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The Woman Lamar Odom Didn't Marry

9/25/2009 7:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is the woman Lamar Odom dated for 10 years -- the mother of his children -- Liza Morales. Do you think she's happy about his wedding to Khloe Kardashian ... who he's been dating for a month?



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The Dude    

It won't be long before the spited X will offer the new lover some hot urine tea in a gesture of friendship.

1818 days ago


They kind of look alike, Khloe & Liza. No matter what hes worth, hes still fugly! But fugly ppl always find each other. whateva!

1818 days ago


She has a neck that any football defense line would crave.

1818 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Well well isn't that a kick in the a$$. Khloe is the white version of Odom's ex Liza...ha. Go figure. Odom is moving up in this world, lmao.

I'm sure Liza is still getting some snaps from Lamar, don't feel too sad for her.

1818 days ago


A shorter version of Khloe!!!!!

1818 days ago


Omg....Poor Lamar! He went from bitch to!

1818 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

Wow, what a bunch of sour assed people on this site. Mean spirited, uncaring, mostly uneducated fools who think that their comments are witty and cool. This woman is not young any more and has had three kids, one of which died a year or so ago. Of course she is going to gain weight and age. Having children is enough to do it, but losing a very young child will pound you body and soul. I hope none of you will ever have to experience that. But if it makes you feel better about yourself to bash someone who didn't even know her picture was being taken, then have at her. I'm sure you all are just perfect.

1818 days ago


Ok I hope she got Lamar by the chungas and has him paying child support and some sort of support for her. OMG clearly he isn't doing better by doing Khole!

1818 days ago


damn lamar, she will kick your ass, never late on child support

1818 days ago

Poo Brains    

#65 - I don't think it's right to make fun of strangers and agree that people who are poking fun at her are just miserable people.

I don't think it is right to say that having kids or a bad situation causes weight gain. this woman is barely 30. how can you say that she is not young? having kids doesn't make you gain weight. excess calories and lack of exercise make you gain weight. There are plenty of woman who have kids without gaining weight.

I think it is really sad that she lost her child...but losing a child doesn't make you gain weight. I would hope that she sought therapy by's been 3 years.

1818 days ago

eastern star    

This woman needs two things. A major make over she lookes tired and hagged. She also needs to make a trip to the throyid doctor, that neck is way too big, there are things happening inside.

1818 days ago


This girl looks like a reformed gang member. She seriously looks like she would snatch a b*tch baldheaded in a heartbeat. Khloe better watch her back.

1818 days ago


This girl looks like a reformed gang member. She looks like she would snatch a b*tch baldheaded in a heartbeat. Khloe better watch her back.

1818 days ago


I am laughing so hard, there are tears running down my face. Mary, Eastern star and others, you guys are hilarious!!!!!!
I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.
I'm sorry she lost a child, you never get over that.
Khloe needs to look at that picture, she's gonna look like that after she has more of his kids.
I would recommend Khloe talk to this girl, even though she never married Lamar, at least he was with her for 10 years. I doubt that Khloe and Lamar will be together next year. Obviously he's not into a lifetime commitment, he never married his children's mom
Maybe if Liza smiled, got some Botox or something.

1818 days ago


Liza is beautiful and for a mom whose lost a child, she's amazing to make such a great life for her other children who Odom rarely sees. Come on and face it. Khloe is not a pretty, she is a ho' looking to grab a black guy like Kim and bags of money that caused her to throw a Laker party when she couldn't afford it and never paid for it. Odum is a dumb one .. LIZA HAS A BEAUTIFUL SMILE AND IS TRULY PRETTY WITHOUT THE MONEY AND CLOTHES AND ALL THE HARD WORK THAT GOES WITH RAISING AND LOVING CHILDREN ALONE .. KHLOE IS A PIG AND FAT NOW WITH MILES TO GAIN TO MAKE ONE GAG. Khloe looks more like a larger Rosie but a meaner face. I LIKE LIZA. LAMER IS AN DUMB ODOM AND A CRAPPY DAD AND A HORRIBLE MAN TO HIS BABY MOMMA. NEVER GOING TO ANOTHER LAKER GAME NOW !!

1818 days ago
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