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Lamar's Bachelor Party -- Odom Gone Wild!

9/23/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom will get the necessary training for marrying into the Kardashian klan ... because his bachelor party is being thrown by the original "Girls Gone Wild."

TMZ has learned Joe Francis is hosting Lamar's swan song to bachelorhood tomorrow at Les Deux nightclub in Hollywood. It will be a formal affair ... with stripper poles and "midgets."

Here's the good news -- Khloe's brother Rob will be there to keep an eye on Lamar ... unless he's distracted by the midgets and stripper poles.

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To each his own. I can't wait for the day when people are more concerned for what is going on in their own lives. I do not normally make comments. As I was looking through the comments related to this article, I noticed that not one person said congratulations, best wishes, or anything positive. Miserable people that have nothing to do but talk s*** about other people. Congratulations Khloe and Lamar. I hope your relationship lasts a very long time F*** all the s*** talking mother f***ers.

1802 days ago


lots of candy? Halloween candy?...hope the police bust this lots of candy....... drugs ,skanks and low life loser males,PARTAYYYYY.

TMZ spare us the after the party pics, TYIA.........Razzy

1802 days ago

secret ninja    

wtf...midgets? and tons of "candy"? why are these little people being used as entertainment at their own expense? "candy"? this is beyond disturbing, as i doubt this so-called "candy" is of the pinata variety...this bachelor party sounds like it's going to end up with some jail sentencing rather than a wedding. those kardashians (the immediate ones, i feel bad for the normal ones in the family with that name...) are a hot ass mess, for real.

1802 days ago

secret ninja    

#12, you're funny as hell and right on the money!!!!

1802 days ago


ok, people - i will lay it out for you.

they are not really getting married - it's for scott and kourtney. duh....

jayde was the culprit in that fight, and obviously both brody and herself know that - thus, no charges and no hating since then.

scott is friends with Joe, and although brody is step-brother to the kardashian girls, he's going to have his party the way he wants it. brody can't say anything about it, b/c it was his girl that started it all on video.

c'mon tmz, find the proof and post it- i dont have it, but i know its for scott and kourney

1802 days ago


There has not been one positive comment on any of these stories from TMZ...............OMG these people are so out there. Midgets...they are wonderful little people and that flyer is disgusting. I hope they are all arrested. All the K's. need some real quality therapy. And not a therapist that then appears on their show. Ryan Seacrest should be ashamed of himself unless he sits down and talks to these people. Rope them in....the K's are taking over L. A. with very bad habits. Lamar needs his head examined too.

1802 days ago


i heard that the wedding is for kourtney&scoot they r just using khloe and lamar to take the attention off of them.

1802 days ago


What in God's name is Khloe's mom thinking? Oh wait, she is the one who told Kim she must, must pose nude for Playboy.

1802 days ago


And I use to like Lamar Odom. What is he thinking? Where are his friends? He must be GAY. I can't think of another reason to marry the ugliest of the Armo klan. Disgusting.

1802 days ago

Eric in Indiana    

Can't wait to see the lawsuit from L.P.A. (Little People Association)about the derogatory term "Migets". Would Joe put the "N-word" on a sign? Hope Khloe and Lamar live a long and happy life together and are blessed with a little person to learn not to associate themselves with idiots like Joe Francis.

1802 days ago


Rob has erectile problems and a small penis... Isn't she from Disney??? That hoe. She wants a BIG man!LOL!

1802 days ago


He's marrying an Armenian! Horrible. Lamar, you could have gotten the badest, smartest, kindest mocha woman around. But you go for a slutty Armo? The lowest on the pole... Nasty!

1802 days ago


This will be the Fastest "Divorce" in LA Laker History! Both of them are too selfish to be married.. I like how the press says Odom wanted to do it before the season started.. I guess out of sight out of mind...

Here come more DUI's and material for the scripted reality show!

I cant wait to see it on CourtTV... hmmm whats is going to be?? Domestic Violence, Divorce, DUI's???

There will be outrage if she says she wants a family.. Like we need another platinum spoon feed whore in this world..

1802 days ago


When I graduated high school I was going to go to LA because that is where the big party music scene was and I wanted to see it. Instead I decided to enlist in the Army and do my 4 years then I would go to LA. Last year I retired from the military after 30 years. I'm so glad I never made it to LA. LA seems to be filled with illegals, drug addicts and the undesirable of our country. Too bad things there have gotten so out of control.

1802 days ago


Nightcrawler, #48. We are also glad you never made it here.

1802 days ago
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