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G'Night, John Boy

9/26/2009 5:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 70-year-old resurfaced at some event, looking vibrant.

Michael Learned

When her contract on "The Waltons" was not renewed in 1979, her character developed tuberculosis and was sent to a sanitarium.

In 2006, Michael appeared on a few episodes of "Scrubs."


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She is looking good.

1854 days ago


OMG! she used 2 be pretty...what happened!

1854 days ago


Has she had work done or what!!!!!!

1854 days ago


Seems like she's had a few too many lifts. Now she's got the permanent "surprised" look!
Pay attention people!
This could be you if you don't learn to like yourself the way you are!

1854 days ago

Liz sad is that. She was so attractive, and if she would have just let herself age gracefully, she still would be. It breaks my heart.

1854 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

I grew up watching The Waltons (kind of a sad show in my humble opinion, the poverty and all), and that is NOT her. Yeah, this one has had a ton of work but I see ZERO resemblance. Zero.

1854 days ago


First, she lessened her work on WALTON's of her own accord in the final season as many stars do.
She's always been dignified and open about her depression issues and has kept working on TV and stage.
She is smart, strong and lovely to the fans...real class.
And she looks greater than GREAT; we love Michael!

1854 days ago


I think she looks fantastic for her age, but she may want to rethink the red lipstick & haircolor. A much subtler shade of both would give her a softer look. I'd go for a dark blonde for the hair color with some subtle highlights around the face. And I'd try some medium shade of pink or peach tones for the lips...something with more moisture. Otherwise, she is a beautiful lady.

1854 days ago



1854 days ago

Terry Joe    

" Back in, oh, 1976, I had the pleasure of going on the set of The Waltons ( inside scenes, and outside ) for several weeks there at Burbank Studios, California. My having just turned 18, I thought Miss Learned was beautiful, and she gave no hesitation when I walked up to her during an outside scene to get her autograph. Too, I well remember walking up to meet ( the late ) Will Geer, AND, Ellen Corby. 'Grandpa Walton' ( Geer )had just finished a scene under the very large hot movie lights.....I was smoking a cig, and Mr. Geer said (while patting the top of my head), " Young man, don't you realize those things are bad for you.if the good lord had intended for us to smoke, he'd made chmneys on our heads ". WHAT A GREAT show it was...wholesome and very family inspiring, unlike what most of what Hollywood 'puts out today.
" Good night John Boy....good night Grandma...Grandpa....Good night Elizabeth :)

1854 days ago


Oh my goodness, what has she done to herself? She was always such a naturally lovely woman, even years after The Waltons. But now she doesn't even look like herself, other than her hair still being basically her natural shade, even if it might be from a bottle now. I remember hearing her on some talk show years ago and talking about how she had decided she would probably go in for a few procedures, she specifically mentioned wanting some work done on her eyes, but I hadn't seen any pics of her since then. Oh, whoever did her eyes should be shot. It completely changed her look and the shape of her eyes. Poor Michael. But it could be worse, and I do hope she's happy, no matter what. I always liked her, and you still can't take away the sparkle in her changed eyes. But this is not a good look for her.

1853 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

That's Miss Michael Learned, TMZ.

Gotta love her. She was the quintessential God-fearing, self-sacrificing, ever-loving Protestant matriarch. She rocks.

1853 days ago

Carter Forster - London, Ontario, Canada    

Wow, might want to tone down on the CLOWN MAKEUP.

Looks like Flo, the Progressive Insurance girl in 40 years!!!!

1853 days ago


Always loved Mrs. Walton! She looks good for 70! If she'd tone down the makeup, she would look even more beautiful.

1853 days ago



1853 days ago
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