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When Lamar Met Khloe ... And It Cost Him $3,000

9/24/2009 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" ... and the way to a Kardashian's heart is apparently through her liver.

Lamar Odom and Khole Kardashian

TMZ has learned exactly how the love story between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom began -- and it all started with a bar tab around $3,000.

It all went down on August 27th, when Khloe was hosting a "Welcome to LA" party for brand new Laker, Ron Artest, at Halo in Hollywood.

Khloe ran up one hell of a bill that night ... and for some reason, Lamar decided to cover the whole thing -- after all, cash money is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

A source extremely close to Khloe confirmed the whole story, telling us, "At first, she wasn't going to do the event ... but she literally met her husband there. And yes, he paid for everything."

And there's no question -- Lamar definitely got what he paid for. For the record, K and L will be tying the knot exactly one month after they hit it off!

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Sue Wong    

Why would anyone marry someone they barely know? This gal is not very smart or attractive and I guess the same goes for the guy but at least he's rich. He's way richer than her anyway. If he likes marriage so much why the hell didn't he marry the woman who bore him 3 children? What losers!!!

1791 days ago

laker girl    

All i have to say is he better be ready to play basketball, or else he will be shipped out, hope you find happiness lamar, but dont forget your other children need love and attention. please dont forget these older kids.....................

1791 days ago


To #40 - You can't read, can you? What the original post said is Ivanka Trump is classy. She is. I agree with the person who said that. She is pretty, classy, smart and a graduate of the Wharton School (do you even know what that is? I doubt it). Trump has three sons and they are all classy. The original Poster is so right and you are so so so wrong - how do I know? You had to type in all CAPS. These Kardashians or whatever way you spell it don't come close in character or class to the Trump kids - not good enough to wipe the shoes of the Trump kids. I agree with the original poster. By the way, what College did they graduate from? Was it Wharton? Nah, I don't think so.

1791 days ago

D.J Patriot    

I heard this morning on this radio station in my hometown of charlotte, nc that the Marriage is FAKE! the station confirmed it. Foreal it's all a jump into fame for Khole...? I dont know why, cause she has the big booty sister and the pregnant sis giving her fame. so why marry this dude yo?

1791 days ago


We all knew she's a ho and now we know what her price is. You get what you pay for Odum.

1791 days ago


I will say the obvious, she is the least attractive of these girls. Second these girls are famous for no reason at all, I mean at all. Their father was a lawyer who got OJ off thats it. Its nuts. Third I mean not only is she unattractive but she is a golddigger. I mean you run up a $3k bar bill, ok that can happen if you are buying good stuff/ bottles/VIP other people whatever but the way you meet this chick is to pay her bill. Thats a bad bad look. Thats a bad start to a relationship. If he reads this man don't do that you can do better. She is going for your money.

1791 days ago


Hey Lamar, ha, ha, ha, h,a ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, I can't even say it, your situation is too damn funny (and pathetic).

1791 days ago


Is He Retarded ?

1791 days ago

secret ninja    

well said nate!

1791 days ago

marky spark    


1791 days ago


Kourtney's getting all the attention for being preggers, Kim gets all the attention for being a big a$$ ho.
No wonder Khloe pulled this stunt, she's the odd man out!


1791 days ago

My two cents    

I really thought at first that this was just a bad (really bad) rumor but it appears that it is obviously true. All those Kardashian chicks ARE pretty but their attitudes (especially Kim and Khloe) are just flat out rude and arrogant and they do things that just stun people constantly. Bad press/good press--as long as they are GETTING press is all that seems to matter to these girls. I do question their mother and really how she raised them and for a woman that I thought was pretty down to earth, she obviously is as ruthless and cunning to keep them in the press no matter the outcome. I find this incredibly sad. The little ones that she and Bruce have--it makes you wonder what THEIR outcome will be. I can only hope that their father intervenes before they become CLASS "A" embarrassments too. As a mother of adult children, I cannot even imagine Kris Jenner supporting this but then again, it's KRIS JENNER...the ultimate publicity monger. Shame on you Kris. You appear to have raised nothing but a bunch of whores.

1791 days ago


You don't marry a stranger even if you have slept with them!

1791 days ago


Ron artest is a wife beater and animal cruelty offender. All bunch of losers that spawn more loser which f up this planet.

1791 days ago


LOL @ "For the record, K and L will be tying the knot exactly one month after they hit it off". Yea, and will be getting a divorce 30-60 days after.

I still think this is a prank. I doubt she is pregnant because they have only known each for 4 weeks but there is something really fishy about these two and this wedding.

1791 days ago
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