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Det. Says Quaids Had Scam Down to a Science

9/25/2009 6:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the detective's sworn statement in the Randy/Evi Quaid hotel caper -- and if you believe the cop, Randy and Evi hatched a sinister plot to fleece some ritzy hotels.

Dennis Quaid and Evi Quaid

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Detective Rod Forney wrote in a declaration in support of the arrest warrant ... Randy and Evi Quaid checked into the San Ysidro Ranch with a bogus credit card, bogus phone numbers and addresses and gave excuse after excuse as they racked up a bill totaling $10,546.96.

The Quaids -- who were arrested in Texas yesterday for the alleged crimes of burglary, conspiracy and conspiracy to defraud an innkeeper -- sent a check for $5,546.96 ... so they still owe 5 grand.

But according to Detective Forney, San Ysidro was small potatoes compared to the swanky Hotel Bel-Air in Bev Hills, where they allegedly stiffed the hotel to the tune of $17,000.

And, just before checking into San Ysidro, the couple allegedly stiffed the Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel.

Detective Forney says there were numerous attempts to get the Quaids to make good on their alleged bad deeds, but to no avail.


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This isn't the first time I've heard of a rather nasty report involving his wife. This isn't the first report I've heard of the two of them together engaged in stupid activites(staging juvenille stunts against the mayor of their small town in Texas).

When you choose your spouse, it should be someone who steers you toward a better life, not someone who magnifies all of your defects and leads you down a lower path (think Whitney/Bobby). They can laugh this off all they want with their cheesy mugshots and notes to TMZ (wow what are they, 15?), but these two clearly are a powder keg and do not belong together. It looks as if some drugs may be involved. Nice choice on your wife, Randy. Meanwhile your brother is involved with his wife and year old twins. Maybe you should take a cue from him.

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1854 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! So sad!

1854 days ago

die a painful death already Hollywood    



1854 days ago


What's up with her tooth in the picture?

1854 days ago


i knew he always looked crazy but it feels weird to now know that he is legitimetly crazy

1854 days ago


Nice touch TMZ on the photoshopped tooth!It's hard enough as it is believing someone with nice teeth that they didn't pay their hotel bill but now....with that pic we gotta believe the authorities!

1854 days ago

Justice in West Hollywood    

The WEST HOLLYWOOD SHERIFFS Department is the most CORRUPT law enforcement department in the world. Sometimes you have no other platform to speak the truth. I’m not speaking out of spite or anything-instead I speak the truth. If you travel to West Hollywood, be careful. Their sheriff deputies are corrupt in many ways including, but not limited to; abuse their power, mock those they arrest falsely. When they arrive on the scene, THEIR interests are at hand. It’s not justice. They arrive on a scene and they play judge, jury and executioner. True story. Don’t let them get away with this. Please. ENOUGH OF WEST HOLLYWOOD ABUSING THEIR POWER! Keep your eyes open. You will see West Hollywood Sheriff deputies hanging out clubs such as Villa, Saddle Ranch, Guys & Dolls flirting with girls and having a good ol’ time instead of doing their jobs….. I’m just saying. Let’s bring these pompous A-holes to earth. Imagine this, you call the cops for help and they come and arrest you because they are too lazy or corrupt to do their job RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

Did you know that if you got arrested in Los Angeles and it was found out that you were innocent all along, they won’t give you YOUR police report so you can see WHY it is you got arrested?

Email me with your responses if you want……


(323) 267-4800

Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

4700 Ramona Blvd.

Monterey Park, CA 91754

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That's a purdy tooth she has they come in white just sayin

1854 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Crazy white trash.

1854 days ago


What kind of idiots at the hotels let someone ring up $10,000 in charges without a fingerprint i.d.???? You can use fake credit cards, but it's hard to fake a fingerprint!!! The hotels should be half responsible. I'm just sayin.

1854 days ago


She is a lovely woman.

1854 days ago


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1854 days ago


They're scheisters. Celebrity Rehab here we come!

1854 days ago
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