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Bruce Willis' Oscar Ambitions Die Hard

9/23/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's no debating the guy can make a kick-ass action flick -- but when Bruce Willis told photogs yesterday he's "doubtful" his movies will ever get him an Academy Award, did he have a point?

Bruce Willis: Click to watch
FYI -- Bruce won a Worst Actor Razzie in 1999 for "Armageddon."


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mrez golucky    

Yikes! I agree!

1826 days ago


Considering some of the unlikely past winners for the Best Actor Oscar, I would say it is possible. He's a good actor and with the right part, he could bring it home.

1826 days ago

El Mexicano    

Does any remember how good he was in "The Sixth Sence" he could have been nominated for that role, he was excellent in that role.

1826 days ago


Absolutely! Bruce WAS awesome in 'The Sixth Sense'!! And who does it better in a big shoot-em-up action flick than Bruce? Those movies just don't usually get considered by the academy as being Oscar-worthy for whatever reason. I love Bruce & think he's definitely capable of "bringin' it home"!

1826 days ago


I hope that Bruce Willis is be comforted by the fact that millions of people really enjoy his work and look forward to so much more from him. I know it's an ultimate goal of achievement to receive that award and I'm not undermining that.

Chef Kooky, I love you! I must say this recipe is making my mouth water. Please don't stop! Your fan...Delilah

1826 days ago


yo seriously bruce willis is the man he should get an oscar just on principal

1826 days ago


The Academy Awards are not really awards in the sense that they award artistic achievement within the field of cinema. It's more of a H'Wood popularity contest so basicly anyone can win.

1826 days ago


Republicans do not win Academy Awards.
The Academy will not allow it.
They are VERY political.
He knows it.

1826 days ago


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1826 days ago


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1826 days ago


Bruce who? Who's the baldy? Isn't that the old scrub that used to be married to Demi Whore? I can only imagine the oh so awkward get togethers between Bruce and new fam. Yeeesh!

Sorry, don't get the Bruce Willis love at all.

1826 days ago


Bruce is an incredibly tallented actor and it is an incredible loss to movie goers that he is constantly typecasted as an action hero. He never managed to get out from under the shadow of Die Hard. He certainly possesses the raw talent to play in a movie which could get him an Oscar, but I doubt that he'd actually be allowed to play in such a movie.

1826 days ago


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1826 days ago


Die Hard was way better than most movies & actors that win.

1826 days ago


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1826 days ago
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