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Carrie Prejean's Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume

9/24/2009 1:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Need a Halloween costume that will scare the pants off two men who can't get married? Then Carrie Prejean has the perfect disguise for you ... and it's not as "biblically correct" as you might expect.

Carrie Prejean
Prejean is currently being featured on several costume websites modeling outfits that could easily be worn by a stripper.

Carrie took the job modeling the Women of Marvel costume line last year -- before her infamous anti-opposite marriage moment at the Miss USA pageant -- though the costumes are just now being released. Carrie even rocked the wholesome getup down the runway at Comic Con 2008.

We're told the costume company tried to get Carrie to model another Hoochie-ween line this summer, but the starlet told them she was "too busy with Miss California."

But here's the real question...


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J C    

This girl is being bullied by gay activists.

1802 days ago

J C    

People are equal their behavior is not.
homosexual behavior is not equal to heterosexuality
Homosexual (male to male for example)"intercourse" is not equal to heterosexual intercourse.
Having sex with another man's digestive system is sexual abuse and false intimacy.

1802 days ago


What's the big deal? She's a pretty girl with a nice body who doesn't believe in gay marriage. So What?
Unless the girl can sing like Vanessa Williams, I'm not interested in hearing from her or about her.

1802 days ago



1802 days ago


Okay for you MORONS talking about religion and calling her a whore for modeling these costumes... THAT IS WHAT SHE DOES!!! She's a model, a very good looking one. All you throwing religion in her face are the narrow minded dumba$$e$. But then what would you expect from "liberals".

1802 days ago


Yucky women. Who need them when we can bend over and take it from behind. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

1802 days ago


she never said she was a nun and the only thing she did was to answer a question about marriage, whats wrong with you TMZ? she is a model what do you expect? I bet you all this negative posting is coming from PEREZ HILTON, by the way Perez is a latina/o last name. hahahahahahaha

1802 days ago


# 26, do you know why the issuance ofmarriage licenses were enacted? To prevent inter-racial marriage back in the day. Look, I am not religious, as a matter of fact, I would say Allah me la jala (he jerks me off), Yaway es un guay, and sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you're Jesus. I voted for Prop 8 why? Because the government should have no say in who you marry. the insitution of marriage to me is a bond between you your lover and your God whoever that may be. Why would vote to abolish the marriage license but those who support gay marriage have another agenda. They want to destroy religion. If a law was passed that stated marriage licenses have to be issued to gay people getting married, then the gay marriage supporters could walk INTO ANY CHURCH and demand to be married or sue. To me that's all this push for gay marriage is. Otherwise they would be happy with civil contracts.

1802 days ago

Chris Jones    

So, if she models revealing costumes she can't be against gay marriage? I don't get the connection.

1802 days ago


In an earlier post someone said that you don't have to be a Bible thumper to be a good person. That's so very true. I know a number of very moral and decent people who don't aspire to any religion. Too bad none of them are here today.

It's a sad state of affairs when the people of our country need sensitivity training. Perez Hilton is a perfect example. He makes a living bashing people he doesn't agree with. As soon as someone disagrees with him, he whines and cries like a big baby. If you want respect, you must be willing to give it or you'll get as good as you give.

Christians are not doormats for liberals. Don't forget that, like everyone else, we only have two cheeks. Once you've slapped them both, you've established a pattern of abuse, something liberals seem to be really good at. Go back home and ask your parents to do their jobs by teaching you some manners and respect for others.

1802 days ago

Dark Eden    

OH EM GEE, she's a Christian and yet she doesn't wear a burka? BURN THE CHRISTIAN WHORE! Let's show how tolerant and progressive we are by going out and finding a Christian Whore and bashing her head in with a brick! DEATH TO EVERYONE DIFFERENT THAN MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!

1802 days ago


Why are"BLACK" spider girl,and"BLACK"cat both white and blond???Marvel Comics and the convention supervisors MUST be RACISTS!!!!

1802 days ago


She's been trashed for having the same opinion about gay marriage as President Obama.

1802 days ago


Obviously, TMZ has not read the Song of Songs if it thinks that this outfit is not "biblically correct". Better christian than gay, anyway.

1802 days ago


So, because she believes that marriage is between a man and a woman and has more balls than most to clearly state her beliefs, she's a villain?

You're a bunch of hypocrites.

1802 days ago
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