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Marilyn Manson

Shoots Swine Flu

Snot Rockets

9/25/2009 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The night before announcing he was infected with the dreaded pig virus, Marilyn Manson was busy blowing loads of snot on stage at a concert in Ottawa.

Marilyn Manson Shoots Swine Flu
In the video -- shot on Sunday in Canada -- Manson is performing "Beautiful People" when he suddenly, disgustingly decides to empty flu goo from both nostrils ... while standing only a few feet away from the fans in the front row.

Let's hope Swine Flu is snot as contagious as everyone thinks it is.


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Tay Tay    

This Is NOT FUNNY!!! my dear friend who is only 25 yrs old has 2 kids under 4 is in critical condition right now with the SWINE FLU !! and it sickens me that this manson guy would even do this type of crap! this Flu is killing my dear friend, he is the sweetest guy with a heart of gold, and he is dying, and his babies need him! he is on a ventalator, blood in his lungs, a failed blood transfusion,kidneys are JUST GONE!!! Marilyn Manson, why don't you think about what you are doing before you do this type of crap!! The Swine Flu is a monster and so are you for doing that crap! and to everyone here, you must pray that you or a loved one don't get this FLU ! because you might not make it! please pray for my friend we call him " D" Thank You, Stacy

1819 days ago


i`m not so sure but that looks likes a terrorist attact to me with everytimg spreading around he should be arrested if anyone is infected
after being at that show.

1819 days ago


i once saw marylin and twiggy at a store in LA. they smelled like rich old ladies; i was bummed. this impressed me!

1819 days ago


So I was at this concert! He was sick but said nothing of the SF. He was diagnosed with it on Sep 21st, the day after the concert as per new articles and his twitter so I'm sure he would not have done it if he already knew. I was only 3 rows away from him in the crowd and I'm fine. So is my BF would was with me to. I have been coughing for 2 weeks now but have no fever and dont feel sick.... other then this cough that wont go away due to a previous cold. (Which I got a week before the concert!)I love Mason and think he creates fantastic music. This is the 1st time I saw him in concert and it was a SHORT! but great.... less his f'd up voice. He was sorry for being sick several times and blamed it on a cold.... he said "sorry if I sound like Lindsay Lohan after she gives me a blow" lol!

1819 days ago


I dont mind his music, altho now if I ever go to a show I'm snot sitting up front...

Just matter what music you listen to. And if you stick up for his snots because you like that music; you're gross too!

1819 days ago


12. sweet, a extra lil' something for all the people who paid (probably good money) for front row seats. got'cha!
Posted at 3:32AM on Sep 25th 2009 by adam

Do you mean people PAID to see this piece of trash? That doesn't say much about them.

1819 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

To the ass-clown/blogger named "Fock", go jump off a cliff, pal. Swim with the fishes.

1819 days ago


If anyone who was at that show gets sick, he should be brought up on assualt or endangerment charges, and sued. NASTY!!!!

1819 days ago


Ugh, that's nasty. I actually thought about going to that one too

1819 days ago


I think this a very disgusting act. It shows he does not have morals or manners. How can Johnny Depp be friends with him. Well Johnny's friendly with everyone unless they are Paps.

1819 days ago


ill what is wrong with him??? its like he feels he wants "the beautiful people" to get sick and deathridden with swine flu so we can all be a bunch of freaks, like his song:

that is just gross that he did that

1819 days ago


wowow!!! guy people that even like rock (not me) would say that it's nasty i mean you don't have too be a person who likes rap (me) too say ewwww WTF!?! why would that guy do that?? i mean do you find that great that someone boogers are comin and too land in your hair or in your mouth!!! oh yeah ROCK ON ALL THA WAY DUDE!! all tha way too hell...and this is comin from a 14 year old yuhh smart

1819 days ago


I am a fan of Marilyn Manson but this is just disgusting not to mention ignorant. If he felt sick he should of walked off stage but instead he chose to stay on stage and do what he did, now if anyone gets sick they can turn around and bring up a lawsuit against him.

Heck having the swine flu he should not even be doing shows, he should not be in contact with anyone.

1819 days ago


Well, someone outdid Kayne in the "stupidity" department and Marilyn Manson gets the "Mangina Award". Hopefully there weren't any young, pregnant mothers in the front row, as they are the most susceptible to the virus, and often, with fatal results. If this was a loud and clear statement about what little concern he has for his fans, I don't know what is.
Hopefully, some were smart enough to say, "to hell with this", left the show and demanded their money back. There's NO ONE in the spotlight I would allow to treat me with that much disrespect!

1819 days ago

Jessica Rico    

I wish I had been there, I would love to have MM's Swine.

1819 days ago
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