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Edwards: Secret Wedding, Dave Matthews?

9/20/2009 10:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John EdwardsNo, it's not a storyline on "Guiding Light" (RIP) -- but rather the latest chapter in the John Edwards mistress scandal.

The guy who once claimed he was the father of the child born to Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter, is now claiming Edwards is the real daddy (duh!) and that Edwards once promised Hunter he would marry her after his wife died (she's sick with cancer) -- this according to a book proposal obtained by the NY Times.

Andrew Young, Edwards' former aide, claims Edwards told Hunter it would be a rooftop wedding and the Dave Matthews Band would make an appearance, the Times says.

Because it's the dream of every major recording artist to play at the wedding of a disgraced politician to the mistress they had a child out of wedlock with after the politician's first wife dies of cancer.


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Jeez, were they planning a honeymoon on the life insurance? And the wifey still standing by him, huh? Sounds like ID TEN T trouble to me!

1859 days ago

grape soda    

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1859 days ago


I think TMZ should check the Dave Matthews Band's calendar, because John Edwards seems like the kind of guy who would push his wife down the stairs if she hangs on too long.

1859 days ago

grape soda    

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1859 days ago

who dat    

The best incident w/ Bill Clinton. Monica Lewinski was so hot for him, she hot dipped 2 cigars in her "humidor" between her legs, while Yassir Arafat was waiting in the Rose Garden. After Clintons press speech a short while later, Clinton & Arafat smoked them. Bet they tasted good.

1859 days ago


Thanks CHEF KOOKY, I think my problem has always been the tying part. I will try that for dinner tonight and let you know how it comes out! YOU ARE THE BEST CHEF EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1859 days ago

Deanna Hunt    

Edwards your a f$%^#*@ Bas&*#$

1859 days ago


Hey! Do ya ever think about improving your grammar? Your sentence makes me re-read it to be sure I'm understanding correctly what you're trying to say.

1859 days ago


What a heartless skank. Having an affair and being married is bad enough, but man doing it while your spouse is seriously ill is downright cold. Skank.

1859 days ago

Money Talks    

I have read Elizabeth Edwards'book, it is wonderfully written, therefore I suspect not many people will read it as it is superior to what most people can understand. Elizabeth did the right thing by not leaving her husband. It is heartbreaking to read about how she worries about her young children, what will happen to them when she is gone forever. I certainly hope and pray John Edwards does NOT marry that Rielle (is she serious, what kind of a name is that), I wouln't even let her babysit for my cats. She trapped him with this pregnancy, but that moron should have used a condom. Very sad story indeed.

1859 days ago


I'm still so curious as to how she got pregnant 'accidentally' at 43 or 44. Surely this was planned on her part. Most women aren't able to get pregnant that easily at that age. I think it was a set-up. She saw dollar signs.

1859 days ago


If these politicians will lie and cheat the one they are suppose to love and cherish, what will they do for our country.

1859 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

2. This guy's a narcissist.
Glad he never made it to the presidency.
Too bad they didn't weed out Clinton before He did His damage.

Posted at 10:17AM on Sep 20th 2009 by J C

Yeah - thank goodness this guy didn't make it to the Presidency. He wasn't strong enough for the job anyway. And yeah - Clinton showed poor judgment in his personal choices, but made GOOD choices on policy and he did NO DAMAGE to any of US, dumbarse .... he left us with a surplus in the budget (that Bush & Cheney squandered away - along with thousands of lives for a falsified war) - and nearly EVERYONE was BETTER OFF during the Clinton presidency. So be honest about the facts - instead of just smearing someone. You show your ignorance.

1859 days ago

Dave Evans    

(transcripts of tape recording)
Edwards: Reille I've have been trying to call, you know how busy I've been. sure, i still love you.
"Don't cry, she's gonna die soon, i promise, then we can get married.
Ok OK we won't do it, but can we just snuggle. ooh baby, noo can i just stick the head in? ohhhh baby. Elizabeth, i mean Reille...I said don't tough the hair!
Oops look at the time, gotta go, mind if I shower, hey cute kid.

1859 days ago


Rielle Hunter is to blame as well. She's clearly devoid of a moral compass. What kind of woman (Hunter) does this to another woman dying of cancer? At least John seems remorseful and is trying to work out things with Elizabeth. And, at least, he's done a lot for impoverished families through his career. What has Hunter done for humanity, other than destroy a family?

1859 days ago
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