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Lamar Wants Prenup -- But There's a Problem

9/26/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned -- although Lamar Odom thinks love conquers all -- he decided to hedge his bets with a prenup. But there's a big complication.

Odom has lawyered up and so has Khloe. The problem is ... they have to get married on Sunday and there isn't enough time to hash out the details of a prenuptial agreement.

Why, you ask, isn't there enough time? We've learned they must get married on Sunday because one of the Kardashian reality shows is footing the $1 million bill for the wedding, but the deal is that the wedding must be shot this Sunday.

So we're told Lamar wants a postnup -- meaning the agreement will be hashed out and hopefully signed after Sunday's event.

Now here's the intrigue. There's talk that Sunday's wedding might not be the real deal -- it could be a non-binding ceremony. It's common with a postnup that bride and groom would not officially tie the knot until after they sign the document. What they typically do sign before the ceremony is an acknowledgment that it's not really an official wedding, to prevent misunderstandings down the road.

And speaking of problems ... we're told lawyers for Odom and Kardashian are already arguing and hitting road blocks.

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eastern star    

All the women in this family have been around the block so many times, including the mother it is truly sad. Only a fool would get hooked up with these skank women...

1861 days ago


Forgetitaboutit. What is the rush. Heck, this marriage is over before it even started. This is a joke and a sham.

1861 days ago


Of course Mama Kris is whoring them out and that is what she will be doing to Bruce's children also...as for me I have chosen to watch NOTHING Ryan Seacrest backs from now on...HE has become a whore to the industry and trying to show other peoples children that this is acceptable..ALL of his shows are TRASH and for the TRASHY minded...Grow up Ryan; you could use some of that talent to provide our children (and teens) something worthwhile. YOU are being judged and will have to answer for EVERY life your crap ruins. (Now go pray !!!!)

1861 days ago

Sue Wong    

RUN you stupid man and put your children in that $6 million dollar mansion. RUN!!! This isn't love. RUN!! RUN!! DON"T LOOK BACK!!!!!!

1861 days ago


Let's face it!
She couldn't get a white man at all &
he can't get a better white girl.
They deserve each other.
Children will be morons for sure with big asses.

1861 days ago


They learned their gold-digging ways well from their mother....why do you think she got her claws into Bruce Jenner as fast as she did?

1861 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Geez, dude needs to talk to Paul McCartney about NO prenup....and any other love sick puppy who said "I do" without the benefit of a prenup.

Just think, they have been together all this time and a prenup is causing their first fight, LOL!

1861 days ago


I wish them well! Who are you pple to pass judgement on others? I know pple who dated for yrs and then get married and last weeks. I also knw pple who dated for days and have been married for yrs!!! Leave them to live their lives and make their own lives happy, or mistakes. You pple need to face ur own lives. Hope you hae all the happiness in the world Khloe and Lamar!!!!!

1861 days ago


"My Mother, My Self..." With K.J. being the CEO of this dysfunctional family due to the fact B.J. is an emotionally weak man, what can you expect of the girls? What a terrible example that is being set before the eyes of the two youngest girls. Odom is thinking with "twigs and berries" and not with the gray matter hidden away in his skull. He has two living children (plus one who is deceased) and a neglected baby mama who has suffered the death of a child (photo below) and who he, obviously, used only for sex throughout the years. President O. needs to get hold of this guy and shake the "living daylight out of him" since he is one of the black statistics neglecting his children for a lustful relationship with this vulgar-mouthed girl. Does anyone think for a moment the narcissistic tranny vamp is going to do the right thing and encourage him to do the right thing and be a stand-up father on behalf of the long-term success of his firstborn children? Shame on K.J. for promoting this relationship as there is nothing admirable about the kind of life she has been leading and her five daughters have been mirroring along the way.

1861 days ago

Post and Send    

So let me get this right, they are getting married because VH1 is footing the bill? or even better because his baksetball season is more important?

Making a mockery of the huge significance of marriage really means.

Thanks Ryan Seacrest for more crap for youth see on tv and adding to the ugly underbelly of society.. Shame on you...

Maybe we should have a realty show of an in the closet producer who creates to forget.

1861 days ago


i offer 25 goats a cow a bull calf and a shining red stone size of button to parents of kardashian woman for one of other sisters for marrage to my son. he is good hard worker and sells much gas at convience store on interstate road near detroit.

1861 days ago


You better run and run fast guy. Good point TMZ. Hope your right or hes a ass. Shes a taker. Her Dad heard it on Ryans radio show. NOW THE FAMILY FUED HAS A NEW QUESTION FOR SHOW. LOL. HOW DOES A FATHER KNOW HIS DAUGHTER IS GETTING MARRIED? OMG. Your shoes are big hope you can fill them dude .

1861 days ago


another piece of white trash with a spear chunker its sick to see where is the kkk when u need them?

1861 days ago


Shot Gun Wedding oh boy.

1861 days ago


Who the HELL CARES....

1861 days ago
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