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Kardashian Wedding -- Lamar's Idea

9/21/2009 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khole Kardashian Lamar OdomDon't go blaming the Khloe Kardashian-Lamar Odom whirlwind wedding on the bride -- TMZ has learned this whole thing was Lamar's idea.

Sources close to the situation tell us it was Odom who was putting the rush on the "I do" swapping because the Los Angeles Lakers star wants to tie the knot before his NBA season begins.

For the record -- the Lakers are set to play their first preseason game on October 7. The wedding is set for this Sunday -- September 27th.

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48. After the wedding she can rebrand herself as Khlodom.

Posted at 6:13PM on Sep 21st 2009 by scurrilous

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/09/21/kardashian-wedding-lamars-idea/4#c21793300#ixzz0RmYQyw8A

LOL! that's hilarious. Sounds like a brand new STD discovered in Khloe.

1825 days ago


I guess I might care if her or her sisters contributed something meaningful to society, they dont even have talent...any moron can do a reality show. If her rush to the alter is true it obviously is not surprising by looking at her commercials for her tv show she is eratic.

1825 days ago


I cannot believe how evil and disgusting some of these comments are. Three points. ONE: I would like to think that we live in a civilized enough society that if an Armenian white woman wants to marry a black man, they could and should! Just like any other two people (no matter race, religion, or sex) should be able to do if they are in love, and it should be celebrated just like any other marriage, not condemned. TWO: Isn't it just sooooo easy to hop on your little computer and post your small-minded little blogs all about how stupid, fat, ugly, and skanky someone is who you don't even know except from gossip magazines, TV shows, and websites? It's just so easy! Especially when you are just a faceless nobody on the internet. Then you can be as nasty as you want and no one will know that it is you! How charming. After all, celebrities aren't actual human beings with real feelings or anything. So go ahead and say whatever! THREE: The only reason this story is even newsworthy is due to the short length of time that the couple have known each other. I must agree with most of you there and say that I think it is probably best to wait a while longer before taking that leap. A month of dating is like the blink of an eye when you are considering marriage. They will have their rough times, I'm sure, but I wish them the best (as I would wish for anyone--even you nasty, hateful people). I hope I never have the pleasure of meeting any of you thoughtful, intelligent, and courageous people in my real life.

1825 days ago


So sad all these negative comments, If this is what they both want who are we to judge them ,last time I knew that are both adults.I do have to agree with some of you they are rushing into it and they should take it a little slower but its their choice. If nobody has any thing good to say or even constructive to say then please keep your mouth shut. Nobody needs to see all this hate. Congrats to Lamar and Khloe

1825 days ago


I thought Lamar was already married? When did the 1st one end?

1825 days ago


Khloe, You are a beautiful woman. Coming from my experience after rushing into my marriage, Don't do it! You do not know everything about him. Get to know him and date for a minumum of two years. Than you can make a logical assessment of the situation. You are young and have plenty of time to marry. Enjoy your youth! If you are pregnant don't make this the reason to marry. Good luck!

1825 days ago


Another tragedy!These three sisters are so misguided.(Kris Jenner fails mother school.)Stay away from the black men,be with your own
kind.Kourtney,why so happy about an illegitimate baby? No,that is NOT o.k. Morals,values? Sad,sad family.

1825 days ago

Hamoz Finest    

Okay people..let's not judge others...The Kardashian sisters are the best and they are great role models. Khloe is beautiful and funny. I wish them the best of luck and don't let them haters bring you down Khloe. I truly believe that the Kardashians are the most beautiful creatures that ever walk this planet. So what if she's pregnant? she is old enough to do whatever she wants to do and you people are just jealous. Khloe, Kim and Kourt just keep in mind that words can't bring you girls down..you girls don't waste your time about all these haters...love you girls...your biggest fan ever....

1825 days ago

Toni Johnson    

It is some ignorant people in the world.......Jesus take the wheel

1825 days ago


Khloe is a 'slut'!!! She need to learn how to grow up like an adult.

1825 days ago


Love Khloe and she can do 500% better than that ugly guy! GROSS!

1825 days ago


What's up with the people who have a problem with this because of their races? Or is it tmz race baiting? Whatever, it needs to stop. You're not the one sleeping with either one of them so wtf do you care? You sending a present? You paying a bill? The very people you want to diss on here are the very ones able to rise above your damn pettiness. The world ain't white no more, get it?

1825 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

So what if the Kardashian's prefer black men, I mean really, WHO CARES...SERIOUSLY. It's on them what they want to do. If you don't like it, get over it.

All I know is that this "marriage" is doomed...mark my words. ANYONE who gets married after a MONTH of dating is just not thinking straight.

1825 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

A lot of white men have "chubby" issues...and those men typically have small boy parts. It makes them feel "bigger" being with a woman who looks like a clothes hanger! LMAO

1825 days ago


Their poor father must rolling in his grave. Anything else I say will not be PC. Not to worry, I'm black so I'm not being racist but I mean......WTH is she thinking! Didn't her fathers landmark case teach them anything about black athletes.

1825 days ago
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