racism, there isn't any, except yours.

1770 days ago


I can't believe the ignorance so let me set some things straight. 1. it doesn't matter who this person is related to. The fact is that 2 people died. I was there right after it happened and it wasn't a pretty site.
2. Common is a rapper/actor. Well over at least 5 albums, "Smoking Aces", "American Gangster" etc.
3. Bicycles should be allowed on roadways along with other cars because this is NYC and it is a very viable and green form of transportation. Especially when transit costs keep on rising.
4. To say "no disprespect" and make light of the convo is ridiculous.

Life is life and the loss of it is tragic no matter who they are related to. Grow up and make better use of your time.

1770 days ago


I have it on good authority that one of Tupacs' third cousins, twice removed, baby momma's sister farted yesterday. Yo.....

Get on it TMZ!

1770 days ago


My heart goes out to Common and his family. Its a terrible thing to lose a love one. May God have mercy on that persons soul and my deepest condolences.

1770 days ago


CC, at least Jamie Lynn Spears had her own tv show she starred in on Nickelodeon. Also, her sister is the most famous celebrity in the world, Common is a nobody.

You can google anyone semi famous and their name and info will come up, just because you can Google Common doesn't mean he means anything. Idiots.

1770 days ago


TMZ should start reporting on every death in the world. I'm sure we all stem or are related from some sort of celebrity.

1770 days ago


Who? Who are these people? Rap is dead -- why are we still hearing about "rappers" in the headlines (should be the back of Section 4 of any newspaper). Too bad they didn't finish themselves off back in the 90's.

1770 days ago



1770 days ago
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