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Lamar Wants Prenup -- But There's a Problem

9/26/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned -- although Lamar Odom thinks love conquers all -- he decided to hedge his bets with a prenup. But there's a big complication.

Odom has lawyered up and so has Khloe. The problem is ... they have to get married on Sunday and there isn't enough time to hash out the details of a prenuptial agreement.

Why, you ask, isn't there enough time? We've learned they must get married on Sunday because one of the Kardashian reality shows is footing the $1 million bill for the wedding, but the deal is that the wedding must be shot this Sunday.

So we're told Lamar wants a postnup -- meaning the agreement will be hashed out and hopefully signed after Sunday's event.

Now here's the intrigue. There's talk that Sunday's wedding might not be the real deal -- it could be a non-binding ceremony. It's common with a postnup that bride and groom would not officially tie the knot until after they sign the document. What they typically do sign before the ceremony is an acknowledgment that it's not really an official wedding, to prevent misunderstandings down the road.

And speaking of problems ... we're told lawyers for Odom and Kardashian are already arguing and hitting road blocks.

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What is the giant rush here? The Lakers do get days off during the season to get married. Is this whole marriage deal just a con on the public to pimp the TV show? I got married exactly 2 years from the day we met. Why would anyone get married after knowing someone for 1 month? Odom already has 2 kids out of wedlock. So that can't be a concern. ... Will Vegas give odds on the over and under for how long this marriage lasts? If not, I'm sure London will give odds, you can bet on nearly anything in the United Kingdom.

1821 days ago


Dude, Lamar, get wise and don't get married, run now for the hills dude, you've only been dating for a month and she's fugly looking anyhow, dude are you freaking cRaZy, man she's gonna walk away after a few months of marriage with the Loot$$$$. don't be freaking STUPID, you're only in lust dude not in love, love takes getting to know someone. Get out of there NOW dude and I'm going to save this comment and play it back to you inside of 5 months...you're see I'm right...from someone who dated someone after only being with them for a month and I had a friend of mine who just got married after being with the girl for 2 months and guess what...it's over with them already too! RUN FOR THE HILLS LAMAR!!

1821 days ago


"Isn't what true love's all about: giving up everything yoou have to be with someone special???"-Spaghetti Cat

Not when you're the one who did all of the hard work BY YOURSELF. In that case, you'd want to protect the "fruit of your labor" from unnecessary risks. It takes more than merely "getting married" to entitle a person to a major portion of another person's wealth. One needs to work hard, commit for a SUBSTANTIAL period of time, and make their OWN SUBSTANTIAL PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION, to have any "rightful" claim to the contribution of ANOTHER.

1821 days ago


"Now this Lamaer Odem is a gold digger and only wants a prenup so as to be sure to get his share before he chats on Khloe and then she dishes him."-Anne

Lamar Odom has WAY MORE MONEY than the Kardashians could hope to have ON THEIR OWN ANY TIME SOON. HE has the GREATER assets, THEREFORE HE'S the one who stands to LOSE/PAY.

1821 days ago


Fake...Fake...Fake, Just like her boobs and all of hollywood. Nothing there is real, just like the Land of Oz. Who cares.

1821 days ago

sugar shack    

Remember how she acted when Kim bought her Bently. RUN for the hills!!! They try so hard to be like Kim.

1821 days ago



I never heard of you before this week. You are acting like a stereotypical DUMB jock. For Pete's sake, the Kardashians are TRASH. Their ONLY claim to fame is their father helped get OJ Simpson off. Nothing else! They will take you for every cent you have EARNED. None of these skanks work, and they never will. You should tell Seacrest and his week only wedding where to go and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

1821 days ago


Bruce Jenner is suppose to be a motivational speaker.. Well he's done a poor job of motivating those daughters or step daughters to conduct themselves like ladies. Those two youngest girls, with the examples that are being set for them, any day now will be working stripper poles and standing on street corners. What a terrible family those people are. What's wrong with Ryan Seacrest to promote these kinds of reality shows?

1821 days ago


How come these girls are famous? They haven't done anything!!! All their dad did was represent OJ Simpson.... Whoopeeee! TMZ, why do you spend so much time on these girls. It must be a very slow news day. They all look like gold diggers (including the mother). And Bruce has gotten so many facelifts you don't recognize him anymore. I just cannot understand where these girls came from. Boy, do I miss the good old days of Hollywood when we had classy celebrities! Now days they are all a bunch of skanky women with no real talent. Nasty, nasty, nasty.... Lamar, wake up. I have known many athletes in the past you guys and most of them are not too bright. They are insecure, incompetent, and very shallow. If you think about it.... all they can do is throw a ball through a hoop and would never be able to survive in the real corporate world. Perhaps Lamar is one of those.

1821 days ago


Hope her middle inital doesn't begin with a K (KKK)that wouldn't sit well with Lamar's family. just sayn

1821 days ago


$1 mil for a fake wedding? Doesn't sound like a good investment to me. If I had a spare million lying around to spend frivolously, I'd pay it for one of them not to show up. Now that would be worth watching. LOL

1821 days ago


These girls are nothing but attention whores.

1821 days ago

D.J Patriot    



1821 days ago


Heres one for ya,Sit down now,Ready? Ya know that $6M dollar mansion they were looking at? Maybe Momma Kris Jenner is going to buy it for the kids for thier wedding gift.What ya think lol. Please leave comments

1820 days ago

fedup with idiots    

Is this guy so hard-up that he has to BUY a tramp like this white piece of sh_t. Where is his dignity; he is the stupid one here not Kardashian. And the "marriage" won't last 6 mos(thats living together). They will split and the divorce will come later on another reality show. Lamar you are a LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1820 days ago
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