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Letterman to Obama -- This Spud's For You!

9/22/2009 2:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama went on Letterman and all he got was this heart-shaped potato.

Barack & Letterman: Click to watch
Before touching on health care, Afghanistan and a number of other topics, the Commander In Chief was randomly given a potato by a member of the audience.

He was also asked by Dave if he believes racism was the reason for recent political attacks. His classic response: "I was actually Black before the election." Who knew?!


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God, you republican Americans seem to be so thick! You should be glad to have such a great President who actually has common sense. It was Bush's administration that ruined the American economy, and inevitably the whole word economy! Oh yeah, everything was sooo much better with Bush... oh, and did I mention he started two wars and make the whole world hate your nation?... Yeah, really a great achievement.
You haters obviously don't know how the economy (or politics for that matter) works, honestly, you act like idiots! Don't embarrass yourselves and go back to school or at least read books about economic processes.

1822 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

...i miss george bush...


1822 days ago


lizard - So he goes on Letterman to make us watch him. LMAO Who watches that old has been? Not me and no one I know.

1821 days ago


Questo è il più grande Presidente della recente storia democratica
del mondo. Se fossi americano sarei orgoglioso di lui ... invece ...
non vi dico chi abbiamo noi come Presidente ...
beh pazienza!

1821 days ago


"The perception that white Americans succeeded in transcending racial antipathy is reinforced by the fact that only 9% of voters in the exit poll said that race was a major factor in their decision, and they mostly voted for Obama."

Now if we could poll blacks and find that only 5% voted for a white candidate then why isn't this talked about in terms of black racism? Do you people have any functioning brain cells. If Obama would just stop playing the race card and accept that white voters are looking at his performance. Perhaps he could understand he is not doing a very good job. he has done everything he said he would not do. can this not be a problem for people who are white and voted for him? I mean it is all about his performance. And his inability to accept criticism is all about his narcissism
His smile and body language screams sever narcissism. As do his actions. he is so angry at his childhood. He was raised by white mother and white grandparents which really makes him more white than black culturally speaking and he lived in Hawaii. He suffered very little prejudice there. Hawaiians are more anti white than anti black. If they disliked him there it was his white half. I mean every year in Hawaii they have beat a holie day. White kids stay home from school on that day. Odd isn't it?

1821 days ago


Dave is almost as shameless and disgusting as the thug we currently have in the White House. Dave used to actually be funny and entertaining (back when he actually had positive ratings) but over the years he has grown more angry and miserable and directs all his hate towards the GOP and Conservatives.

I can't wait to watch Oflaba move his Fascist anti-American a$$ out of the White House in 2012!!!!

1821 days ago


The guy does work seven days a week to try to make our worthless lives a little better - what the hell are we doing but sitting in front of our computers watching TMZ critizing everyone who isn't as perfect as we as we inhale 1,500 calories from the local fast food joint - I can only imagine that is what everyone is doing right now.

1821 days ago


These comments are sooooooooooo Funny.I wish you all were this talkive when Bush was in office.He didn't do a damn thing and you didn't speak of him as much as you all are knocking Obama.Race has everything to do with it

1821 days ago



1821 days ago


I am tired of people talking about Obama. This man deserves a chance. Bush had his eight years and look at the state we are in. Obama did not cheat to win the election. He won because Majority in America wanted changes and believed he was the man for the job. It is time for the wealth to be spread out among everyone. Everyones deserves the same opportunities that has not been happening. So for all you who do not want this man in office get over it because he is not going anywhere. It might happen in 2012, but I hope he gets FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!.

1820 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

SHOULD Victims of Hugo Chavez's Terror in the USA , SUE Oliver Stone for Liable by Justifying his actions. Hugo Chavez has jail or destroyed about 3,000 political activists or opponents so far. Chavez force out his democratically elected opponents by gun point . SUE OLIVER STONE ?
Oliver Stone has Just completed a 'BIG LIE movie for Hugo Chavez , where Hugo Chavez himself becomes the reference. According to most reports crime and poverty had a rapid increase in recent years.

