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Chaz Bono

The Next Bill Shakespeare

9/22/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz BonoComing soon to a New York Times Bestseller list near you -- the memoir of Chaz Bono.

TMZ has learned Bono sold the rights to a book chronicling his decision to transition from a female to a male. According to a publishing source, Bono signed "a handsome, six-figure deal."

The book, tentatively titled "Coming Clean," will be published by Dutton sometime in Spring 2011.


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can you TMZ crack heads please quit saying "yikes"? Please?

1865 days ago

big joe    


cher must be so pround LOLOLOLOL

1865 days ago


Love Chaz! He had a rough life and no one knows how he feels unless you've been in his shoes for the last 30 sum years! I'll read the book! Love Cher to!

1864 days ago


I just can't resist, based on a previous comment.

Let's all say YIKES!!! YIKES!!! I say!!

1864 days ago


YIKES! What a misfit. That thing is UGLY. Who the hell would buy a book from this waste? OH I know, all you liberal pukes that are gay. Pffft.

1864 days ago

The Truth    

lol this is the white freak

1864 days ago

juan loco    


1864 days ago


8. He is a male. In his heart and his brain he was always male. This is a real medical condition, and I am happy for him that he has finally made the transition so he can live the rest of his life with his mind and body in congruence. As for what he's done to write a book, how many children of celebrities write books? It's pretty common and many people read them. I would dare say Bono has more interesting things to say (about his parents and growing up male in a female body) than most children who grow up with famous parents. I think Cher has done a wonderful job of (at least publicly) supporting her son in his decision to fit his body to his mind. She is to be commended. I'm certain that she has known for a long time there was something wrong with her "daughter", and she is probably relieved that her child has found peace. Smorbie Posted at 2:10AM on Sep 22nd 2009 by smorbie Smorbie you are dumb as a box of rocks. Chaz was born 100% FEMALE! If your heart and brain tell you that your gender is wrong...than you have a mental condition! Not a physical one that warrants going and changing the sex you was given at the time of frigging conception! Now if Chaz was born with messed up DNA and doctors find that she produces a lot of male hormones and has internal testicles. Oh yes then i agree that whoever suffers from that condition has the right to change their sex. But chaz is just a Gay woman who wants a mans D$$k between her legs. This isn't gonna fix anything and she needs mental help ASAP! People who go out and do this are messing the world up! I feel bad for anyone who suffers from a real medical condition and i do have sympathy for those who really need the gender change. But Gay people born 100% male or female shouldn't be allowed to go change their sex...JUST CAUSE THEIR HEART OR MIND SAYS...HEY I CRAVE THE SAME SEX!

Read more:

1864 days ago


This girl has a memoir?!?!
My left nut has done more than she has.

1864 days ago


ewwwwwwwww. She/he creeps me out.

1864 days ago


she was such a cute little girl. Whatever.

1864 days ago


Is it any wonder this happened? Who can live with a name of Chastity? Better be careful, Gwenyth, etc. who name their children such names??

1864 days ago


A sex change operation will NEVER actually change your sex. It's nothing but mutilation. You can't change DNA no matter how hard you try. She will ALWAYS be a "she".

1864 days ago


It will be called: "I don't care if I ordered a steak...I want it with candy sprinkles!"

On a serious note...Chas should hit up a quality fat farm and dietician and get down to being the hottie she can be...THEN decide if she wants to be a man. In looking at her I have to believe a good part of her wanting to be a man is from her being unhappy as a woman ...and how can she ever be happy being a woman looking as she does? Her weight causes a low self esteem in her femininity and rather than deal with that issue she figures she'll just run away and hop the fence.

1864 days ago


Looks like a fatter and *uglier* Tony Danza.

1864 days ago
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