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Travolta Will Testify in Extortion Case

9/19/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed John Travolta will testify next week at the extortion trial involving the death of his son, Jett.

Travolta will travel to the Bahamas to testify on behalf of the prosecution. Paramedic Tarino Lightbourne and former politician Pleasant Bridgewater allegedly demanded $25 million in return for not going public with a document which authorized paramedics to take 16-year-old Jett to a hospital via ambulance after suffering a massive seizure.

We're told Travolta and wife Kelly Preston are outraged by the alleged extortion plot which authorities say was concocted shortly after Jett's death.


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41. Don, try and calm your crazy self down..I OBVIOUSLY have hit a NERVE about your's sad and pathetic. People are telling YOU to STFU...not me honey....Go back and REVIEW...I am not going to respond to you anymore because truthfully at this point I just feel way too sorry for you. I am a nice person but since you really d sound unstable and loney I don't want to send you even further towrads a nervous breakdown. Because you sound like the type that could just go POP! and SNAP at any moment...Have a good life...............and get a job. It will help keep you busy/...Best Wishes,

Posted at 4:21PM on Sep 19th 2009 by Miranda

Um, no,'re the broad who continually copies what I'm typing, so for God's sake, get your OWN material! Read my posts; then're basically just using my words to continue your rambling. Normally, I'm not such an azzhole, but again, because I disagreed with your judging this poor family who lost their CHILD, your metal plate in your head overheated and you decided to stir up your rant. I will just agree to disagree with you on this matter and realize that there are just some people who are cruel and evil enough to find enjoyment from others' pain; you are one of those. Oh, and you have a nice day, as well.

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grape soda    


1858 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

The saddest thing is, if the kid had had some modern medical intervention, he may not have had to die. I'm for modern medicine. Sure, if God wants you, you will go, but I believe we are an advanced civilization and can prolong life/prevent death in ways that did not used to be available. Is that not also a gift from God?

1858 days ago


John Travolta was one of the ugliest guys out there; then came his son, who was even more ugly.

1858 days ago


anyone that is a memebr of the scientology cult knows a lot about extortion

1858 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Recent studies show that parents of kids with autism have either herpes or genital warts and they suspect the viruses were responsible for the autism in the child. What do you parents with autistic children think?

1858 days ago


Miranda I admit I am a douche bag. So i thought I knew what I was talking about. Next time I'll check my sources before I come off as an IDIOT. Not cool though you ragging on me about you making more money then I. I am a highschool janitor because its all I can get after getting busted with drugs back in the day and I used to have a problem exposing myself to people, But im changing and ive made lots of progress.

1858 days ago


Whatsamatter, moron? Yet another (or the same person again) who hasn't got the balls to use their own name so they use other usernames? I don't kiss anyone's azz, especially some lying idiot like Miranda, but was man enough to let it go, so YOU, need to use your real name and stop hiding behind copying other people. Besides, just a full-time JOB is in computer networking, so I know your isp with the tap of a button; just letting you know, you illiterate losers! (if it's not Miranda, I apologize, and I'm figuring it isn't as she didn't change her name. The newest copycat is just someone who snuck and got on daddy's computer when he finally fell asleep drunk and the little guy snuck out of his bed)

1858 days ago


Don and Don, Fake not not cool, dont pretend to be someone your not. and as for the other don, Id be careful to say over the wire what your capable of doing on this site. Make sure you read TMZ Terms of use. they take threats like that pretty serious.

As for Travolta's Kid R.I.P.

1858 days ago


Sorry guys, i dont mean to be rude, its just my penis is real small, Once when i played football back in high school they had to specially make me padded underwear because they couldnt find a jock strap small enough.

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I imagine they feel somewhat guilty for their son's death. From what I heard, he was not monitored properly and was alone when he died.

1858 days ago


Krazy Kooky Klown/Chef Kooky is so funny.

1858 days ago


I sustained a frontal lobe injury more than thirty years ago that left me with a seizure disorder. We tried a number of different medications but the side effects were too severe. Some of the medications were killing red blood cells at a rapid rate so I had to stop using them.

Anticonvulsants aren't safe for everyone so don't be too critical of the Travoltas. Sometimes the treatment is worse than the illness itself. Anyone willing to read the incredibly long side effect and warning lists that accompany these medications would know that. Pills aren't a cure-all.

1858 days ago

J C    

Jett was killed by scientology.
He wasn't the first either.Go to "operation clambake" to review scientology's crimes and L. Ron Hubbard exposed as the calculating fraud he was.
I've research it...There is more information available as to L.Ron Hubbard's connection to Anton Levay(church of Satan) and L.Ron's experimentation with the occult,shamanism,and astral projection-the same delusional device that killed "Heaven's Gate" cult members).
Scientologists are paranoid and delusional.
Phaetons are really demons who are also part of the delusion scientologists are under.
R. Ron just appropriated a bunch of occultic beliefs and strung them together in one of His hoakey science fiction plotlines.
The guy was an angry failure.

1857 days ago


you go John-boy

1857 days ago
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