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Carrie Prejean's Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume

9/24/2009 1:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Need a Halloween costume that will scare the pants off two men who can't get married? Then Carrie Prejean has the perfect disguise for you ... and it's not as "biblically correct" as you might expect.

Carrie Prejean
Prejean is currently being featured on several costume websites modeling outfits that could easily be worn by a stripper.

Carrie took the job modeling the Women of Marvel costume line last year -- before her infamous anti-opposite marriage moment at the Miss USA pageant -- though the costumes are just now being released. Carrie even rocked the wholesome getup down the runway at Comic Con 2008.

We're told the costume company tried to get Carrie to model another Hoochie-ween line this summer, but the starlet told them she was "too busy with Miss California."

But here's the real question...


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Did you see Prejean speak at the Values conference in Washington last weekend. She is suppose to so clean and nice. The group is so narrow-minded and bigoted. She should be appointed the Grand Wizard of everything against Good. I would love to slap her side her head. She is a mean-spirited bitch.

1853 days ago


Carrie is a total joke. If there's money in it for her, then that's where she'll be. And she'll claim to be a good christian all the way to the bank.

1853 days ago


Very cute! Carrie is beautiful and doesn't cater to wackos and they hate her for it! Way to go hero! There's nothing that the ignorant hate more than a beautiful successful person with Christian beliefs! Man, this is ironic...the ones whining that she hates are the ones exhausting all efforts to HATE her!---would you rather she promote a man who promotes homosexual molestation of little boys....oh that's right, you would as evidenced by your Harvey Milk day---oh and a ridiculous medal by the one.... yeah he's a MUCH better role model! Let's ask all the little boys whose lives were changed forever at the hands of THOSE values. So ridiculous. She was asked her opinion about marriage and ALL she said was she preferred that the institution of marriage be in line with how she was raised and be between a man and woman----the only way any of you got here was between a man and a woman. Hmmm, imagine the audacity - she honored something worth honoring. She didn't go out and lobby against anyone or anything, she didn't venture on a hate campaign like the one now against her...she was asked her opinion and she gave it. The haters trying to say she hates--hysterical.
Go Carrie!

1853 days ago

Linda Mott    

This looks more like a World Wrestling game. I think what she did was wrong, by not honoring her commitments, but you are really showing how much prejudice you have. If someone had said this about a drag queen, you would go nuts. Let the story die. We don't need anyone stirring up hatred. When someone hurts you ... let it go.

1853 days ago


funny...the ones crying hate are tripping over themselves to spew nothing but hate of her. It's not enough to hate her, but to try to convince others to hate makes them feel better about it.

1853 days ago


I find it amazing that you liberals in this country think only your opinion matters. I hate to tell you but the majority of this country agrees with her. It has nothing to do with religion. Some people are religious and others are not so I am sick of hearing that. If you want to take that stance then the vast majority in this country are religious as well so get over it. She is entitled to her opinion and I agree with it. So now because people dont agree with gays marrying you go and claim they should wear white sheets. That only shows how stupid and immature people like you actually are. You are not the majority in this country. Just because you have big mouths supporting you does not mean you are right or in the majority. I mean really look at the ones you do have speaking out and you wonder why people are repulsed. If that idiot Perez Hilton didnt want an answer to the question it should not of been asked. Oh but I am sorry, your right you guys have all the class with those kinds.

1853 days ago


Haha...someone should tell her she looks like a lesbian.

1853 days ago


Hey...hasn't most of America agreed w/her values every time it has come up for a vote. Oh, that's right, you don't want to use "what the people want" UNLESS somehow Acorn can get in those voting lines too and as a result the votes don't represent the truth.

1853 days ago


I can't stand this stupid HO

1853 days ago


I can't relate to women like this. Sure I'll look, but that's about it. More my type is similar to that cute brunette on TMZ with the glasses...she has a sweet smile.

1853 days ago


*smacks head*

Before I start, let me say that I'm a straight female. Homosexuality is not my thing. Neither is religion.

