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Phillips: I Aborted My Dad's Possible Love Child

9/23/2009 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mackenzie Phillips went public with an incestuous relationship with her father today on "Oprah" -- and says the reason the affair finally ended was because she became pregnant ... and didn't know if her father was the father.

Mackenzie Phillips: Click to watch
Phillips claims she was raped by her dad, Mamas & the Papas singer John Phillips, while she was 19 -- and the relationship continued for 10 years. The "One Day at a Time" actress says she later became pregnant -- but wasn't sure if John or her then-husband Shane Fontayne was the baby-daddy.

According to Phillips, her father paid for the abortion -- and then she "never let him touch me again."


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If it's true, she's a sick person. If she's making it up to sell books, she's even sicker.

1864 days ago


This is just sick and revolting. This is fu--ed up!!!! No wonder she is so screwed up. Her whole life has been ruined. Good ole daddy dearest - what a smuck!

1864 days ago


Didn't daddy leave her enough money to keep this private? She had a very special secret with her father & must have reaped many benefits & quietly must have "blackmailed" him for gigs. She wasn't the prettiest girl in John's life so she must have gotten lots of attention.

Why now? Didn't she get an inheritance from daddy's estate and record catalog?

1864 days ago

wishing they would just go the hell away!    

WTF?!? Listen, i have done aLOT of dope, and NO amount of dope of any kind, shape or form would be an excuse for having sex with your dad, especially starting at the age of 19 and lasting for 10 years. I don't think i even believe this, and regardless if it is or not, why is she talking about it now?? The man is dead and can't defend himself. I did have some admiration for her a few years ago for turning her life around, but not any more! Sick bitch!

1864 days ago


she ought to be strung up and shot right between the eyes.somebody that will have sex like that with their own father aint fit to live.that is about as low as you can get.

1864 days ago


She knew better? Well, duh.....Ever live a life of drug abuse, trying to get daddy's attention? If you don't believe her, then you obviously didn't watch. That was real pain. And.....just for the record....why do you think child kidnap victims, even though they have opportunities to escape, stay with their kidnappers? Do some research about the Stockholm syndrome. She herself admits that she knew it was wrong....don't judge until you've walked in her shoes. And, guess what? I'm sure she doesn't give a $%^& what you people think.

1864 days ago

RIP David    

Mackenzie....I feel so bad....You are right when you say you are not the only one this has happened to. It has taken years of therapy for me to overcome my fathers sexual relationship with me, that started when I was 8....(which I later discovered was not only me)...I wish I could give you back your childhood and a father who would not cross those boundaries. I wish I could give you a childhood that a child deserves.

I saw you shake and start to cry on Oprah, Mackenzie, YOU DID NOT do anything wrong!!!! YOU spent years trying to numb the pain with drugs and alcohol from an abusive, dysfunctional past from your father and his abuse of his power as your father.
As children our parents are our role models, and unfortunately,
our role models influence our lives.
I hope and pray your father's influence will not "define" who you are in the future.
I look forward to reading your book.

Thank God you have support from your son and Valerie Bertinelli.
I know you forgave your father & PLEASE continue to FORGIVE YOURSELF!!!!
Most of all I wish you a life filled with peace and continued recovery and staying clean from the clutches of addiction.
Love and many prayers,

1864 days ago


Everyone calling her a liar or saying she shouldve kept it to herself is just as bad as the molester. Silence is what keeps things like this happening. It still happens today all over our country. Keeping it in the closet only hurts the victims. And telling the victims they are somehow to blame when thy have been emotionally, mentally and physically violated and manipulated is just adding insult to injury. I commend MacKenzie for going public. She shouldnt be ashamed. The truth shall set you free, dear. She may be helping others heal from their wounds too.

1864 days ago


Doesn't she have half sisters as well that were fathered by John Phillips? Did the same happen to them? She has had a very messed up life and this may very well explain it.

1864 days ago


I need to see the sextape to believe it. On the other hand, my dad is really sexy! I think about performing sex acts on my father (and even his father) and get sooo hot.

1864 days ago


what wrong with those white pig sleeping with their own daughter that disgusting.when its not other people daughter they kidnap to have sex with its their own one.white people are the cause of all desease in the world,they disgust me really.

1864 days ago


she didnt say she was raped she said it was consenual but I mean still its just beyond disgusting having sex with any family member is beyond sick but her own dad? I can't imagine any parent doing that but then again theirs a lot of sick people out there and they were all on a lot of drugs. I just wish she was making it up so that it wouldnt mean he was that sick, but it didnt seem like she would make something up like that and relive it. Sick

1864 days ago

no way    

thanks for answering my question about why go public with this.
I hope that she isn't embellishing to sell books. I'm not familiar with her as an actress or a person, nor am I familiar with her father but the allegations are terrible, my heart goes out to everyone that is, will be, or has been in that situation. Truly disgusting, never an excuse for that type of behavior.
Stay strong survivors

1864 days ago


10. I didn't know that rape could continue for 10 years. Yes, that's a messed up situation, but you, MacKenzie, share 50% of the blame for the situation. Imagine being her husband back then...

Posted at 5:20PM on Sep 23rd 2009 by mfiasco

Exactly what I thought; 10 years?? She was 19, and if she was living at home with ole 'pops' hitting on her, I'd live on the streets before I'd be near him if this was all going on. Finding it a tad tough to believe.

1864 days ago


A friend of mine is a famous bass player from the 70's and one of his high school friends is a real famous drummer from the 70's. The drummers story about John Phillips goes like this. A very famous band that he was in went to Phillips home for a visit. When they entered the home, John was all hopped up on dope, not bathed in a long time and there was feces all over the place. It seems that he didn't bother to go to the toilet. They left and that was the last time they went to see John Philips. I don't remember when this took place, but the source is very reliable. I believe Mackensie is telling the truth. I have heard many stories about the famous rock stars from the 60's and 70's from this source. These stars were all doing tons of dope and lots of orgies.

1864 days ago
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