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Nick Struggles to Keep Mariah Upright

9/19/2009 11:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Instead of Mariah Carey figuratively holding up Nick Cannon, it was Nick literally valiantly holding up Mariah on the set of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" yesterday.

Nice to see Nick doing some of the heavy lifting.


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Mariah looks healthy and all woman. Oprah looked like the car that brought her to Central Park. What the heck?

Calcium, people. You have to get off the acidic (pro-cancer) diets, get refined sugars out of the picture, and up your calcium, it helps weight loss. Calcium/Magnesium tablets, 2:1 ratio, chelated or citrate only, so you can absorb it. Never buy magnesium oxide, you can't absorb it. I hope Mariah didn't see Oprah and think "picture of success", and I hope Oprah saw the physically fit men in the crowd staring at Mariah. Mariah is one hot woman in her prime. Cheers.

1829 days ago

billie jean    

leave Oprah alone!!!! haters she's still rich!!! y'all still hating and she getting more richer!!!!!

1829 days ago


Mariah is hot...

check out the video

1829 days ago


Mariah can not sing worth a damn............she squeals! I am amazed at all the weight she has gained. She is three times the size of her husband.

1829 days ago


Back in time , then the show was good and intiresting, but now is the not time for that show.

1829 days ago


Mariah Carey IS getting just as FAT as OPRAH.


1829 days ago


Are you sure that's Maria, cause she looks like she has on a tasteful outfit not the usual skimpy clothes that only cover a third of her body. lol!! Maria you don't have to be trashy like Brittany Spears anymore plus you sing way better.

1829 days ago


18. Mariah can not sing worth a damn............she squeals! I am amazed at all the weight she has gained. She is three times the size of her husband.

Posted at 1:41PM on Sep 19th 2009 by lls

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I haven't heard her voice "live" recently except MJ's memorial service. GEEZ!! I figured she was overcome with emotion so I didn't think too much about that. Wasn't sure she would get through "I'll Be There", that day? Don't know about now but her first few years she had the MOST amazing voice in music. Her musical scale "range" is supposed to be extremely RARE so I've heard. Her first album was THE MOST AWESOME ONE she's ever had as far as I'm concerned. Nothing beats, 'Vision of Love'!!:) She & Whitney used to compete "big time" on that 'DIVA Status'!! Of coarse WE ALL KNOW, AT THE TIME, NOBODY COULD TOUCH WHITNEY!!!!

Mariah has gotten to be quite the "Big Gurl" hasn't she? Have you all noticed that the opinions about what is "fat" & what is considered "skinny" sure has changed SIGNIFICANTLY over the last few years hasn't it?? When I was in my 20's, Mariah's current size would have been considered "HUGE". I know it's hard to believe but as men & women in this country get larger & larger on the average every year; people's "IDEA" of fat & skinny have REALLY CHANGED!! It's funny to hear men talk about Mariah's size now as "sexy" & "hot", I mean 5 yrs ago, we all would have been bashing her & calling her fat! Seems that when WE ARE ALL CARRYING AROUND "A LITTLE EXTRA", OUR IDEA'S ABOUT WHAT IS 'SEXY' SURE DO CHANGE DON'T THEY?? MOST YOU MEN ARE CARRYING AROUND A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA AROUND THE BELLY & HIPS THAN MEN WERE A FEW YEARS AGO!! YOU MEN WHO ARE A BIT TUBBY YOURSELVES HAVE STARTED LOOKING AT 'HEAVY' GIRLS IN A WHOLE "NEW LIGHT" HAVEN'T YOU?? AND YES, SHE'S DEFINITELY GOT SOME EXTRA POUNDAGE GOING ON & YOU KNOW IT! YOU GUY'S ARE JUST "TELLING YOURSELF" THIS IS THE "DEFINITION OF SEXY" NOW! WOMEN GOT REALLY TIRED OF STARVING THEIR ASSES TO PLEASE A MAN WHILE HE PIGGED OUT, GOT FLABBY, YET EXPECTED HER TO STAY "STICK-THIN". PEOPLE WANT THEIR KFC & MCDONALD'S THESE DAYS!!

1829 days ago


"When you know better...

you do better."

Winfrey's (in)famous (copied from Maya Angelou)often spoken words.

Yeah, right.

She can't keep it off.

She knows better but she can't do better.

A real role model...

a jelly roll model.

1829 days ago


18. Mariah can not sing worth a damn............she squeals! I am amazed at all the weight she has gained. She is three times the size of her husband.

Posted at 1:41PM on Sep 19th 2009 by lls

I see we still have kids posting on this site!

Mariah can't sing; Huh? How many records have you sold? Are you as rich as she? I don't believe we have ever heard of you.

We don't care what any of you haters say! Her status says it all!

1829 days ago

gene yuss    

Wouldn't have been the first time she was dropped on her head

1829 days ago


The only one who'd want to "tap" Mariah these days is Jack of "Jack-in-the-Box" and then only cause they needed fat for their restuarant chain!

1829 days ago


The media sure does blow things up. IF YOU WATCHED the show, Nick was kidding.....see Oprah laughing??!! He did NOT have trouble at all. MC looks healthy and better than most.

1829 days ago


I'm surprised that his scrawney butt can even hold up her chunky A*S. I'm so sick of his ugly ass and her crazy ass.

1829 days ago


I don't exactly understand why Oprah is so fat. She can pay someone to make her low fat meals that are delicious and satisfying. I think her problem is not being able to manage portion control. It isn't easy I know. I guess even the wealthy can struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

1829 days ago
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