I find it amazing that people like #17 and #20 think they are the majority of the country. This has A LOT to do with religion. If you're going to go by statistics, let's use the votes on Prop 8 as an example. 52% voted yes on Prop 8. Why? Because their bible says it's wrong. 52% a very slim margin. Even 5 or 10 years ago, you would have gotten a much higher vote for yes. What does this mean? It means that the tables are turning and people are becoming more tolerant. If you don't want to go by statistics, well then take into consideration the fact that not every single person in this country votes. There is no way to really gauge if the majority of this country is really against gay marriage.

Those against gay marriage have just as many big mouths supporting their cause as gays have supporting theirs. Both sides have their nut jobs that aren't helping their respective causes, so that argument doesn't work in either stance's favor.

The fact is, there are homosexuals out there and there are those who are straight. That's the way it always will be. Obviously one reason men and women were created were to lay together and create offspring to populate the earth. Makes sense and I'm not arguing with it. But there is no valid reason (no, the bible is NOT a valid reason because it is NOT FACT) to say that homosexuality is wrong.

People need to learn tolerance.
Those for gay marriage are entitled to their opinions.
This against gay marriage are entitled to their's as well.
Like I said, homosexuality is not my thing, but I don't have problem with people who are gay. They're not bothering me and they aren't any different than those who are straight (aside from sexual preference).
Civility, tolerance, and compromise can go a long way here.

Oh and no, I didn't have much of a problem with Carrie's answer at the Miss USA pageant. I think she could have phrased it better, though. The question was whether or not she thinks other states should follow in Vermont's footsteps and she gave just her opinion. She should have said something along the lines of, "No, I don't think other states should follow suit because...". Perez Hilton is always looking for a chance to jump on someone about something. The only problem I have with Carrie is how she was handling her obligations to the Miss USA pageant and now the lawsuit she's going on about. She just needs to realize that it's over and done with, time to move on.

Oh and one more thing - Carrie is basically lobbying against gay marriage. She's doing appearances at churches where she talks about her stance against gay marriage and she's also part of group that is very against gay marriage - can't remember the name of it now, though.

1853 days ago


So, TMZ, are you saying that because she does not believe in gay marriage, she is not allowed to wear an outfit "some" find to be over the top? She can be a sexual person and still stick to her morals. If Christians were opposed to wearing short skirts and showing cleavage, there would be no new Christian babies.

You should get off your high horse and not bash her because she sticks to her beliefs. Nobody is perfect, and nobody should have to change their own beliefs to kowtow to the whining minority. To go for a cliche christian saying, when you point at someone, two fingers point back at you.

1853 days ago


Please support Michael for Nobel Peace Prize.

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Thank you.

Love you MJ. Rest in peace.

1853 days ago


#16 (Shelley)

Christians aren't allowed to want to make money?? I find nothing wrong with it. I want to make a good living and I am Christian. As long as I don't sacrifice morals/values what do I care how it is done. And neither does she. She is wearing Halloween costumes for crying out loud. Skimpy ones, yes, but do they come any other way anymore? I have a helluva time finding costumes at costume stores anymore because they are so skimpy anymore and no, I definitely don't have the body for them.

I love how TMZ slants the story against her by the line "that could easily be worn by a stripper...". Yeah, right, and every high school girl in America who dress like this almost every day--ESPECIALLY on Halloween. Reminds me of Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan's character says basically that "Halloween is the one day of the year that girls can dress like a slut and no one else can say anything about it..."

Lemme guess, as a Christian can Prejean only wear a Raggedy Ann outfit or something? How stereotypical of everyone!

1853 days ago


24. I can't relate to women like this. SURE I'LL LOOK, BUT THAT'S ABOUT IT. More my type is similar to that cute brunette on TMZ with the glasses...she has a sweet smile.

Posted at 4:06AM on Sep 24th 2009 by ken


1853 days ago
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