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Khloe K. -- Laker? They Hardly Know Her!

9/23/2009 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe K. -- Laker? They Hardly Know Her!Kobe Bryant will be front and center at the Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian nuptials this Sunday ... which means Vanessa and her $4 million ring may have a few pointers for the bride.

In fact, Lamar's rep tells TMZ all the players are planning to attend, but there are still a few question marks. Several have not RSVP'd -- Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Jordan Farmar.

Can't blame the non-committals ... it is last minute, after all.

Los Angeles Lakers

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6 months and it's over. Registered at William-Sonoma, are u kidding. The bride-to-be does not even wash her undies. My aunt used to do housekeeping with these Kardashian family. Khloe, no cooking skills, etc., but drinks hard liqour and absolutely sewage mouthed, constantly swears and says the Fword alot, just watch her manners on ET's K & K in Miami. She looks so divine, pictured with Lamar. I got you Babe. Goodbye, DASH - Calabasas, CA & DASH - Miami. I'll have the blings as Vanessa have.

She's in for Lamar's $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!! Did I say Pre-Nup, please.

1818 days ago


OMFG!! Did this fool Lamar even design a prenub? What's gonna happen when this farse of a relationship comes undone? Can't wait for that mess to unravel!

1818 days ago


They don't even KNOW each other. You can screw a stranger, you can get pregnant by a stranger, you can even marry a stranger, but don't come off telling us that they are madly in love and this is IT.. don't tell me she has ripped off some good flatulence in his presence yet... I'm not buying it. and Once he sees this ugly thing in the light of day, he is going to realize the mistake he made, and now he will be paying for her and the possible baby for 18 more years. Hope he doesn't get injured!

1818 days ago


does this mean we're going to have another "celebrity" dufus at the Laker games?

1818 days ago

miss sheree    

I hope his baby's mama goes right back to court to get more child support. It ain't right...brothers abandoning their own for some chick they barely know. The kids deserve a better selection for step-mother...

1818 days ago


This idiot took more time negotiating his contract with the Lakers than deciding to marry this she-male wrestler. I'm pretty sure all the Lakers are laughing at his stupid ass.

1818 days ago


I never was excited for the return of the Lakers.. even tho I'm a Laker. But now my team has been cursed by a nasty case of K and Odom can't bounce out of his idiocy into my good graces again! He should've just gone to he Heat where it's hotter than his wannabe hot divorcee to be! 2 months is the blowover.

1818 days ago


How pathetic- there is NO way they know each other well enough to move in together let alone get married. Let's face it-Odom can and WILL get any piece of arse he wants when ever he wants. The unwritten rule is that most, and I'm being modest, of those guys cheat. With $ and fame, comes arse. Marriage is far to easy to get into, but it WILL be a mess for these 2 when they are done...which will be soon. Odom-PRE NUP....FOOLS

1818 days ago


to # 10 on the comments,hey i'm armenian,and i don't date black guys,so so think all armenian women date them,and i'm not and armenian women are not money hungary ,think before u write or say things and get the facts straight

1818 days ago

Jen C.    

It's obvious this guy is still in mourning over the loss of his child that's why he is making irrational decisions like marrying someone he barely knows. She just wants publicity. But why settle for the ugly fat one? Why not Kim?

1818 days ago

laker girl    

well now, id go to this wedding, but wasnt called, hmph after all i am a big stupid fan. lets face it Lamar will be in her reality show, if he doesnt do well for the lakers, He will be in her reaity show, no problem lamar, you big oaf...at least get a pre-nup do something smart for a change.

1818 days ago

J D    

Khloe & Kim have proved them don't have any taste in men!They're sick

1818 days ago


Lamar, Lamar, Lamar.
There is better white trash out there then the Kardashian Klan.
Get a pre-nup, otherwise you will be dribbling for nothing an awful long time.

1818 days ago


I LOVE JORDAN FARMAR!!!! I wish I could meet him and have a wirlwind romance of 4 weeks and get married LOL ... I wish Khloe the best. After seeing her last episode, Wow this is a shocker!!! CONGRATS

1818 days ago


13. its sad that someone has to comment that they love black d_ck. come on, every woman likes a guy with a nice big d_ck. sorry you guys out there with 5 inches are so salty about it.

Posted at 3:20PM on Sep 23rd 2009 by newswatcher


1818 days ago
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