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John Walsh Sued for Calling Inmate a 'Snitch'

9/25/2009 6:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A convicted murderer who was attacked in prison for allegedly being labeled a "snitch" on "America's Most Wanted" has fired off one of the most unbelievable lawsuits we've ever seen -- he's demanding $506 MILLION.

In the lawsuit -- handwritten, but looking like it was typed up on a computer -- Kirell Taylor claims he was stuck in Folsom Prison -- with a razor blade -- after his fellow inmates were told "AMW" host John Walsh, "falsely" called him a "snitch" during a 2004 episode which aired on FOX.

Taylor claims the word "snitch" isn't something that inmates take kindly to -- and now he claims Walsh and Rupert Murdoch, the guy who owns FOX, should fork over a total of $506,000,000 for giving him the title that got him shanked with an "inmate manufactured weapon."

In the suit, filed Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court, Taylor demands that FOX re-air the 2004 episode -- with Walsh personally "recanting the false statements."

He probably doesn't stand a chance in court -- but we'll give him a 'A+' for penmanship.


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Linda Mott    

I heard Plaxico is in a protected cell because the men gave him a nasty welcome. I hope they give him community service and let him out to be with his wife for their baby's November birth. Prison is a dangerous place.

1825 days ago

John McIntosh    

Who the f*** wrote this? How many grammar and spelling mistakes do you have to make on a regular basis to be a TMZ employee? FYI, 'a' before a vowel sound needs to be 'an.'

1825 days ago


He signed a death warrant when he called the inmate a snitch. Problem here is if we want to get info from inmates, calling them out to the other inmates is a good way to lose informants. Kill 'em if they cooperate is not a good policy.

1825 days ago



1825 days ago


Cry me a mother-friggin river to anyone who thinks this guy should be able to sue behind bars! He is a convicted murderer! I have the right to call him what ever the frick I want b/c I walk the line and respect the lives of others. He didn't. He can't live comfortably enough in prison b/c JW called him a 'snitch'? Meanwhile, his victim can't live at all. BTW, JW does not capitalize on his son's brutal murder. He chose to lose all of his fortune as an architect when he lost his son to start the crusade for victims rights. The FBI didn't even have a database for missing children in 1981. They do now b/c of JW. He's the one that fought the politicians in congress for victims rights even after some told him to pound salt. He continued and won. Now, that's justice. What JW has done for the victims and their families is unforgettable. I'd rather JW live in a McMansion for all of his deeds and heartbreak than any of the famous (for nothing good) such as Paris Hilton...wasn't she supposed to go to Africa for a mission trip after her stint in the slammer? Maybe next time.

1825 days ago


It may be funny. But AMW has taken that episode off of their website....... hhhmmmm?????

1824 days ago


I feel that with all the incredibly good things he's done, and the help and closure he's given to so many families, he has the right to call anyone anything he wants.....especially someone behind bars. Period.

1824 days ago


Yea #4-When you have a son that is brutally raped and decapitated, then thrown off a bridge, and then you have to bury an empty coffin cuz the only part of your dead son that has ever been found-his head needs to be kept as evidence, and your son's killer says he was "A nice piece of ass", you try and say then you wouldn't be bitter and would just 'get over it'. Jackass.

1824 days ago


I hope Taylor wins his case. I think John Walsh is great, but people need to be careful about what they say! Walsh put Taylor's life in jeopardy. Those of you who aren't taking this seriously probably don't have any idea what prison life is like.

1824 days ago


At the very bottom of the last page, it says he wants payment in Cigarettes and Twinkies...

1824 days ago


John Walsh is a disgusting man who in my opinion pimped his son's death in order to gain fame and fortune for himself.

1824 days ago


I love watching Americas Most Wanted and how dare this inmate have the nerve to sue John Walsh. You know if it wasn't for the show a lot of criminals would still be out there. John is doing a great job he is making a difference in the world he is getting back at bad guys and that's how he copes with his sons death good for him nobody has the right to judge John I know exactly what it feels to lose a child I lost my son also it wasn't murder but still you will never get over losing a child. This inmate should be ashamed I hope that justice will prevail in this case. God bless you John and don't listen to negative comments they don't know what their talking about defending a criminal.

1824 days ago


I love how people think because someone is in prison they no longer have rights. What the man did was clearly wrong and is in prison for that crime. That IS his punishment. Joe Walsh is an egotistical, self-absorbed, holier-than-thou, self appointed Judge, jury and executioner. Profitting from victims and their families. From a strictly legal point...this guy has a case and I hope he wins. UNles Walsh can Factualy prove this man is a "snitch" his comments are Slander/Libel. Since his comments caused direct negative impact, there is restitution to be had. Again, I hope this inmate wins and shuts up that whiney bitch! And for those that think the inmate has no use for the's not free livin in prison. You gotta pay for phone calls, food, health & hygiene needs (aka commisary), co-pay for medical needs and the list goes on. And don't hate on the guy for learning the law while in there. The point of prison is to educate the inmates. Thus the term "correctional institute".

1823 days ago

Risha Bear    

I am doing a research paper on John Walsh and honestly I believe that that is what the criminal deserves, look at who he hurt, so what if he got shanked? Its his fault, if he wouldnt have done what he did, then he wouldnt have to worry about being in prison to begin with, then this would not have even happend!

1276 days ago
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