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Carrie Prejean's Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume

9/24/2009 1:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Need a Halloween costume that will scare the pants off two men who can't get married? Then Carrie Prejean has the perfect disguise for you ... and it's not as "biblically correct" as you might expect.

Carrie Prejean
Prejean is currently being featured on several costume websites modeling outfits that could easily be worn by a stripper.

Carrie took the job modeling the Women of Marvel costume line last year -- before her infamous anti-opposite marriage moment at the Miss USA pageant -- though the costumes are just now being released. Carrie even rocked the wholesome getup down the runway at Comic Con 2008.

We're told the costume company tried to get Carrie to model another Hoochie-ween line this summer, but the starlet told them she was "too busy with Miss California."

But here's the real question...


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Down with her Xtian lace panties!

1820 days ago


Her bare christian titties looked CUte. Me likey!!

1820 days ago


Lying skank,aren't her 15 mins up yet?

1820 days ago


She's a hypocrite. If you're a Christian and walking the walk, you don't dress like that, even if it's a modeling stunt. I don't care if this happened before the USA pageant or not. She's not who she says she is by her actions.

1820 days ago


OH PLEASE! She is just the typical judgmental Christian following their first commandment. "Thou shalt judge others before they judge you".
She looks like a stripper looking for the pole to start her dance. She and her kind is why I left the church.

1820 days ago


This complete hypocrite of a 'beauty queen' was just at a meeting of 'Value Voters,' these guys make the 'tea-baggers' look tame.

She said in her uuummm, speech? That God choose her to anwser that gay marriage question. I guess God wanted to choose her to make an ass out of herself for decades to come, I don't know.

Now I'm asking ya, if she is oh so holy and speaking to to a bunch of hard core Jesus Freaks, WHAT THE HELL IS DOING STILL DRESSING AND ACTING LIKE A SATAN-TOLD-ME-WEAR-THIS-LOOSE-WOMAN?

Even if her excuse is 'I'm working' I didn't think this type of thing was encouaged in the holy realm.

Why not strippers for Jesus? How about hookers for Jesus? Skanks for Jesus? No?

In this case its stupid girls for Jesus.

Religion is for retards. Clearly, this proves my point.

1820 days ago


Chef Kooky,
Thanks for the blueberry pancake recipe. That looks awfully good! My 9 year old loves pancakes.


1820 days ago


oh give me a break. All you people calling her a tramp and such because she's modeling a costume. You are just looking for a reason to hate on her. Wearing a Halloween costume doesn't make her a hypocrite just because she's a Christian. I don't agree with her views either but there are much bigger evils and crazies in the world that deserve your scorn. This is ridiculous.

1820 days ago


Jesus is finally losing the battle with science. Finally. I have been a non-believer all my life, I used get a hard time from a lot of folks. Now, I have many peers,

Religion will be gone within the next 100 years in this country.

I find it funny how the Christians use this as a reason this world is the way it is. This world and its people have always had issues, and will continue to.

To think some imaginary poof in the shy is helping you is just crazy, and I'm glad so many people are waking up.

Silly rabbits, religion is a scam. Wake the muck up.

1820 days ago


Ah yes, you see God wanted her to dress like a whore. She is a piece of crap........good to see her good christian values displayed in her whore costume.

1820 days ago


"Religion will be gone within the next 100 years in this country."

You'll be gone, thankfully. But religion will outlast you. Religion wins, you lose.

And Carrie looks great in those superhero costumes. Those outfits are actually rather conservative compared to some of the outfits worn by comic book heroines.

1820 days ago


What? A beautiful woman can't look beautiful? Gay people need to quiet down and not want to scratch everybody's eyes out.

1820 days ago


For every one of you liberal jerks attacking her:

The man YOU voted for, OBAMA, holds the exact same opinion on same-sex marriage as she does.

Who's the REAL hypocrites??

1820 days ago


Last week she said god was talking in her ear, based on this get up I guess he uses a heavy breath adn some tongue to make her feel at home

1820 days ago


#40 - Wars have been fought to try to destroy Christianity. You can't win against God. If you don't believe in hell either, you will when you get there. Repent.

1820 days ago
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