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Rev. Al:

Plaxico's Sentence

'Unusually Harsh'

9/23/2009 2:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reverend Al Sharpton is coming out swinging against Plaxico Burress' 2-year prison sentence -- claiming Plax's punishment is "way out of proportion with the crime."

Rev. Al Sharpton -- Plaxico Burress
The Rev just sent us the following statement:

"I think it is an unusually harsh sentence for someone who was his own victim. He should be punished but his sentence is way out of proportion with the crime.

Celebrities should not be given special treatment but they should not be given exceptional punishments either."

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Sue Wong    

Rev. Al is speaking about celebrities not race and I agree with him on this one, alot of whites do.

1795 days ago


I can't stand Rev Al but I have to agree with him. People that shoot or beat up OTHER people get less time, Brown got off easy. They should switch the sentence!

1795 days ago


What's harsh is the fact that the thug shot 'himself' in the leg. The embarrassment alone is what's killing him.

1795 days ago


I too think the punishment is too severe. I remember when Ray Lewis and his posse murdered two men after an altercation following a Super Bowl. They walked away FREE!

1795 days ago


Harsh?!! Are you kidding me!? He was his own victim because of his own stupidity....That could have discharged and killed anyone in that room..You do not carry a firearm without consequences...Justice served.

1795 days ago


I usually disagree with everything the Rev. says but this time he is exactly right. Two years for that, give me a break.

1795 days ago


What is it about black ministers that make white people poop on themselves. Yes, in the history of America..the status quo has never accepted a black man of faith. What is it exactly about what Rev. Al said that has you people offended? The vice president accidentily shot his friend in the face and he doesnt even get a $5 dollar fine, Plaxico accidentily shoots himself and gets 2 years in prison? Where are the NRA rednecks defending Plaxico? You have people showing up at Town Hall meetings packing heat! And saying that the minister should get a "real job" as if preaching about God isnt "real" further proves that most white folks are devils! Who tells a minister to get a real job? So typical!

1795 days ago

jon q. public    

the laws are pretty clear....and this guy got off light as far as i can see....instead of bitching about how he got the shaft....why not take the time and opportunity to teach a few valuable lessons here......

1795 days ago


Go away Rev. idiot.

1795 days ago


Yeah, only the white devils have a problem with Al. Nevermind that he made an ass out of himself over the Duke rape scandal -- you know, that trashy black hooka that cried rape, when in reality she was just a whore with multiple specimens found on her...he never apologized to the white boys he talked all kinds of smack about.

Oh, and she didn't even get a slap on the wrist and has been in trouble since. Those boys faces were plastered everywhere, but a pic of her was rare. It's a shame when there are women who are actually raped.

And you black racists...keep on and on like you do. You're propagating exactly why everyone hates you. You scream equality when you really want to be exceptional. Please do continue to spew your hate and insults. It's quite the catch 22. With the obvious distaste you have for anyone except your own, we're feeling the same way about you because NOTHING else does any good on our part. You're hypocrites. I'm so sick of: "Get the facts", "you're ignorant", "don't talk about what you don't know about". The last one is really repulsive. Don't talk to us "Crackers" (which YOU can call us anything, right?) about racism like we know nothing about it. It's apparent everytime one of you have anything to say about us. It's in the workforce, schools. ..you can do whatever, say whatever, but when we do things that are less of an example we get reamed like it's the end of the world. Meanwhile, you all act like the fools you are. But just continue to deny any wrongdoing and spew hate for us. I can't wait for it to come to head.

1795 days ago


Puh-leeze Rev. Al, Plaxico is an idiot, its not his first run-in with the police (not even his second) and probably not his last.

1795 days ago



Plaxico's been in Prison for a couple days . . . . Why now, is the "Attention-Seeker" coming out to complain ??

Dollar Short & Day Late !!


1795 days ago



1795 days ago


Let's see...Plax is black. OK, I got it now Al. Bringing a 40 Cal unregistered Glock into a night club, and it goes off in your sweat pants? Putting your Glock in SAFETY mode is simple even for morons. He should have gotten 3 1/2 years in Attica for being so stupid. Hey Al, let it go, as it is making you even more irrelevant that usual.

1795 days ago


This sentence is like shooting a fly with an elephant gun - ridiculous sentence ...

1795 days ago
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