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A-Rod and Kate Hudson ... and Their Various Kids

9/20/2009 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Rodriguez and his girlfriend Kate Hudson walked around rainy Seattle yesterday with Ryder, Natasha Alexander and Ella.


The pair has plenty of free time -- A-Rod's Yanks are cruising and Kate is in between terrible romantic comedies.


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the truth hurts huh    

10. There are 4 kids names' listed... but only 3 kids in the pic?

Posted at 11:34AM on Sep 20th 2009 by mar

My thoughts exactly. Whaz up TMZ???

1829 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

16. #11 Maybe it is serious? It sure seems like it. How can you pretend to know about other people's relationships
when you don't even know the people? Why don't you worry about your own life instead of others? The mere fact that you are on a message board taking out your own unhappiness on other people unknown to you is just plain sad.

Posted at 12:21PM on Sep 20th 2009 by Joanna

Well Joanna - are you on a message board trying to feel happy about people you don't know?? Maybe everybody should get off the computer - and go live our own lives in meaningful and engaging ways. Myself included. Thanks for the wake-up call. See ya -----

1829 days ago


None of my business but I do feel sorry for her son. At least A-Rod's daughters live with their mother within a stable environment, seeing their dad on a regular basis. Ryder, only 5 years old, has been introduced to so many new men who have dated his mum since her divorce. It must be very unsettling.

1829 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Is there something wrong with Kate Hudson's son?
Is he Special Needs? I am asking because I wokred with Sp.Needs kids before as a Teacher's Aid?

I am just asking because he is like 4 yrs.and being pushed around in a baby's stroller.
That is ,odd.

1829 days ago


There are 3 names not 4:
Natasha Alexander

Notice there is a comma right behind Ryder and an and behind Natasha Alexander. Come on 12:39 and 11:34, did you go to school at all?

1829 days ago


What is it with her? She goes thru men like a flour sifter. She certainly doesn't take after her Mother! She has to be one of those women who absolutely MUST have a man in her life and it doesn't matter who. I heard she is really clingy and starts pushing for a "commitment" almost immediately. I don't get it. She had good role models in her Mom and Step Dad so I don't see why she bed hops so much, especially with her having a son who is becoming old enough now to start asking questions. BTW - yes, I can see him in a stroller, like one of the moms said. Easier than dealing and carrying a whiny child. The thing that bothers me about Ryder is his HAIR. Every picture I've seen of him he has that long blond hair and it makes him look like a girl (same with Celine Dion's son). Ryder looks like he is sleeping!

1829 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Kate Hudson is the Mini-Me of Jennifer Aniston.

They both keep getting lead roles in movies even though they are only halfway decent actresses ..... they both have skinny-but-tight butts that they like to flaunt .... and they both have had HORRIBLE choices in men since their divorces. Only difference: kids.

Maybe the two of them should hang out and skip the loser men for a while.

1829 days ago


Ok Kate and A-Rod so borning! Kate's last decent movie was with Matt M. I don't care for either of them....Cheaters of a feather flock together.....So which one will cheat first? And Number 8 they aren't and I repeat a family, have they gotten married, and are living together NOT IN SIN but as husband and wife, I didn't think so. Considering I am sure that A-Rod is paying his now ex wife a lot of child support, alimony, and other support, who got or gets the better end of this deal is, Cynthia, she's done with his lying cheating vow breaking skeeze!

1829 days ago


He'll cheat on her too. He is a cheat and an arrogant jerk. My friend is a limo driver in Las Vegas and she drove him all over the strip, waited for him and everything and just to get a $20 tip and he got one of the bell hops fired in the Bellagio also. Kate has a problem bringing her kid around every single man she's with. She doesnt know how to just chill out and date a person for at least a 6 months without bringing the kid in. She did it with all her relationships. She goes from man to man and drags her son through them all. Whoever made the comment that Kate is a MINI Jenn Aniston, well at least Jenn doesnt have children that are getting attached to a man only to have their heartbroke. Jenn is single and free...nothing wrong with that!

1829 days ago


How can she go out with this loser? Wasn't he going out on his wife with Madonna? EWWWWWWWW. She has her sloppy leftovers? My God... People have no self respect or preservation anymore....

1829 days ago


Craptastic parents! These people need to quit worrying so much about their own "dating" lives, constantly moving on to the next hot conquest, and focus on creating some consistency in their children's lives. Oh and it's sunny in Seattle today, so there.

1829 days ago


How can he have such ugly kids!!??

1829 days ago

Debbie B    

TMZ would you,please,print a picture of Ryder smiling.

1829 days ago


Damn this girl is a ho!!! Someone plz get her a vibrator!!!!

1829 days ago


Well, the kid's name *is* RYDER... LOL

1829 days ago
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