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Phillips: I Aborted My Dad's Possible Love Child

9/23/2009 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mackenzie Phillips went public with an incestuous relationship with her father today on "Oprah" -- and says the reason the affair finally ended was because she became pregnant ... and didn't know if her father was the father.

Mackenzie Phillips: Click to watch
Phillips claims she was raped by her dad, Mamas & the Papas singer John Phillips, while she was 19 -- and the relationship continued for 10 years. The "One Day at a Time" actress says she later became pregnant -- but wasn't sure if John or her then-husband Shane Fontayne was the baby-daddy.

According to Phillips, her father paid for the abortion -- and then she "never let him touch me again."


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She could have kept this disgusting piece of information all to herself. She was a drug addict and is still is a drug addict and I don't believe one word of it.

She's looking for sympathy to cash in on a book deal. She obviously needs money to support her killer drug habit.

I believe she aborted a baby, could have been anybody's baby. Like Frank Sinatra once said, "some broads will say anything to make a buck".

1819 days ago


how low can you go for 15 mins of fame and some cash in your pocket??
and thats not saying anything good about her having 'consensual sex' with her own father. these have beens make me sick. i know the economy is bad but hell!! why resort tho this S&^%!!!

1819 days ago

told ya so - TEAM LENO    

Mackenzie....I feel so bad....You are right when you say you are not the only one this has happened to. It has taken years of therapy for me to overcome my fathers sexual relationship with me, that started when I was 8....(which I later discovered was not only me)...I wish I could give you back your childhood and a father who would not cross those boundaries. I wish I could give you a childhood that a child deserves.

I saw you shake and start to cry on Oprah, Mackenzie, YOU DID NOT do anything wrong!!!! YOU spent years trying to numb the pain with drugs and alcohol from an abusive, dysfunctional past from your father and his abuse of his power as your father.
As children our parents are our role models, and unfortunately,
our role models influence our lives.
I hope and pray your father's influence will not "define" who you are in the future.
I look forward to reading your book.

Thank God you have support from your son and your friend Valerie Bertinelli.
I know you forgave your father & PLEASE continue to FORGIVE
Most of all I wish you a life filled with peace and continued
recovery and staying clean from the clutches of addiction.
Love and many prayers,

1819 days ago


I told everyone what I went through with my stepfather after he died. I held it in for thirty three years. So for all you out their making fun of her or think she is lying, until you have gone through it, it just don't understand.

1819 days ago


she had nothing to gain by saying what she did. Yes its hard to believe but I do believe her. Something drove her to do all those drugs.

1819 days ago


Ppl who are saying that its convenient that she is telling all this AFTER her dads death and he cant defend himself, have to realize its not like it only been a year or something after his death. I has been 8 years after the fact.

1819 days ago


I'm not buying. I was repeatedly sexually abused then raped by a family member from about 5 till I was 12 and I finally stopped it. When a 19 yr old has sex with her father maybe it was a drug induced rape one time, but not for 10 years. Give me a break and her Dad who was admittedly messed up on drugs can't defend himself anymore. Funny she waited till he was dead to come up with this story. NOT

1819 days ago

Sand D    

what......from age 19 to 29 and married WOW
You shouldn't be pointing the finger at anyone girly....except yourself. Shame on you.....haven't you ever learned to keep your mouth shut and breath through your nose....and only Oprah would be interested in such a sick story. You need the bucks that bad....this is really sick. I could see if you were 10 to 19 maybe but come one where is your head....oh don't answer that!

1819 days ago

told ya so - TEAM LENO    

46. Everyone calling her a liar or saying she shouldve kept it to herself is just as bad as the molester. Silence is what keeps things like this happening. It still happens today all over our country. Keeping it in the closet only hurts the victims. And telling the victims they are somehow to blame when thy have been emotionally, mentally and physically violated and manipulated is just adding insult to injury. I commend MacKenzie for going public. She shouldnt be ashamed. The truth shall set you free, dear. She may be helping others heal from their wounds too.

Posted at 6:02PM on Sep 23rd 2009 by SilentNoMore

Very True! Thank You!! :)

1819 days ago


Why would she come clean now if it wasnt true?? Only she knows the truth.

1819 days ago


I think I saw her father screaming with other 5 "Jesus" church people telling Gay People how they should leave their lives in New Orleans with the Bible in his hand. I knew is always something twisted with people who try to make others believe how good they are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1819 days ago



I believe it. The sixties produced some sick people with free love and drugs. The Manson Family and now Phillips.

1819 days ago


Her sister, Chyna, confirms her story. It's incredibly sick...but unfortunately it's TRUE!

1819 days ago


She's a drug addict & a liar. Always will be.

1819 days ago


The whole entire story sounded fabricated. She still looks like she is wasted on drugs on Oprah. There was a girl I knew in high school who would make up stories of incest that were completely untrue by her father and cousins. There is a term for this desease.
These people are looking for negative attention and empathy. They are literally screwing up their own lives and want to blame others.

1819 days ago
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