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Mackenzie -- 'There's a Time for Everything'

9/24/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With members of her own family attacking her credibility, Mackenzie Phillips hit the streets of NY last night and defended her decision to go public with the story of her incestuous decade long affair with own father.

Mackenzie Phillips: Click to watch
Although her father John died in 2001 and can't defend himself ... the 49-year-old "One Day at a Time" simply explained her decision by saying, "There's a time for everything."

And, of course, there's a time to sell books ....


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Wow! I'm more shocked by the people blaming the victim - Mackenzie - than I am by the allegation she's made. What is wrong with our society? We - YOU! - continue to blame the victim in cases of abuse because it makes you uncomfortable. She's dealing with her situation in the way she sees fit - stop judging her & get over your self-righteous selves!!!! She's a victim! Stop blaming her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1852 days ago


Why are people so surprised when people speak out, share the skeletons in their closet? Just remember America, the World, when you pint that finger three are pointing right back at you. You see a splinter in anothers eye then there is a log in yours.

1852 days ago


ya know if you were a recovering addict you could belive what she is saying, also we have a saying in the program, you are only as sick as yor secrets. so until u walk in her shoes u dont have a clue.

1852 days ago


Even if her father was still alive do you really think that he would admit to abusing his daughter? How many pedophiles do you know of admitted to their deeds.
I find Mackenzie’s strength under fire refreshing and very believable; she has made a very difficult decision to speak out. Her father is dead he is not hurt by this at all, she however must live with this horror.

1852 days ago


Everyone has cut this woman enormous slack - from the judges who won't lock her up for possession, to the rehab people who give her the best therapy money can buy - to the buying/watchful public.

Reality Check: Tatum wrote a tell-all and Ryan is still alive to deny allegations. That's courage people!

Mac's knows that she is forever spoiling her dad's image and music and that is her intention - to get him back for whatever he did, and to make money off those allegations - all the while playing the 'forgiving' role. However, she will be the one hated beyond the grave.

Nevertheless, whether her claims are true or not, she and Oprah are low-lives for unleashing this. The only person these stories help is Mac. Don't be alarmed when she has organ transplants soon as the rate of deterioration of her body will be accelerated by her access to more dough and drugs vis-a-vie book sales. Then, those of you who'supported' her by purchasing her book can congratulate yourselves.

1852 days ago

Think About It... You Be the Judge    

Oprah got conned once before by endorsing someone's book that wasn't true.. Now she's done it again.

It seems to me that Ms. Phillips is all about the money. If she truly was abused she would have donated her earning from this book.
It's just payback to her Father for not leaving her his estate.
She may need to get a real job, instead of trying to pity money from other's that have truly suffered.
In my opinion, this story doesn't ring true.
I'm boycotting any station that will air her footage and will NOT be buying this horrible book.

My Opinion Only.. This whole story makes me sick. Feel sorry for the real children that have suffered at the hands of others.

I'm wondering who will be next to come out with trash to make a living. It's time to wake up and realize... this is only about restarting her career at the cost of others.

1851 days ago


She is just as bad as Christina Crawford who wrote a derogatory book (MOMMY DEAREST) about her mother, Joan Crawford. Why would you do this?
I would give her more credit if she had done it while he was still breathing so he could defend himself. He may have done the things she said but you can't truly believe her when he can't defend himself.

1851 days ago


Money money money. Druggers need money and will do and say anything for it.

I do not believe anything she says. I think she is jealous of her stepmom and half sisters and will do and say anything and always has and wanted her dad for herself. Why isn't she around her real mother and brother since I hear her mother comes from a wealthy family. I am definitely of the opinion this is one sick cookie.

1849 days ago
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