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Khloe K -- Movin' On Up

9/26/2009 10:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian's extremely rich makeover continues -- Khloe and mom Kris Jenner were on the hunt yesterday for a mansion befitting a woman who can go from zero to 60 in three weeks.


Kris and Khloe checked out this Bel Air mansion yesterday -- listed at $5,999,900. Our spies say they were scoping out homes between 8,000 and 10,000 square feet, with 5 to 6 bedrooms, a pool and of course, a basketball court for Lamar Odom.

One trip to Bed Bath & Beyond and they're good to go.


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you cant blame chris jenner, she is in a long line of pushy stage "moms" (as the americans say) who exploit their children for personal gain... the problem with her brood is THAT THEY HAVE NO TALENT... they just look good in a bikini and bang black rich guys with aplomb... they bang gullible rich black guys who dont have the type of back ground or culture to see them for what they are.. ARMENIAN HO'S ... lol!!the sensible ones WONT MARRY ANY OF THEM, AND THE ONLY WHITE GUY WHO KNOCKED UP THE PRETTY ONE IS NEVER GONNA MARRY HER.. no matter what chris jenner says ... as for this marraige, as you kidding me?, its a solid as the next episode of KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS... and just a long as an episode.. pure froth..

1768 days ago


Now look at the these 2 shots of Khloe (the other one from the posting above) which are a bit less glamourous than what we are used to seeing, she is a carbon copy of Lamar Odom's previous love. His previous love is a bit heavier but if she loses 10 pounds, they could pass for sisters.

1768 days ago

dr fred    

stop putting "K dolls" on magazines ,stop buying stuff & smooch & dash
stop airing their trashy shows, let them blow all their cash & go bankrumpt & have no way of earning more other than porn tapes..

boycott any profitt making ventures for these american posers with such alarge sence of entitlment

1768 days ago


its hard enough to make it in a perfect world...cut them some slack.y all the negativity find something better to do than hate someone you dont even know......get over it of luck MR AND MRS. ODOM...forget the haters.....

1768 days ago


Bet she been knocked up already, wanta bet?

1768 days ago


That Fat kardashian that looks like a drag queen or chewbacca is a media whore.

She's nasty.

The mom is the prettiest of them all by far. Too bad her kids are so gross.

Khloe-fat drag queen
Kourtney-looks like she should be cleaning the house

The other kids haven't become media whores-yet.

1768 days ago


Perhaps they're looking for a new Jenner home, so that's the reason Kris is in charge?

1768 days ago


Gawwwwd! That dump reminds me of my old place when I was poor!

1768 days ago


Lamar, run while you can!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even their mother comes across like a gold digger too. Nasty!

1768 days ago

Post and Send    

Are they nuts to buy in this market? 6 Million??? Its going to be worth 5 million in 12 months and if they live in it.. it will be worth a hellava lot less..

Where is their real estate broker? No doubt Kris is working the deal to get the commission on the house.. 180K..

Where is her mother giving her some good motherly advice, like you dont know him, you only known him for 2 months, you dont like guys, etc...

When is Kris Jenners Book coming out?? You know.. "World Best TV Mom Give Great Advice!" should do as well as Paris Hiltons Mom her book, "From Serving Peanuts to Being Served" was a best seller

1768 days ago


Who is Khloe Kardashian anyway? Just some fat chick I guess. Never even heard of her before this.

1768 days ago


This family is so fn weird..why does anyone care if her fat a$z is getting married? She's a skank...along with her Mom, her even nastier sister's and her creeped out too much plastic surgery step dad...for subjecting this family on us, E! should be destroyed!!

1768 days ago


I know this is really negative but I don't give their marriage a long time. Who the hell marries someone after three weeks? Are you kidding me? I've been married for years and it takes a hell of a lot of work to stay married. lol Just sayin.........

1768 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to me!!! .. Michael jackson is dead and we need money

1768 days ago


"Movin' on up," is a racist-tinged headline, Harvey, you should be ashamed. And who's to say how long love takes to activate? In my case, my wife and I eloped in our second month of a relationship; that was 29 years ago.

1768 days ago
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