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Kardashian Wedding -- Lamar's Idea

9/21/2009 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khole Kardashian Lamar OdomDon't go blaming the Khloe Kardashian-Lamar Odom whirlwind wedding on the bride -- TMZ has learned this whole thing was Lamar's idea.

Sources close to the situation tell us it was Odom who was putting the rush on the "I do" swapping because the Los Angeles Lakers star wants to tie the knot before his NBA season begins.

For the record -- the Lakers are set to play their first preseason game on October 7. The wedding is set for this Sunday -- September 27th.

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He's ugly. What does she see in him? Yuk

1824 days ago


Ooooooooooo, White girls got back too you nasty little skank! Kardashians are just simple little small minded Hos...they go for the Black men cause they easy to boss around! They are all about da money and easy to push around LMAO!

Posted at 8:16PM on Sep 21st 2009 by BarfOnBlack

What the hell? Sounds like you got your head stuck under a asphalt steam roller! You would have done yourself a big favor by just not adding your comment; now everybody knows you are just a big dumb buffoon!

1824 days ago


"wun hung lo," (post 82) no one asked or cares how big your genitals are. You're probably lying anyway.....hahahahaha.

1824 days ago


I read somewhere she has known him for a month? Wow, congrats.. you are stupid, and parents, you are more stupid. Does no one in Hollywood try to raise their children at all? Dang...

1824 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

to #102 Kristen - I'm half Hawaiian and half Irish and Scottish. Can't wear a Hawaiian wrap or a kilt because of this monster between my legs. Wahhh! Why was I stuck with this creature? It's caused me nothing but problems my whole life. I have finally come to accept him, though. My little buddy.
But really.... you know you want to see it?

1824 days ago


102. "wun hung lo," (post 82) no one asked or cares how big your genitals are. You're probably lying anyway.....hahahahaha.

Posted at 9:08PM on Sep 21st 2009 by Kristen

Kristen: "wun hung lo" keeps talking about this 9 inches package he has in his crotch area, but he's not saying it's his wonker. So, my guess is.....it's his big black male lover's wonker! Just my guess! And it make sense.

1824 days ago


Lamar, I do not CARE about you getting MARRIED........

You are stupid for getting married before the basketball pre season starts!! I bet the "zen master", PHIL JACKSON will be talkin' to you about being FOCUSED DURING THE SEASON, YOU DUMMY!

Oh, well..........I am a LAKER FAN and you better not miss a BASKETBALL shot. 3 pointer or a free throw.........!!!!!!

BTW, at least if you married me, I am pretty and I LOVE SPORTS!lol!

Lamar don't F**K UP the season! GEEEEEEEEEEEEZzzzzzzzzzzz,already!!!

1824 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

To #107 WTH = HA HA HA HA HA! You're such a hoot. Yes, I do have a black lover. She just happens to be a female. With that said, the monster is loose. Ahhhh! everybody back. He's escaped. Look out. He's spitting at you!
But really....you know you want to see it.

1824 days ago


Congrats!!! Now get that pig out of Miami....

1824 days ago

stanley roper    


Hey, i call a spade a spade, no racism.

But the Armenian women i've seen around me are usually fat and hairy. If it wasn't for tweezers, they would be worst off out of every other race because they have some sort of cave women genes. Don't get mad, i'm just putting it out there. Haven't you seen "My BIG FAT GREEK Wedding?" Yes, Greeks are related to Armenians.

1824 days ago


why would any sane man want to be a part of that wacko family?

1824 days ago


After they're married we can refer to them as LOKO!!!

1824 days ago


Lamar, wake up dude!!! Why waste ur time and money on a Kardashian skank? Nothing good will come of this. She probably has more diseases than her slutty whore sisters. Better get a pre-nup!!! Why buy the cow when she gives the milk for free, to everybody?

1824 days ago


Their old man must be spinning down there in Hell.

Kind of a sweet payback for all his evil doings.


1824 days ago


O.k. i have the final say in this discussion..lol

1.) Women dont care about package size, they can get off with a pocket rocket, what they care about is Money..Lots of money will get them off faster than anything, and add a lil fame and they will be dripping..lol

2) the women who do care about size are the ones who have have been hurt by men, or one's who are over 30 and are still not married.

3.) Black guys with horse things are not fully evolved human beings..in the slavery days slave owners would breed super slaves to become better workers and get rid of the smaller men..so do you fools actually know what you are bragging about..lol

1824 days ago
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