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Letterman to Obama -- This Spud's For You!

9/22/2009 2:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama went on Letterman and all he got was this heart-shaped potato.

Barack & Letterman: Click to watch
Before touching on health care, Afghanistan and a number of other topics, the Commander In Chief was randomly given a potato by a member of the audience.

He was also asked by Dave if he believes racism was the reason for recent political attacks. His classic response: "I was actually Black before the election." Who knew?!


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okay, let's get something straight... he is not a just black man, he is also half white! Get off this soap box! He is no one special. So far all he has proven is that he can increase our health care, send more of our brothers & sisters overseas, pay everyone that works with him more money (when they dont need it) while us real Americans are fighting to survive, and that just like any other President before him... HE'S A PUPPET!! Enough already

1820 days ago


"I was black before becoming president" What's funny is when he started out it was all about his white mamma and white granny who raised him, but the closer it came to the democratic nomination confenction he got a little blacker and then closer to the Presidential nomination he is our "first black President". WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS WHITE MAMMA AND WHITE GRANNY???????

1820 days ago


Well Said Laura...Its honestly because of opinion!

1820 days ago


So he "created" 150,000 jobs, that's why he's good. So let's see let's do the math....9.7% current unemployment.....550,000 thousand NEW claims per month....yet 150,000 people still have a job. Do you realize that isn't even a 1% difference in unemployment? That isn't even .5% difference in unemployment. So if he hadn't passed TARP you actually think we are better off because it's on AVERAGE 9.7% instead of 10.2% (Except look at california, Mich, and several other states the unemployment is actually over 15%)

YEah that 150,000 saved jobs really made a dent.

1820 days ago


I just read in BLACK AMERICA magazine that Obama is the new spokesman for Church's Fried Chicken."Boy day know what day doin"

1820 days ago


Funny for all those who are hating on Obama tell me woul old ass MCcain would be doing any better? HELL NO!!! Eight years of a pure up and people b.tch about eight months which doesn't make any sense at all.Just say you are some of the most racist hicks I have ever seen and such a bad ass online and probaly the biggest bitch offline.

1820 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

DEMOCRATS EXPLOIT RACE because The Socialized Health Bill was tried and rejected in the 1990s and NOW Some Democrats want to play the race card on all races to HID their Socialized Health Bill Plan and New Laws Against a Free Society. Is The Historic Nature of Obama Presidency being Exploited . Note: Democrats (over the last century) are the party of Democrat Jim Crow and Others.

1820 days ago


"President Obama was so smooth on letterman last night".. yada yada.. The president of the United States has no business appearing on a comedians show to forward his agenda. This shows that while smooth, he's reaching desparately. Run the country as the people see fit, not your idea of stardom??? Get another job quickly.

1820 days ago


will people ever stop, i agree with earlier comments..8 years cannot be undone in a few the way..if you have some black in you believe me you are considered black,,real world folks.
plus i like a president who makes himself available instead of hiding in the whitehouse only coming out when you have to explain a bonehead move.

1820 days ago



1820 days ago


White people are so MAD about having a black president! Don't worry, you all are still winning by 43 to our 1. It will probably never happen again. If it's one thing I know about white people, you are never caught twice not looking. This one sneaked up on you, you never thought it would happen and now that it has - you are sitting so pissed off that you can't wait until this term is up so you can get together and vote him out. It won't matter who else runs, hell, if Bush could run again, you would vote him in to get Obama out.

To bambam that hopes he gets H1N1 and croaks - you are just STUPID!!!

1820 days ago


I gotta say most of you republicans are some of the dummest people on earth, and am not talking about the elected officials, am talking about you dumb asses that actually believe and follow some of nonsense that your elected officials tell you is like u need sean hannity rush limbaugh to tell what to believe or what not to believe you got no mind's of own, thats why they prey on people like u suckas cause they know u would buy anything that comes out there mouths..I actually feel sorry for people like u that have no think tank's

1820 days ago


Yeah, that's what I was thinking: with all this TV time who's running the country? Oh yeah, he's trying to help out the country all right... when you're paying 55% income tax and riding the bus cuz he "blessed" you with free health care you'll be looking back at the Bush years and wondering why you were complaining.

1819 days ago


for real: I can tell by the exemplary language skills you demonstrate in your post that the liberal education you've acquired speaks volumes about the concerns conservatives have in this country. The language you use demonstrates your level of education: you really should stick to Sesame Street.

1819 days ago


Posted at 8:46PM on Sep 22nd 2009 by pua "The president of the United States has no business appearing on a comedians show to forward his agenda. This shows that while smooth, he's reaching desperately. Run the country as the people see fit, not your idea of stardom??? Get another job quickly.


He on TV 'coz all y'all ignorant *** won't watch when he gives a State of the Union address. Thus, he has to appear on Letterman (and other TV shows) so that he can be heard by the American public!

1819 days ago
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