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Letterman to Obama -- This Spud's For You!

9/22/2009 2:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama went on Letterman and all he got was this heart-shaped potato.

Barack & Letterman: Click to watch
Before touching on health care, Afghanistan and a number of other topics, the Commander In Chief was randomly given a potato by a member of the audience.

He was also asked by Dave if he believes racism was the reason for recent political attacks. His classic response: "I was actually Black before the election." Who knew?!


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I would have much more respect for him if he would call all these racist claims that are flying around completely bogus and a ploy by left extremeists to cause disruption away from the real issues.

Extra points if he would say he was both black AND white!!!!!!

I don't see either of the above taking place any time soon. That is why I remain sorry for voting for him but yet also acknowledge there was no better alternative in McLame and Caribou Barbie.

1856 days ago

Lelsie B.    

He has been a lame duck President from the very stsrt, 2012 hurry up and get here.

1856 days ago


Stop being a movie star and do your damn job! What have you done, nothing. The people that voted him in was blind.

1856 days ago


Cute. But sooo scripted. I love you Chef Kooky!

1856 days ago


Four predictions:

1) 2010 will see a HUGE amount of democrats tossed out on their asses in favor of republicans.

2) In early 2012 the DNC will see the numbers looming and advise Obama to make a health excuse for not seeking a 2nd term. They will require Biden to do the same as to why he does not run for the big chair. They will instead come up with a conservative democrat to run, the same way the republicans came up with a liberal in the form of McCain.

3) In 2012 the democrat nominee will lose in the biggest landslide in the last 50+ years.

4) In 2013 Obama will accomplish what he wanted to all along...cushy speaker jobs and full time television appearances.

1856 days ago


I was hesitant to say this, but after everything he's done and has begun to do, this president has COMPLETELY turned my opinion around, and in a GOOD way. Thank god I woke up!


1856 days ago


Infomercial President and kiss ass Letterman. Quite the combination. Thank goodness for remote control

1856 days ago


Who prepares a potato for the POTUS? Weird?

ps Keep dreaming, Wombat! Republicans like You Lie! Wilson are just showing their derrieres and making their party a punchline that no one but extremists can get behind.

1856 days ago


I agree with another previous posting.. HE IS SO DREAMY! WE LOVE YOU OBAMA! WHAT A MAN! [Keep hating haters!]

1856 days ago


Wrong President Obama, you were 1/2 black before the election.
I feel bad for the white side of your family.
Represent them too!!!
I pray for your health care for all program, I can't imagine what it would be like to live without it.

1856 days ago


The man needs to spend more time being president, than being a celebrity.
Yes this man has done a lot since taking office.
Unemployment is at 9.7% - the economy is shrinking BECAUSE of his policies.
Thousands of our military are in harms way because he doesn't know what to do. The military is telling him what he needs to do, but because he spent more time smoking weed, than maybe in enlisting to fight for his country.......he would rather we leave the war in defeat than win the war on terror and pass some stupid health care reform that has nothing to do with reforming health care but the ability for the government to control EVERY aspect and choice you make everyday. Or they won't help you!

1856 days ago


RACE has nothing to do with it stupid people, this is what his people throw out in the media so the American people won't talk about the issue that they are trying to ram down our throats that we don't want. Its We the people not me Obama. He goes on all these TV shows so that we can listen to him but he will not listen to what the American people are saying, what we have to say means nothing to him and that is the problem not because he is black and i am so sick of it being brought into it, it is his polices that we don't like

1856 days ago


A perfect pair, an incompetent president and an incompetent weatherman!

1856 days ago


I like the face that President Obama makes an attempt to make public appearances. Unlike Bush, he actually will sit down and answer questions.. and hey he doesn't stumble over the answers or talk himself in circles!!

1856 days ago


Obama has inherited the disaster that the 8 years of the Bush Administration created...
~Yes, unemployment has topped over 9% since Obama took office, but the stimulus package has helped some by creating 150,000 jobs, without it the economy would be far worse and it is now leveling off instead of soaring much high as it did during the Great Depression.
~The man hasn't been President for a year yet and already people are giving up on him.
~It took Bush 8 years to screw this economy up as bad as it is, it's not going to be fixed in one year.

1856 days ago
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