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Mariah Carey: Good Genes or Good Docs?

9/20/2009 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey has hit a high note ... and her voice is really good too.

Mariah Carey

Here's the 21-year-old diva back in 1991(left) -- and 18 years later, the 39-year-old version at a film premiere in Toronto last week (right).

She really is "Precious."


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Nose job, teeth capped, eyebrows trimmed, lips collagen, boobs fake (but nice)

She is plastic surgeons dream

1862 days ago


I think she's pumped full of botox, as her skin is way too smooth, but I don't think that much nipping and tucking and happened. When people pull their faces they features get sort of stretched, and hers don't look that way.

1862 days ago

From Holland    

Looks like she went from Caucasian to afro american....

1862 days ago


Now those are some jeans I want in to.

1862 days ago

Just sayin'    

Wow! She looks great!

1862 days ago


19. I think she's pumped full of botox, as her skin is way too smooth, but I don't think that much nipping and tucking and happened. When people pull their faces they features get sort of stretched, and hers don't look that way.

Posted at 7:14AM on Sep 20th 2009 by gia
She is only 39, how many wrinkles do you think she should have? I am 49 and I don't have a bunch either, I am just starting to get them around my eyes. You know if you take care of your skin, wash it regularly, protect it from the sun and don't smoke and have good genes then you probably won't have a lot of wrinkled skin. She is also half Africian American and their skin does not wrinkle like caucasian people's skin does. I am white, but I care for my skin, never was a sun goddess and it is wrinkle free without surgery or chemicals.

1862 days ago


I loved Mariah Carey when she first came out. She was young, incredibly talented, and beautiful to boot! But as the years have gone on, I no longer enjoy her music. To me, she really oversings nowadays, and the songs just aren't up to the beauty of her earlier work.

I still think she is very beautiful, and I applaud her for not becoming one of these stick figure beanpoles. But the boobs are so ridiculously fake- I mean, look at the video for "Vision of Love" and tell me that she hasn't had a boob job. But having said that, SO WHAT? People get it done all the time, and celebrities are vain as hell. Not sure why plastic surgery is such an issue. Unless, of course, they deny having it, and then they need to be put in their place!

I just wish she would focus more on her singing and getting some stage presence (of which she has NONE- she looks like she's having a seizure on stage, and cannot sing live to save her life!). She has a great talent, and she needs to stop squandering it because of her vanity.

1861 days ago


I've always thought this was her best look! She really should keep her hair like this. It makes her look younger in a nice natural way. I hated that long, flat, blond hair. She's looking good lately!

1861 days ago

stalkers are scum    

It's understandable why she got the breast augmentation. She used to be nearly flat, & she loves Marilyn Monroe. She had the money. If I'd be her I would have too! But when I heard her say she hadn't work done I just laughed..

1861 days ago


omg. one dead-on racial stereo-type? black people age better. she is mixed, she's probably had minimal "work" done.

1861 days ago


Mister Holland number 15 she was always black!...she's a mix of that,and latino !

1861 days ago


Her nose, teeth, & breasts for sure. I'm glad she is wearing her hair curly while out & about-love it!

1861 days ago

David DeNisco    

Nose refined slightly, and (obviously) breast implants. Otherwise I'd say just the usual expensive treatments, creams, facials, and what-not. Basically, it's genetic. She's lucky. Now if she would stop presenting herself like a slutty 20-year-old. I mean, more power to her that she can, but no matter how good she looks, it's a little embarassing and I don't think she needs to do it. However, unlike Madonna, she keeps herself voluptuous, so her immature sexed-up image is visually more appealing. But, is Mariah gonna be flasing her cleavage and squirming around at 45 and 50?!

1861 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

There is nothing different about her nose! It's just different lighting. And maybe nothing different about her teeth either. Below the neck may be a different story. But stop makin' stuff up just for the hell of it people.

1861 days ago


good genes on the face maybe,
her body ehhhhh not so much.

1861 days ago
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