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Edwards: Secret Wedding, Dave Matthews?

9/20/2009 10:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John EdwardsNo, it's not a storyline on "Guiding Light" (RIP) -- but rather the latest chapter in the John Edwards mistress scandal.

The guy who once claimed he was the father of the child born to Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter, is now claiming Edwards is the real daddy (duh!) and that Edwards once promised Hunter he would marry her after his wife died (she's sick with cancer) -- this according to a book proposal obtained by the NY Times.

Andrew Young, Edwards' former aide, claims Edwards told Hunter it would be a rooftop wedding and the Dave Matthews Band would make an appearance, the Times says.

Because it's the dream of every major recording artist to play at the wedding of a disgraced politician to the mistress they had a child out of wedlock with after the politician's first wife dies of cancer.


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Right Wing Nut Job    

The thing that is missed here is Elizabeth knew about the affair before he ran for the DEM nomination. If she would have talked him out of it (and should have), Clinton would have won the Dem nomination and most likely would be POTUS now. I never thought I would say that I would rather have her. Obama is just a total arrogant liar/leftist in way over his head and is destroying the USA due to his inexperience and leftist policies (not his race) and hasn't even been in office for a year. Oh isn’t Obama half white?? Think about that while you Democrats start calling me names. Ok start calling me a racist now. That’s all you have to work with. The truth doesn’t work for you.

1858 days ago


Poor Elizabeth!!!! The kids will hate their father for what he put their mother through while she was dealing with a terminal disease. There is a place for people like him it is called Hell

1858 days ago


I heard this same story months ago....... No wonder she is stying quiet....

1858 days ago


This man is just pure class...... NOT!!!! I feel so sorry for all the gullible people who backed him in his campaign. He's definitely finished.

1858 days ago


First off. We don't know the whole story.We don't know of any (if any) John and Elizabeth had already discussed all of this.We don't even know if all of the story is true.. Publicity is publicity. Good or bad.Ever thought that maybe Elizabeth knew she was going to die and approved of this all? Or maybe she did love him and they had an "open" relationship. We only know what the media has said. We only know the stories we read. These are real people not supposedly super hero's. Really no different then any other married couple in the world. If they are having personal issues so be it. Let them keep thier personal life as it is. In my opionion it doesn't matter who is elected in office. They all do the same thing. They all feed the public thier best line of BS and see how many people believe thier stories. And if Clinton had admitted to the things he was impeached for he probably would of gotten alot more votes to begin with. All of the presidential candidates may have good ideas but none really better than your average Joe.

Secondly If you wanna believe everything you read about the policical parties. Then don't leave out all of the past presidents all the way back to George Washington. OH and Obama is gay. According to a tabloid magazine.

You choose which line of BS you want to believe. Thats your perogotive. Me I don't believe any of it and not going to critize them for the human mistakes they make.After all until otherwize proven they are human. Corrupt, paid off, or just stupid.

1858 days ago


This guy is a pig! Disgusting . . . I feel sorry for his family.

1858 days ago


it is time for mrs edwards to dump his cheating ass and take a big chunck of his money as well, i think humiliating your wife by knocking up some piece on the side has to be some worst.

1858 days ago

Texas Proud    

OMG, comment #8 is hilarious, after picking myself up off the floor from laughing so hard, I had to post something on a blog for the first time in my life. First why does anyone care? Second, how does his life effect yours? Third, why waste time discussing him when any discussion should be about how brave and strong Elizabeth is while going through all she's going through. Fourth, doesn't anyone have a job, family, or kids to tend to instead of wasting time writing on this? At least I'm at home sick in bed reading trash mags online. You all can't be sick too. I just don't get it. I don't track these blogs, so say all you want about me, I'll never know. It's just sad and funny at the same time, I couldn't resist wasting 2 minutes of my life that I'll never get back just to express how pointless all of your banter back and forth is.

1857 days ago


Ugh! This man is a waste of good air! But I am rather disappointed that Elizabeth has stayed with him. I realize she is sick, but I think that is all the more reason for her to make a fool of him by kicking his butt to the CURB! No one would blame her...and many would get a good laugh at him...the lying weasel!

1857 days ago


I feel sorry for the (1st) Mrs. Edwards.

1857 days ago
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