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Papper Wants Big Bucks From Britney

9/24/2009 7:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A paparazzo has put a price on his foot -- $221,533.59, and he wants Britney Spears to foot the bill.

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Britney Spears ran over photog Ricardo Mendoza's foot while leaving a medical building in 2007. Mendoza, who worked as a photog for TMZ at the time, sued Britney but never specified how much he thought his foot was worth. But now he has.

Mendoza claims he's suffered $195,000 in general damages, $16,533.59 in medical bills and $10,000 for any future foot problems.

Right after the accident Mendoza said he would let bygones be bygones and actually allowed us to auction his sock off for charity. But hey, business is business.


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Christy Martin    

Why have so few people mentioned that the guy walked
limping at all? The most damage shown by the camera was a twisted

If he needed a doctor to twist his sock back around, I am
pretty sure he could have gotten that done for free.

1821 days ago


This pap deserves to keep his foot & his nose to himself!!! Noone would deliberately run over a foot. He clearly had his foot where it shouldn't have been because he was too damn busy with his freakin camera probably too close to the vehicle window!

1821 days ago


If the guy worked for TMZ at the time then why isn't his injury a Worker's Compensation issue? TMZ should pay up.

1821 days ago


#47 Christy, thanks for the laugh! As far as the pap, what a di#k. I may have not seen it right but she looked very upset even before she ran over his sock. So why the hell did they not leave her alone to begin with!!!

1821 days ago


She cud run over my foot any time she likes for free!!!! Cos shes just so dam hot

1821 days ago


The loser got what he deserved..

1821 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

He should have stuck his face under the tire.

1821 days ago


euh.. If I were the judge, I would say:
"So you got your injuries by throwing yourself at the car so you could take a picture of the driver. This in a way that the Defendant was unable to know exactly where your foot was at. By throwing yourself at a moving vehicle, which was at low speed, you in fact put yourself in danger thus receiving the injury by your own actions.

Now, you are suing the defendant for an injury you actually put yourself in position of danger. I'm thinking that the defendant not only is wrongfully being sued, but, this could also be viewed as trying to extract money from the actual victim.

Secondly, since you were working at the time of the incident, this should be brought fourth to your employer who asks you to get the picture, thus putting yourself in positions of being hurt. This is no civil case, it's a injury at work issue.

Case dissmissed.."..

1821 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Another gold digger, he should have stayed the hell out of the way AND how much did he get paid for stalking Spears and taking photo's? She need to counter sue his ass!

1821 days ago


Anyone stupid enough to jump in front of a moving vehicle deserves to be run over

1821 days ago


This pap is such an idiot. He stood in front of her car as she tried to pull out and even walked away without a limp or any indication of pain. I hope the judge laughs him out of court.

1821 days ago


That accident wasn't Britney's fault and she isn't accountable. The photographers were too close to her car. You can see how she has slowed down and is trying her best to ease out of the parking garage and avoid hitting them. This demand for money is simply a shakedown.

1821 days ago


WAIT A FREAKING MINUTE HERE.....that dumbass puts himself in harms way intentionally and then wants paid for it....oh....HELL NO !!!

I don't mind you guys taking pics of celebrities but when you block them from walking or driving forget about are doing it at your own risk. DON'T EVEN GO THERE FREAKS!!!!

1821 days ago


She was in El Paso the other night. Put on a heck of a good show.

1821 days ago


He's full of Shi#! He had no business being that close to her/car. Just like with MJ, the Photogs were all up on him every where he went. Britt needs to sue his ass for being too close to her being! I don't care of they are just trying to make a living; do it at a distance.
I hope he doesn’t get a damn thing, except for a good scolding and told to stay 1000 feet away from any celebrity!

1821 days ago
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