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Papper Wants Big Bucks From Britney

9/24/2009 7:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A paparazzo has put a price on his foot -- $221,533.59, and he wants Britney Spears to foot the bill.

Britney Spears: Click to watch
Britney Spears ran over photog Ricardo Mendoza's foot while leaving a medical building in 2007. Mendoza, who worked as a photog for TMZ at the time, sued Britney but never specified how much he thought his foot was worth. But now he has.

Mendoza claims he's suffered $195,000 in general damages, $16,533.59 in medical bills and $10,000 for any future foot problems.

Right after the accident Mendoza said he would let bygones be bygones and actually allowed us to auction his sock off for charity. But hey, business is business.


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$195,000 in general expense does not fly in court, The medical expenses must come from hospitals pharmacys, not invoices from uncle Louie who use to be Doctor, sounds like a scam to me.Judge will throw this ouut don't worry, And I'm not a Brittany fan,But I do know betwe n rigth and wrong

1819 days ago


The dumb prick deserves to have his foot chopped the hell of.

1819 days ago

Maryland- X Fan    

and here we finally have the truth, so help us GOD. The real news.. of how slimy you paparazzi truly are.

1819 days ago


nice socks and sandals looser

1819 days ago


this photo jackass should be suing TMZ for exposing him to the hazzards of getting in the way of people that are trying to go about their business. TMZ is creating hazardous workplace

1819 days ago


Maybe they wouldn't get their feet ran over if they would maybe leave her alone! Hmmm?

1819 days ago


OMG! What an idiot! Britney you did nothing wrong, he was trying to make a quick buck. How were you to know his great big trotters were in front of your car

1819 days ago


future foot problems suck

1819 days ago

to little    

If he worked for TMZ then he would be covered by worker comp. So the medical bills should have been paid. Harvey you don't have workers comp for your employees???

1819 days ago


skank pap. i hope you end up having to pay her legal fees for a frivolous lawsuit. there is no way you had $17k in medical bills. LOLOL so WHAT did you go to the doctor for? did you have surgery? this is so stupid i can't even believe it.

1819 days ago

yeh yeh    

More info here.

Britney's lawyer called him self-serving and profit hungry but no one has printed that but me.

I wonder why.

Mendoza also said she ran other his foot maliciously. Anyone who saw the videos knows that just isn't so.

1819 days ago


He is such a crybaby! It's not like she pulled a Sean Penn on his A$$!

1819 days ago


Well maybe if he wasn't acting like a fool, leaning on and in front of a moving car, he wouldn't have been run over. 200k? That's what he should pay for being a moron, not receive it.

1819 days ago


get over it. pay attention. She should sue him for damage to her tires

1819 days ago


He shouldn't get a cent. He shouldn't have been standing so close to the car and shoving a camera in her face. That was negligence on his part for getting so close not to me mention STUPID! He could not make money off of a picture so now he is suing her. Suffer....yep he should suffer for his on stupidity. OH LOOK A CAR.....LET ME JUMP IN FRONT OF IT! Give me a break.

1819 days ago
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