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Kirk Cameron

Plays the Hitler Card

9/22/2009 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evangelical actor Kirk Cameron is on a serious crusade against Charles Darwin -- connecting the scientist's most famous and significant work to Adolf Hitler.

To commemorate the upcoming 150th anniversary of Darwin's "Origin of Species" -- Kirk has released a 6-minute long video on his evangelical website bashing Darwin's book along with C.D.'s famous theory of evolution.

In the video attack -- which Kirk made to promote the release of a reworked, creationist edition of "Origin of Species" -- Kirk essentially calls Darwin a racist, a woman-hater and claims Darwin's theory has an "undeniable connection" with Hitler.

But it gets better -- Kirk claims he will be embarking on a college tour, in the hopes of infiltrating the minds of America's future "lawyers, doctors and politicians."

To quote Kirk, "These students aren't stupid."

Let's hope not.


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What amazes me is how angry athiest get when a christian starts talking about God. Why does it anger them so? I also wish to say that it is patently un-American to wish to suppress the comments of those you disagree with. Our fundemental liberties as Americans ensure us the right to freedom of speech. Those same people who wish to silence someone they disagree with should think about what it would be like if ideas & thoughts were supressed or even punished. It would be very much like Nazi Germany. The freedoms that many Americans now enjoy were forged by men & women who believed very much in God. Be careful what you wish may get it.

1256 days ago

Jodee Rebecca Davey    

Kirk's Reacting Out of Hate Towards The Scientific Community,&,The Last Time I Checked The Bible Ain't a Huge Fan of Haters

1256 days ago


This is astounding to look at these comments. The argument isn't between science and faith. You have two belief systems at competeing. Atheism is a faith system. The atheists have coopted science and claim that their starting point of atheistic evolution is science and proves their belief system. If someone has a starting point different from the athiestic belief system, they say, "You cannot mix faith and science." Let's see, we have 5, maybe 6000 years of recorded history where scientific evidence can be observed and the atheistic evolutionist jumps back to 4.3 Billion years ago and speaks with absolute certainty (faith) that a big bang created the universe as we know it today. That's not science. That is a huge leap of faith.

1256 days ago


It is very sad to read most of these day you all will find out the truth of God's existence and the fact that there is a Hell and a Heaven and we are here to decide where we will go...Jesus came to die for your sins, we are all sinners, and rose again just so you don't have to go to hell , which was just created for Satan and his demons...however if you don't accept Jesus then you will join Satan in Hell for eternity...It really doesn't matter If you believe it or not.....that is the way it will happen. You that make fun of us believers, Christians, like Kirk, are deceived to Satan's lies. If you only knew the Love and peace you have with God...You THINK you are so right....what are you afraid of ...what do you have to loose.....if we are wrong, you lost nothing, but if we Christians are right.....think about will be the loser not us

1256 days ago


yea, Darwin be regarded as a genius by some b4 he died he questioned his 'own theory'. Yes, 'theory'-a thought not scientifically proven. And yes, us black and colored people experienced others who took up Darwin's evolutionary theory and used it to justify their own theories that blacks are one step away from the apes; coloreds/brown are 2 steps above the apes in terms of development; yellows/Asians are 3 steps above the apes and of course, whites are 4 steps above apes and the most evolved of the 'ANIMALS'-WELL that's how us blacks/coloreds and yellows have it imposed on us-in other words-how we are stereotyped. From all else followed in the 19-20th century in terms of colonizer's abuse of natives/slaves/servants/sex slaves. But then again there is a section of the Bible that exhorts slaves to be good, obedient slaves.

Maybe christians i.e. followers of Christ should only hear the words of Jesus not any other writer of books of the bible; and choose to follow only Christ's words. Just a thought.

1255 days ago


Your comments on Darwinism are exactly right. The "science" was called eugenics whose founder, Sir Francis Galton (a half-cousin of Darwin), not only bought into the idea of survival of the fittest, but also applied it to humans and pursued the idea that "advanced humans" could help the evolutionary process through self-directed manipulation. This view became a center piece of the Nazi/Hitler philosophy and resulted in the mass murder of Jews, blacks, and anyone else who didn't fit within their concept of advanced human genetics.
Your comment on the Bible, however is a bit misconceived. The Bible said, "slaves be subject to your masters," not to endorse slavery, but to teach believers in Jesus live for the glory of God in whatever cir***stance in which we find ourselves. The next verse admonishes those masters to treat their servants with justice and fairness because there is no distinction with God between master and servant. God shows no partiality and Paul wasn't endorsing slavery. He was teaching people how to live in the stark realities of injustice in a fallen world. The principal he puts forth is, in fact, the very Biblical principal that led to the abolishment of slavery and/or racism. "There is neither Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female, for all are one in Christ." Jesus Christ came to set people free and to demonstrate the intrinsic value of every human being:)

1255 days ago


I use to care about YOU and your high and mighty educated opinions taking down us stupid little christians.
Now.....I don't.
God gave us free will to choose as we exercise your I'm going to.....
I believe in creation and within that creation there has been and is Darwins idea.
Careful this can be dangerous it gives you free thinkers NOTHING to fight against!!!
I have decided to let you go your own path and I will go King Joshua said: Witness to them, take three or more people, if they do not listen to you...knock the dust from your feet and move forward to the next town.....
I see YOU in my rearview mirror.......
Good Luck....and GOD BLESS YOU!!

1255 days ago


Who pays attention to that idiot?

963 days ago
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