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Jon Gosselin Won't Charge for John Hancock

9/19/2009 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon GosselinWe're not sure who would have paid $7 for an autograph of Jon Gosselin -- but it turns out it was never even an option.

Gosselin is scheduled to appear today at Frightworld in Buffalo, NY -- and a local paper wrote that Gosselin was charging $7 for his autograph (which by our math, is about $7 more than it's worth).

But alas, it's not true. Jon's people tell us he never agreed to any such arrangement. In fact, Jon is doing the appearance as part of his efforts to launch the Jon Gosselin Children's Foundation -- which, we're assuming, helps children who have been exploited by reality television shows. Kidding. Kind of.


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who would'a thought that a newpaper would try and get their 15 minutes of fame by attaching themselves to jon gosslin of all people.
gosslin needs to go away.

1674 days ago


Will someone PLEASE shoot this douche bag, and put him out of our misery!!!!!!!

1674 days ago


Hey Jon, Why don't you get an inflatable women doll. #1. you could have sex with it. # could drag it thru the mud and just squirt it off with water. #3. You could deflate it and sneak it into the house in your pocket. #4 it can't repeat the stupid things you say. #5 Hailey will only be a little jealous. #6 when you begin to dispise it you can just pop it with a pin. #7. your IQ will match to promote a meaningful relationship

1674 days ago

juli seutter    

Foundation my ass

1674 days ago


Why are you, TMZ, always coming down on John?

Why aren't you going after Kate for exploiting her children, for being bad?

If I follow the story correctly, this marriage was over over a year ago. John tried to seek marriage counseling, and Kate refused to participate. John tried to end the marriage, and Kate was the one that asked him to put his life on hold while she continued the farce of a marriage and the farce of their "reality" show. It seems to me that John has finally had enough of his wife denying him while at the same time telling him he cannot go on with his life.

So instead of putting Kate on a pedestal due to her vagina and motherhood status, you do some fair reporting? John might be a douche, but Kate is the messed up exploiter. Otherwise, wouldn't John have been the one trying to keep everything going if he was the one in it for the show and the money?

Logic is your friend.

1674 days ago


Never trust a man with labia lips.

1674 days ago


haha I was going to go anyways, but now that they are free it's even better... maybe he's super nice in person and won't be a jerk... ill video tape the thing and post it on youtube... at least TMZ didnt make fun of buffalo like perez did (but i still like him)... kinda random that he's coming here, but whatever...

1674 days ago

I might pay a dime for his autograph.

1674 days ago


I watched their show one time several months ago (before the split). All I heard was Jon slamming Kate and being a bastar* -- I changed channels.

1674 days ago

Lippy Loo    

What a douchebag! He got rid of his dog's because he can't take them to NY!! This makes me want to vomit. Next thing, he will get rid of his 80 million kids. I hope PETA get's on his flat flabby butt for this one.

1674 days ago


I'm sure Kate got that rumor started. I don't believe all this Jon bashing I don't believe most of the stories they're saying about him. Kate didn't want to save their marriage, she's all about the money and fame. Jon wanted to get counseling with her it's all her. Leave Jon alone.

1674 days ago


Jon Gosselin Children's Foundation,,PLEASE,,START AT HOME,,,CHILD SUPPORT

1674 days ago


forget about DAMAGE CONTROL on Jon Gosselin!! its a HUGE waste of time. he cant keep it in his pants and the sluts always RAT him out online and in the tabloids. talk about a STUPID MORON, Gosselin is number 1. he should be AT HOME today, playing with his kids!!!or looking for a JOB!!! Kate found one, so lay off her!!!

1674 days ago


I hear the stampede of GWOPers to Frightworld tonight. The appropriateness of the venue has not gone unnoticed.

1674 days ago


At least he dont charge 20.00 like the hefer dose cant stand kate Iam for Jon.

1674 days ago
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