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Phillips: I Aborted My Dad's Possible Love Child

9/23/2009 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mackenzie Phillips went public with an incestuous relationship with her father today on "Oprah" -- and says the reason the affair finally ended was because she became pregnant ... and didn't know if her father was the father.

Mackenzie Phillips: Click to watch
Phillips claims she was raped by her dad, Mamas & the Papas singer John Phillips, while she was 19 -- and the relationship continued for 10 years. The "One Day at a Time" actress says she later became pregnant -- but wasn't sure if John or her then-husband Shane Fontayne was the baby-daddy.

According to Phillips, her father paid for the abortion -- and then she "never let him touch me again."


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If this really happened she is at fault as much as he is. She could say "no" she was a big girl. Why didn't she go to the cops maybe she was in love with her father like she would love a man. If she knew her father was that type why did she leave her younger sister with him. If he did it once he can do it again. She has no excuse to be a victum . We will never know the whole truth he is not alive to defend himself.

1849 days ago


Well that's mess up...

1855 days ago

Ben's getting taken to the cleaners    

First bitches! (That's what John Phillips said to Mackenzie)

1855 days ago


Dad is not alive to defend himself or be held accountable. Now every I hear a Mamas & the Papas song on the radio, this is what I will be reminded of. Ouch.

1855 days ago


What happened to this world? WTF??

1855 days ago

no way    

why go public with this?

1855 days ago


omg! stay strong Mackenzie
the truth will set you free!

1855 days ago


Watching the interview now on Oprah its so disturbing. What a horrible father no wonder she was so messed up.

1855 days ago


I read where she admitted having consenual sex with her dad after the first few times, yes he is a jerk who has a place in hell. but at 19 she knew better than to agree to it. i dontwanttohear"oh I was on drugs, I didn't know what I was doing" I did a lot of drugs in my younger years and I know a lot of peple who did drugs and neither me nor them EVER thought about having consenual sex with a parent. she is a gross as him. perwsonally I dont care for her nor her boo hoo story. "oh please dont hate my dad" she's just nasty.

1855 days ago


I didn't know that rape could continue for 10 years. Yes, that's a messed up situation, but you, MacKenzie, share 50% of the blame for the situation. Imagine being her husband back then...

1855 days ago

steve tole    

I don't believe a thing she says. Very convienent that she writes a book with these allegations after her fathers death. This way he can't deny or tell his side. What a sad attempt to get back in the spotlight. For christ sake she's on Oprah and that's not a bad gig. What's next the lifetime movie or oprah presents the mackenzie phillips story.Is being in the spotlight that important to you Mackenzie, to sell out your father? I wonder if she would take a polygraph test. Is she sure she wasnt just tripping on acid with these delusions. If she passes then ill believe , until then , Mackenzie you are a no talent loser!!!

1855 days ago

mrs. brand    

Incest is gross.

1855 days ago


To number 3? You ask : Why go public with this?
As an incest survivor you can't imagine what it's like to carry those deep dark secrets and the guilt associated with it. I felt dirty and responsible for what happened. I have recovered from these experiences by exposing this. I never went public but I went to support meetings and told everything that happened and all the feelings associated with these memories. It is very liberating and empowering to express and expose these perpetrators.

1855 days ago


A rape spanding a ten year period that started at the age of 19 on her wedding day? Yeah right...

Yeah drugs will f*ck you up and make your decision abilities rather poor...but 10 years to come to your senses!!!

1855 days ago


Why now you might ask.......Cha Ching!!

1855 days ago
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