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Kirk Cameron

Plays the Hitler Card

9/22/2009 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evangelical actor Kirk Cameron is on a serious crusade against Charles Darwin -- connecting the scientist's most famous and significant work to Adolf Hitler.

To commemorate the upcoming 150th anniversary of Darwin's "Origin of Species" -- Kirk has released a 6-minute long video on his evangelical website bashing Darwin's book along with C.D.'s famous theory of evolution.

In the video attack -- which Kirk made to promote the release of a reworked, creationist edition of "Origin of Species" -- Kirk essentially calls Darwin a racist, a woman-hater and claims Darwin's theory has an "undeniable connection" with Hitler.

But it gets better -- Kirk claims he will be embarking on a college tour, in the hopes of infiltrating the minds of America's future "lawyers, doctors and politicians."

To quote Kirk, "These students aren't stupid."

Let's hope not.


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Johnny the Pony    

@184. Hey atheists!
Who created the big bang?
Posted at 7:21PM on Sep 22nd 2009 by J C
Who says the big bang was created?
Another question for you: Who created god?

The big bang was not created. It was the primordial state of the universe where time and space did not even exist at a certain point, although we know quite a lot about this 'era'. At the absolute point zero only mathematical laws, valid and mandatory in and for any possible and impossible universe, existed. Laws that predict the existence of universes. The universe was not created, just like 1+1=2 was not created. The universe is a fact just like mathematical laws are a fact. The universe is most probably a derived branch of a fractal.

Gods were created by primitive people to explain weird and scary things in nature like thunderstorms, sunsets and hallucinations. Gods also provided strong political power over people, so gods became very popular and became cultural institutes, a tool to direct people. Gods change over time. The Jesus figure some christians adore in 2009 is absolutely nothing like the Jesus figure in 1200. This change is also very clear in scripture, nobody lives by standards and laws of the old testament. Gods always adapt to reality. Reality never adapts to gods.

1817 days ago


Mercedes SLR raced with Ferrari. The two children went to the hospital

1827 days ago


woooo hoooo top 5!

1827 days ago


Totally agree!!! Go Kirk!!!!!

1827 days ago


Another one who doesn't understand a damn about science ...

>>Kirk essentially calls Darwin a racist, a woman-hater and claims Darwin's theory has an "undeniable connection" with Hitler.

1827 days ago

Jen C.    

Wow. What a moronic, uneducated statement. This guy is far gone.

1827 days ago


OK so the other half of my comment went missing:

Even if that were true, it wouldn't mean Darwin's theory was wrong.

1827 days ago


Oh please, this guy was always a neurotic obsessive. He was a strict ahearent to the Pritikin diet, wouldn't permit people he disagreed with to guest on the show etc... Kirk, we get it, you believe this, but if anybody is being Natzi-ish it would be the guy who's name calling and going on the attack against anybody who doesn't agree with you. All these celebs are the same way, spoiled babies who can't handle any disagreement.

1827 days ago


Kirk Cameron is a brainwashed cult member spewing his fantasy crap in order to indoctrinate others. He needs some serious deprogramming.

1827 days ago


Meh, this was totally tastless. Those damn Bible thumpers think they can get away with being racist, antagonizing and hateful and hide behind Jesus. Get a life, Kirk and go somewhere!!! (hell is probably where you'll end up, if there is one)

1827 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

Why do these far right religious nut jobs like this Cameron dude have to shove their crap in other people's faces? Why can't they feel secure in their religious beliefs by just practicing them and leave other people the hell alone. I can't help but believe that this guy is just another religious fanatic who will defy science, proven facts, other people's feelings,etc.,to uphold his deranged fanaticism. F--- off, little preacher man. Noone wants to hear your creepy sh--!

1827 days ago

Kathi Carella    

You'll be surprised how many people agree with him and are behind him. Keep up the great work Kirk! If you haven't seen his last movie, Fireproof, it's really worth watching.

1827 days ago


Kirk does what is right.. .he speaks the truth. A hero in today's world. Thank you.

1827 days ago


Let's see .... this dumbass doesn't have any college education or any science training, and yet he's going to attempt to shred a theory that the vast majority of educated and trained scientists, including the most elite, believe is true? What a hoot!

The percentage of atheists grows every year. It won't be long until we're the majority. If Kirk and the other imaginary being believers are lucky, we won't ban public display of imaginary being belief.

1827 days ago


Since we don't know what a "day" is to God, how do we know that evolution wasn't God's way of creating the Earth to begin with? God gave man a brain for him to rise above all the other creatures. I bet he gets really ticked off when morons like Kirk say stupid doo-doo like this.

1827 days ago
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