1820 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Is Oliver Stone or Sean Penn (and other Hollywood types) supporters of Dictatorships or Fasicsm ? The FARC is known as a Fascist group (a Farc supporter is Hugo Chavez). The Farc kidnap, Murder, Rape, & drug deal in the name of a Political Marxist Ideal. This is Millionaire Oliver Stone’s comment (see below) “Farc is fighting back as best it can and grabbing hostages is the fashion in which they can finance themselves and try to achieve their goals, which are difficult. They’re a peasant army; I see them as a Zapata-like army. I think they are heroic to fight for what they believe in and die for it, as was Castro in the hills of Cuba.” Oliver Stone Said

Hugo Chavez Background:Hugo Chavez has Nationalized the Media and Natural Resources (Ex: State Run Media, State Run Oil ,Etc.), Dictator Chavez has many laws against political disagreement and Jails or eliminates political opposition (note recent killing of activist), Chavez has a Violent & Oppresive National Police Force, Close Ally of Iran,Libya,etc. , Chavez said ‘Jews own all the world’s wealth’ in 2006, In 2007 Chavez stated that Catholics are ‘Liars and Perverts’ because catholics leaders did not support chavez’s reforms, Rapid increase in Chavez military, Chavez Claims he owns parts of Colombia and others countries, Hugo Chavez’s group called ‘Chavistas’ dress in red and have been increasing violence, Chavez Admiration for Socialist and 'Nazi' collaborator in Argentina, Chavez’s changed the time zone & Flag , Chavez considered a fascist even by other socialists , Etc. Hugo Chavez did say there will be a never ending war with the USA , after he massed his troops on the Colombian border (because of an event that happen in another country). Chavez has Hugo Chavez has always been a Violent Criminal and it ,really, is a shame that some people in the enternainment field meet with him (especially when the people in Venezuela are senticed to prison if they say bad things about Chavez).
What is even more alarming is the close friend, business & military ally Socialist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Chavez (who supports the Sudan goverment and calls the accusation of genocide a ‘Lie’ and denies the holocaust) , does seem to bother any of the stars (& media) that visited Chavez. Hugo Chavez , also, Defends and is friends with 'Al Bashir of Darfur' . Al Bashir was convicted of Genocide in Darfur.
Oliver Stone has complete a Propaganda piece for his friend ,Hugo Chavez. "I'm rooting for this Bolivarian movement" Oliver Stone says . The so called Bolivarian movement is the Hugo Chavez movement (the "Chavistas"). Is siding with South American 1st Fascist leader (Hugo Chavez) ,a Oliver Stone Publicity Stunt or Does he agree with Chavez's Hate & Terror.

1820 days ago


Sadly our president in no more than an egocentric poser, a slimy flim-flam man running a con on the world. Like they always say "Be careful what you wish for". In the case of Him being leader for the free world I'm afraid too many have chosen / wished poorly for us all.

1820 days ago


A late night talk show is not an appropriate place for a sitting President to be when he should be in the White House focusing on the issues. He does not need that platform, after all he covered EVERY Sunday morning news outlet (aside from Fox) to lay out his health care plan and other agenda. The health care plan is something that he wants to pass in order to create a legacy for himself and pay homage to Ted Kennedy. In addition, Democrats fear the 2010 elections and are desperate to pass this bill before possibly losing the majority vote.

If Obama cared about the people then the stimulus would have been distributed to the American people and to programs that actually benefit us. It would not have been distributed in order for turtles to cross the road, among other ludicrous projects. If he truly cared for the American people then he would not allow the San Joaquin Valley farmers to lose their crops due to environmental protection of the delta smelt minnow. These farmers' water was turned off in the early summer so that the delta smelt would not get caught in the water pumps. This is insane!

Of course this will have a trickle down effect to all of us because we rely on that region's crops to supply us with food resources. Eventually we will be importing more vegetables and fruits, frankly more than we will output to our people.

Furthermore, the race card is simply played out. It is a mechanism to suppress opposition. To stereotype all people who don't support Obama's agenda as racist is foolish. Can we say the same about all of the people who didn't support Bush? Would that be fair? In addition, why did Obama's ratings plummet only after the health care debate began? If we were all racists then he wouldn't be President or enjoy high ratings at the beginning of his term.

1820 days ago

Lisa in Arizona    

People always said pigs would fly before we saw a black president.. well he goes into office and what happens??? SWine Flu :)

1819 days ago
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