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Mackenzie's Sis -- Dad Never Made a Move on Me

9/25/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mackenzie Phillips' half-sister claims their father never made sexual advances towards her -- even though Mack supposedly had an incestuous 10-year relationship with the guy.

Chynna Phillips: Click to watch
Chynna defended her sister today on Oprah -- where she said she absolutely believes the "hideous" allegations Mackenzie made about their dad, Mamas and the Papas singer John Phillips.


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Um I believe stepfather touched me but never made an attempt to touch my sister. It's not that hard to believe.Perverts go for the vulnerable ones!!

1855 days ago


I believe Mackenzie; as usual everyone blames the victim. Yes, it's uncomfortable to the max to hear. And yes, now Mackenzie better work harder than hard to heal (even further) first, set a postive example next. No one wants to hear about any more of her falls or she will be suspect of gaining from them.
Michelle Phillips, with her thinning hair (that poor Chynna inherited), can't get an acting gig any more...she must protect her meal ticket as the only surviving member of the over-rated Mamas and the Papas. No wonder why they imploded after only a few years.
Oprah was mollested and has a stake in this story. It's a big mess because incest is a big mess. And by the way, there are plenty of men who have gone throught this at the hands of not only male family members but female. Another even more loaded issue and I'm not being sexist.
Hey, Oprah, get some top people in the field, PROFFESIONALS to address the issue...a little construction, less debate would really help the survivors who forever hurt so bad. I know it's ruined my life and I never did drugs or even drank.

1855 days ago


I applaud Chynna for standing up for her sister. I especially LOVED that she said: she believed the relationship happened but wasNOT sure of all the specific details.

One detail that WILL COME TO LIGHT w/ in the next year is this:
Pappa was doing MacKenzie before she was 18... bet the farm on that. Pops being a pedophile would be too much for the public to
handle right now.

Good job MacKenzie for being able to know that YOU ARE WORTHY and YOU DID NOTHING wrong. You were taken advantage of.

1855 days ago

Think About It... You Be the Judge    

Well, all you poeple that believe her, go ahead and buy her book.
Give her what she wants: More money for drugs.
She'll probably be dead within an number of years because of her drug addiction.
When you're only in recovery a year, you're far from being cured.
It takes years of consuling to even try to recover from drug abuse.
A drug will use any excuse to get money for drugs, even the expense of the people that love them most.

I still feel, she's bitter because she wasn't taken care of finanically by her father.
Had this been true: She would have gone about this in the right way and handled this with her family first. She's only thinking about what can benifit her.
She lost her career years ago and with her history of criminal charges, this makes it very hard for her to get jobs.
This was the next best thing she could have done. Profit from the harm of other's, no matter who it hurts.

It's time for you to get over yourself and stop hurting people.
I was abused as a child and you do tell, but not the whole world to get pity.

1855 days ago

Sue Wong    

Why are people surprise? This sort of thing happens even when there are no drugs involved. Wake up people, get out of denial and smell the coffee.

1855 days ago


I totally believe Mackenzie is telling the truth,it's obvious that the people on here that bash her have never been in any type of abusive relationship sexually,emotionally or physically. She was given drugs by her father at a very young age and he neither protected her or took care of her the way a father should. She was victimized by her father who was an adult over and over again so it's no surprise that she was an adult when she finally was able to stop it. The fact that she most likely wasn't able to get psychological help and come to forgive herself and her father until later in her life is no surprise. Unless you've lived her life and walked in her shoes you have no right to call her a liar. There's many types of abuse that goes on behind closed doors that no one sees but those that are behind them. I had a very abusive 1st marriage and my ex showed a pretty picture to those on the outside but behind closed doors was a monster and people like him break you and make you feel unloved,unwanted that you feel worthless. Her father seemed to have some convincing words as he aided his daughter into drugs, I feel for Mack and hope she gets all the help she needs to get on with a healthy life. I know there's many people out there who've had to live with incest and hopefully they to will be able to break free and get the help they need.

1855 days ago


I can't believe Oprah is giving more air time to this story. By bringing on a family collaborator, Oprah is just trying to defend her decision to allow Mackenzie on the show in the first place. I think she doesn't want to embarrass herself by admitting to another James Frey senario.

1855 days ago


We should have more of that free seventies spirit around now; other than the alleged rape I don't see much intolerable going on. These sisters seem interesting enough; good luck to them.

1854 days ago


I don't believe Phillips is making this up to make drug money; that she really believes it did happen. But I'm also not convinced it really did happen. I had the misfortune of living with someone who was hooked on prescription drugs for over a year and this person would imagine things happened that never happened and when they were sober they still believed they happened. And prescription drugs are nowhere near as strong as the stuff she was doing.

The fact she's waited so long to come out with this and my past experience with a drug addict makes me doubt her story. She may honestly believe what she's saying happened happened when it didn't.

No one will probably ever know the real truth as John Phillips is dead.

Even if it didn't happen, she still thinks it happened, so hopefully she'll get some counseling.

1854 days ago


I do believe MacKenzie and yes her Dad is an abuser and he had the power. The sexual encounters became a form of love to her from her Dad and hopefully she has gotten help. Her father could not stand the thought of her new husband being the one to take her virginity as well it was saying, 'Hey, you are mine first and you are under my power and for my satisfaction regardless. He let her keep the husband as show to public but he brainwashed her that their secret relationship was because she was so special and who knows what all. Don't forget, he had her drug induced as well. I applaude you MacKaenzie for bringing this forth and applaud Chynna for supporting and backing you as to this being true.

1854 days ago


when I turned on Oprah yesterday, I saw a double box I thought Chynna Phillips was skyping with Tiffany. I thought it was an 80's show.

Chynna seems really uptight, and she needs to eat a sandwich or take one away from Carnie Wilson.

1854 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

...Chynna seems really uptight, and she needs to eat a sandwich or take one away from Carnie Wilson.

Posted at 9:39AM on Sep 26th 2009 by rick

She's married to a Baldwin brother. That can't be the most stable or settling family world on that side either. Double-whammy.

1854 days ago


This is one SICK family. Mac Phillips has always been disgusting. Now that she has spilled the beans on her private life and has revealed to the world the filthy secrets of her and pop John's incestous lifestyle just to make a couple of cool million off of their lewdness and wrongdoings. What next? She'll probably OD.

1854 days ago


The timing of this announcement strikes me as opportunistic. She's been giving us her tale of woe for years now... her years as an addict, how broke she was, etc. After teling the world her tales of woe for years she's dropping this bombshell now... when she's got a book coming out in days. Hmmmmm. That's a pretty despicable thing to do.

1854 days ago


I don't believe this claim. Mackenzie was a wild child and drugger early on in life and I don't believe anything druggers say. Where is her real mother? Why did a producer become her legal guardian when she was 13 and making American Graffiti? I do not buy her story cause she has remained a drugger throughout her life and she needs money plus loves the attention. This is a drugger who was arrested last year and her sister was good enough to bail her out of jail but she was not good enough to be told Mackenzie was going public with this info. All Chynna knows is what Mackenzie fed her early on. I believe because she was always drugging it and jealous of her stepmom and half sisters. And that is my opinion of the mess since druggers are known to do even worse at times and this as bad as it gets and I believe its all for money and about money.

1853 days ago
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