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Witness Testifies About Travolta's Desperation

9/22/2009 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta's DesperationThe first witness has taken the stand in the John Travolta extortion case and testified John initially wanted to take his son Jett to an airport instead of a local hospital.

Police inspector Andrew Wells testified paramedic/defendant Tarino Lightbourne told him John signed a form releasing medical professionals from liability in order to take the dying 16-year-old boy to the airport.

As we previously reported, John thought it would take just as long to put Jett on a plane to Florida -- where he could get better care than at a Bahamian hospital. John had a change of heart en route and Jett went to the hospital, where he later died.

Prosecutors claim Lightbourne and former state senator Pleasant Bridgewater tried extorting Travolta, demanding $25 million in return for not making the release form public.

John is in the Bahamas and could testify later today or tomorrow.


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these foolish scientologists... tom cruise, the bunch of them are messed up... Its starting sound like he caused his own sont Death!! if your son suffers froom a disease, hits head on the bathtub, and completelu knocked out... go to hospital, not fly your plane home... idiot!!! I feel for his son.. sure John has his own plane.. he probly woulda crashed if he took off that day as well?? and i guaranee they woulda ley him... change of heart on the how long did that take,,??? i hope he takes the stand.. i wanna know what happenned in last few hours.. and if he uses his sciontology as an excuse or way of being.. then that dudes dead to me... loser caused his own sons death? whats with that?.. who cares if they shook him down.. itws the bahamas,, what do u expect... and they wanted quiet money.. to not expose his lack of judgment.. good luck John... see ya on the stand, cant wait... youll look foolish i think.. my opinion... stupid religion belief anyway... It must be the bum buddy club or something... for it makes no sense.. scientology..?? yiur own fault, deal with it!!

1860 days ago


The Lowest of the low. May they rot in hell after a long stay in a jail cell. Condolence's to John, Kelly and family.

the only people that should see jail is John himself.. do you even know the facts of the case?? they shook him down alright... to keep them from telling the fact that he refused treatment and wanted to fly his kid home.... he litterally killed his own son... even if he was seriously injured.. should be hospitla bound, not, leave my kid alone, fire up my plane.. .. it;s that scientology crap.. nearest v]center for their !!Type!! of treatment.. the kid was messed beforehand, and they never gave himm anything to help him... let the lid seizure out ... bad parents in my mind!!

1860 days ago

jim goosh    

Hey # 24. You are absolutely correct. It was his "BOYFRIEND" left with the kids. The marriage is a total sham. Can TMZ please find and post the pic of Travolta and his Boyfriend Making out, outside in the open, on the steps of his airplane from last year. Please how dumb is the public. It's OK to be GAY. It's not to be DISHONEST AND A LYING WACKO CULTIST

1859 days ago


How can you say such an awful thing, it's has to be so hard to lose a child. Having lost the father to my 3 children when he was in his 30's to a seizure it's obvious you really have no compassion. Why don't you post a picture of yourself and let us pick you apart

1859 days ago


how did i know the two ppl extorting Travolta would be black????

Hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh!!

I'm sorry John...that is terrible.

1858 days ago


I read in People about Princess or Precious Bridgewater, (or whatever her kooky name is) the attorney for the extortionists and perhaps one herself and a former Bahamian Senator was involved in this case. Wasn't she somehow connected or her name at least, with the Natalee Holloway case? No wonder they never found her. I used to want to go to the Bahamas for a vacation but with all the horrible stories coming out of there, I would be afraid something would happen to me with so much corruption in the Bahamian government. Did Beth Twitty ever get answers? Hell, no. Here's to hoping that John Travolta and Kelly get justice. That extortion plot was so lame. All Travolta wanted was to get his son to an American Hospital for treatment NOT deny him treatment. Who wouldn't? I had a GF who's husband fell off the balcony of their hotel, fell 5 stories and died. They think he tripped over the track of the sliding glass door in the middle of the night and fell with the forward momentum thus propelling him over the low balcony railing. The Bahamian officials kept my GF and employee in the police station for over 12 hours questioning her about whether she killed him when it was clearly a freak accident. If her Dad had not been Military, she may still have been there in jail. Can you say crocked police, corrupt government or maybe just Americans are marks for their own financial gain?

1857 days ago

greg logan    

If your ever in the Bahamas and I hope everyone stays away from this corrupt place, you would not want to go to their hospitals.

The Bahamas is no place for tourists because the corrupt government does not update their hospital and hires cheap uneducated doctors from Haiti.

TMZ should really get some reporters on that island for this trial and do a thorough investigation of the all the facts.

I do hope that John Travolta nails these corrupt people-they prey on tourists especially injured ones. I have been there -and Precious Bridgewater is a crooked and corrupt lawyer as she was a Senator at the same time -conflict of interest anyone?

If I was in Travolta's shoes I would want my child to go back to the USA-anyone going there-don't bother-stay in the USA. This is one country full of problems let alone they launder drug money.

These two committed a grave crime and now have put the police out of commission so he can't testify -seems like he has been threatened which does not surprise anyone. Now they are trying to keep the video's out of court-which is the evidence.

Is there no end to the lengths these Bahamas people will go to cover up their crimes. This trial will tell you whether you will ever have justice in the Bahamas-a boycott should be formed and let the leeches suck their own blood.

1855 days ago
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