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Mackenzie -- 'There's a Time for Everything'

9/24/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With members of her own family attacking her credibility, Mackenzie Phillips hit the streets of NY last night and defended her decision to go public with the story of her incestuous decade long affair with own father.

Mackenzie Phillips: Click to watch
Although her father John died in 2001 and can't defend himself ... the 49-year-old "One Day at a Time" simply explained her decision by saying, "There's a time for everything."

And, of course, there's a time to sell books ....

Randy and Evi Quaid Arrested After Struggle

Randy and Evi QuaidRandy Quaid and his wife Evi were just arrested in Marfa, Texas, TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us they were picked up by the Marfa Sheriff. We're told there was a struggle and deputies had to wrestle Evi to the ground as she screamed loudly.

Felony arrest warrants had been issued for the Quaids in Santa Barbara, CA for burglary, defrauding an innkeeper and conspiracy. They're accused of stiffing the San Ysidro Ranch near Santa Barbara out of thousands of bucks.

Story developing...

Guess Who This Lil' Girl Turned Into!

Before becoming the talk of the town, this blonde gal was just another 7-year-old growing up in Maryland. Can you guess who she transformed into?

who dat

Khloe and Lamar's Guests -- Total Cheapskates

Khloe Kardashian
and Lamar Odom's wedding guests obviously aren't the type to gamble on a three-week relationship -- because so far, they've only bought the cheapest stuff on the couple's wedding registry.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

The other guests better hurry up and get the other cheap stuff soon -- or they'll be stuck buying that ridiculous $500 margarita machine.

Check out the gallery to see all the incredible items -- including a kick-ass set of measuring spoons -- the brand new couple is gonna get.

Guess the Pup Pics

These pretty pups have super celebrity owners -- can you guess which stars have these canine companions?

K-Fat will Become K-Fit -- on Reality Show

Looks like Kevin Federline is tired of all the K-Overfed jokes -- because TMZ has learned he officially signed on to do the next season of "Celebrity Fit Club."

Kevin Federline: Click to launch
Federleezy has packed on the pounds of late -- see Exhibit XXL above -- but he's on a mission to reduce the rolls. Earlier today, a TMZ employee watched Britney's ex saunter onto the Simi Valley, CA set of the VH1 weight-loss reality show.

As TMZ first reported, Bobby Brown, Nicole Eggert and Kevin's other baby-mama Shar Jackson will also join him in trimming the fat.

Supermodels: Then and Now

Some of the biggest models in Hollywood have aged like wine. Others ... not so much.

super models - launch photos

Celebrity Sign Language

A picture's worth a thousand words and with a flick of a few fingers these stars are voicing themselves loud and clear. See what message theses stars are sending!


No Avatar


Why didn't Mackenzie Phillips speak about her "consensual" relationship with her father while he was still alive and could defend himself or could be sent to prison? She is a slut in my estimation! Maybe she is dead broke and has found a way to make a quick buck, as such she decided to "tell all." I won't buy her book and hope others won't either, but we are so hooked on "SOAP" that thousands would go rushing to the book stores just because the story broke on Oprah. What a sick society we are!

1856 days ago


Make her go away ! No body cares about
her sordid pathetic useless life. Go AWAY!

1856 days ago

Beth F    

I am soooo sick of this girl and her dysfunctional life. How many times do we have to hear about her drug/alcohol problems, rehab, and now her incestuous relationship with her father? Give me a break. Get over it McKenzie. You can heal without telling the world what a mess you are.

1856 days ago

who caresa    

enough mckensie no one cares or whats to hear what a pig you are or about a guy who died 9 years ago find some other way for publisity

1856 days ago


Does anyone even remember this girl? Was she shortchanged in the will like Tori Spelling and that's why she wrote that garbage?
Another shortlived book that will be in the dollar bin in a couple of weeks.
Buy some Botox or a facelift. You look like a 70 year old ex junkie.

1856 days ago

Lars Dolinski    

Another former star degrading a loved one who cannot defend himself. Can't make money on screen, try and make it behind. It's all about making money and getting national exposure. She doesn't care how badly it hurts the family.

1856 days ago


I have my doubts, also, but even if it WERE true, why would I want to read about something so sick? Ew. If she needed the catharsis, that's what therapists are for, not publishers. Not only that, she's not even a star anymore. There aren't that many Hollywood people whose private lives I'm interested in...she's definitely not on my list.

1856 days ago


I didn't like her on One Day at a Time and you can tell by looking at her hat all she has been is a druggie. I would be so ashamed if I were her and wouldn't tell all the trash she has been through and let by gones be by gones. She should have had better sense than to do what she did. She seems proud to have slept with Mick Jaggar also.

1856 days ago


God Bless you for finding the strength and voice to air your truth. It explains a lot about the drug abuse and wild child past.

This is more prevalent in our society than anyone wants to admit to. As a sociologist, I can tell you, this woman is one strong character to have survived such a mess of a life.

Violations of trust, both physical and mental, of this nature usually leave the victim dead. Remember, she was a child, he was an adult.

Shame on those that judge harshly but: forgive them Father,they know not what they do.
Luke 23:34

1856 days ago


There`s a time for everything. Guess the time for this one is while you are trying to hock your book.

1856 days ago


you people are so cruel! there's no such thing as a 'consensual' relationship with a pre-teen/teenager! those who knew her father knew he was strange ... he alluded to the incest previously ... and this poor woman has suffered enormously throughout her life ... and I bet most of you would say your were christians! awful, the lot of you!

1856 days ago


Wow...most of you people who are putting this woman down for coming out about a life trauma should be ashamed of yourselves, you never learned how to spell. Before you go on line telling someone to go away learn how to spell. You might be taken a bit more serious.

1856 days ago

Karyn Ann    

Hey, hey...all of you out there - be a little kind and gentle on her, ok. Mackenzie grew up in the 60's - and her Dad was a privileged hippie rock star - so much insane decadence went on back then, sex, drugs, rock & roll, money, groupies...all boundaries were being tested and many new ideas...some of them wonderful (like end war, love your neighbor - and I don't mean carnally)...but, many of these ideas were perverse and just MORALLY WRONG...Obviously, NOBODY EVER SHOULD BREAK THE INCEST BOUNDARY - or the PEDOPHILE BOUNDARY. And, if Mackenzie Phillips has been totally f-ed up on and off over the years on drugs and booze - (even though she was clean and sober for years and had a relapse) and she is dealing with it the best way she can...well, it might be because her own father had his way with her and then convinced her, over time, that he was "loving her" and that it was "consensual" to have sex with your own father - and that somehow this was ok. God help us that we should besmirch the name of Mighty John Phillips of the Mamas & Papas - ok - perhaps a musical genius, but a personal failure in so many ways. Please don't judge Mackenzie too harshly for coming out and saying what happened - she is trying to deal with a painful past. How many of you women out there were molested as kids...a brother, a step-dad, an uncle a neighbor...ok...leave Mac alone!! "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

1856 days ago



1856 days ago


whats wrong with being a nympho

1856 days ago
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