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Emmy Awards 2009 -- No Effort Required

9/20/2009 7:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Boring tuxedos and simple dresses were abound at the Emmy Awards tonight -- and then there was soap star Victoria Rowell ...



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Linda Mott    

I loved her as Amanda in Diagnosis Murder. I give her an A for originality.
To those who are saying she voted for President Obama, I think as many people that voted against him because he was black, voted for him because he was black. I didn't vote for him because of his stand on abortion. That is the only reason. Our vote is too precious to vote for anything but the issues.

1822 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

yeah, obo thinks that children are mistakes

1822 days ago


Really? This is getting too weird for me now...

1822 days ago


The fabric looks like quilt fabric you get at Walmart for 4 dollars a yard. I am sad to say that we are so diluted in this country. I am hoping Obama just makes the rest of these 4 years as quiet as possible.

1822 days ago


Hmmm... I wonder how much that dress would fetch in an auction one day?

1822 days ago


29. Is anyone really surprised? All class that was previously associated with the Presidency or the White House was kissed good-bye when Michelle O. walked off of Air Force One wearing shorts like she was going to go work in the flower garden. Tacky. Also Obama rarely bothers wearing a tie much less a suit coat. No class!!! Tacky people wearing tacky clothing supporting tacky politician. It's like all the mug shots with people wearing Obama t-shirts. Again, no surprise. Can't wait for his 4 years to be done, hopefully he won't have time to totally destroy our country.

Posted at 10:15PM on Sep 20th 2009 by Janet

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I could give a sh.. less what MY president & his wife wear for Christ's sake!!! I care what MY president does for my country! With all the work that need's to be done in this country, your worried about their fashion choices??? You've really got a lot to complain about don't you?

1822 days ago


the good,the bad,whose shoes,WHERE IS THE UGLY?

1822 days ago


When I look at the President, I don't see black, and I don't see white. I see muslim.

He said he didn't like our National Anthem. He said he thinks "I'd like to Teach the World to Sing" would be a nice Anthem.

Ponder that.

1822 days ago


I would never admit to voting for that imbecile. He's spending so much money now that we do NOT have.. throwing legislation together without thinking it through (cash for clunkers, anyone?). This has been a nightmare.

I bet this chick has NO clue what he's done so far. She's an embarrassment.

Just a typical Obama-lover - treating him like he's a God or a Messiah. Like he can turn water into wine. Hitler and Manson had cults that hailed them the same way.. Look how that turned out.

1822 days ago


Ridiculous dress but what do you expect? Obama makes me ill.
He's destroying the USA. Scary, very scary.

1822 days ago

M & M    

I've never seen anything so ugly.

1822 days ago


You never saw a white woman wearing an ugly maternity looking dress with a picture of Reagan at the emmys! What a DUNCE !

1822 days ago

Bobo Frog    

I'm not sure what's worse...her dress...or the response her dress is getting from all the racist white people. I'm gonna go with the latter.

1822 days ago


I really think it is AMUSING when people on here say that Obama isn't being judged harshly because he is black & that "race" doesn't have anything to do with why some people are turning against him. That's hilarious!! All you have to do is read the comments people post here to see that there are a whole lot of RACISTS out there! Please don't even try to pass that BS off! Think what you want of Jimmy Carter but he has proven himself to be a very wise man. HE EVEN SEE'S IT!! To think that there are not racists in our house of congressional representatives is ludicrous! Tom Wilson comes to mind. Do you expect them to admit it? But on the dress?? Hideously inappropriate for the Emmy's! Too many actors/actresses sticking their nose into politics anyway. Entertain us!! We don't give a damn about your political views.

1822 days ago


That is the ugliest dress ever!!! PEOPLE, even if ALL of the blacks voted for Obama, it still would not have been enough to get him in office without the WHITES!

1822 days ago
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