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Phillips: I Aborted My Dad's Possible Love Child

9/23/2009 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mackenzie Phillips went public with an incestuous relationship with her father today on "Oprah" -- and says the reason the affair finally ended was because she became pregnant ... and didn't know if her father was the father.

Mackenzie Phillips: Click to watch
Phillips claims she was raped by her dad, Mamas & the Papas singer John Phillips, while she was 19 -- and the relationship continued for 10 years. The "One Day at a Time" actress says she later became pregnant -- but wasn't sure if John or her then-husband Shane Fontayne was the baby-daddy.

According to Phillips, her father paid for the abortion -- and then she "never let him touch me again."


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Is she looking for sympathy? Because, I am going the complete oppisite with this. A grown woman having sex with her DAD for 10 yrs. That is just sick. I don't know what her need for eveyone to know this is. But maybe I do, she got money for the book, right? This girl is completly sick.

1855 days ago


uh huh. another allegation that comes out only after the accused is dead. notice how that always happens? there are 3 sides to every story and the only one we hear, to sell a book and explain her actions, is hers. i'd like to hear the other two...his and the truth.

1855 days ago

Better Than You    

Sad ploy to sell copies of her book.

1855 days ago


i hope she not looking for support or sympathy. because what she did with her father is just disgusting. when i first read this story i was speechless. i usually have something witty to say when i hear celeb news. but this one left me speechless.

what a filthy person this woman and her father was.

1855 days ago

BJ Rocks    

this is sick... And nobody cares!i sware these washed up actors do this crap for shock value to get some money for a lame book. If she was as messed up as she says she was how does she remember anything

1855 days ago

Better Than You    

When your having sex with fatass Mama Cass, and your own daughter, you're not being very selective with your choice in vaginas.

1855 days ago

J C    

I've always liked Mackenzie Phillips.
She's always struck me as being a very intelligent girl and very uniquely beautiful ,but there was always a sense about Her that something was holding her back or there was something She was holding on to.
She'll definitely be in my prayers.
I hope she finds Jesus and gets saved and healed and God shows Her what a beautiful creation He made in her.
For Mackenzie...
Psalm 139 verse 17
"How precious concerning me are your thoughts,O God!
How vast the sum of them!"

1855 days ago


Are any of you the son/daughter of a rock-n-roll star or musician of ANY type? I AM....and YES, I believe her. You have no idea what it is like to have grown up in her world with parents who didn't know boundaries of any type. You should not judge her - who are YOU to judge anybody?

1855 days ago

steve tole    

I wish Congressman Joe Wilson was in the Oprah audience this way he could have stood up and yelled "YOU LIE!!!" and this time he would be right. Mackenzie you are so full of crap!!!

1855 days ago

Better Than You    


Did your Dad come up with Pac-Man Fever? That song is awesome!

1855 days ago


This is more than disturbing...Just to think that this chick brings this out more than a few years after her father dies, is a little convenient...I don't know whether she is being honest or not. I really don't care. I just know that ANYONE who would voluntarily continue to have consensual sex with their own father is the lowest creature on earth!!! And you are having sex with your father and your husband!!!! And I don't buy the drug thing either. If she was victimized as a child, I could have more sympathy, but as an adult, this is just as filthy as they come!!! She gets no sympathy here!

1855 days ago


as an incest survivor, years of molestation by a brother 8 years old than me. I would have never allowed for consentual sex.... that is sick. I don't suspect there would be anything in her book to make the public want to buy, I am suspecting this could be a ploy to sell more books. It always easier when the accused/her father is dead.

1855 days ago


I feel bad for her son who has to live with the fact she made this public. Why are celebreties constantly airing this filthy laundry or does she need more money for drugs? This is just gross and dehumanizing to air when she could just keep this between herself and a shrink. But again, it's about money since there is a book involved.

1855 days ago


Yes I believe this woman. She has been addled with drugs for quite a long time and there is usually ALWAYS an underlying reason for drug abuse. Why come forward now - because she is trying to free herself - please continue to seek/get the help you need gurl, it wasn't your fault - you wanted the love of your father - he was the Monster Sick Man who hurt his own child. I will pray for you both - do what you need to do to get healthy - try a support group if you haven't already and remember NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE YOU. Wishing you health, peace and happiness.

1855 days ago


Why am I not surprised at the "blame the victim" comments? Do I believe her? Yep. Some things are so horrible...people just can't believe them to be true. Why come out and tell the sorrid details? One, to remove the power this abuse has over her and maybe, to let someone else know "they are not alone". I guess, some have had wonderful, sweet childhoods...not all have had that priviledge.

1855 days ago
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