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L.A. to Kanye

We Forgive You!!!

9/27/2009 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He may be a social pariah everywhere else -- but when Kanye West made a surprise appearance at Common's benefit concert last night in Hollywood, he got a hero's welcome.

The crowd at the show -- which featured Common, Nas, Ludacris, De La Soul, The Roots, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and more -- just exploded when Kanye rushed out on stage. He stayed for a few songs -- including "Good Life" and "Run This Town" -- and had the crowd going nuts the whole time.

Kanye was able to perform without interruption.


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pink floyd    

he sucks no tallent hack.

1855 days ago


big deal!! they should have booted him out in the streets!

1855 days ago


first kanye has an ego but he did not kill anyone he was just a jerk its time to get over it

1855 days ago


#34 He did not sit in an empty seat, the guy that attacked him was sitting there and he moved the attacker's book bag so he could sit down and that's when the kid started pushing, then punching him and 5 minutes later another student attacked him. Either you're one of those idiots who doesn't bother to get his facts straight first or you're a bigot who uses incidents like this as an excuse to spew your hatred and justify your ignorance. I live about 10 minutes from their high school which is a DIVERSE school and there were Black AND White children on that bus. This kid was a CONSTANT target of bullying and it had nothing to do with his race. In fact, high school bullying is RARELY about skin color since most victims are targeting by their OWN race. There were TWO kids who attacked him, and if you go to youtube and search for teen fights, you'll notice that generally the other kids watching are cheering them along and not going out of their way to break it up.

1854 days ago


Good for Kanye! I'm also happy for ther people that got a chance to enjoy his talent. White people trip me out. YOU praise IMUS, RUSH LIMBAUGH, HEAVY METAL (which advocates nothing but debauchery, murder and misery, AND want to bury the legacy of slavery in America (lynchings, owning people like property) but want BLACKS to crucify Kanye for taking a microphone from a rich, pampered white PERFORMER at an awards show.

GTFOH with that and kiss our collective black asses

@ #3 dotty=Speak for YOURSELF..

1854 days ago


I don't think what he did had anything to do with race, he just doesn't know how to behave in a mature way. You add that to the fact that he is full of himself and you have a train wreck. In show business he is probably not that weird. He doesn't understand boundaries so he injects himself into any situation he feels needs his opinion. It's as if he feels if I don't tell everyone how great I am and that my opinions are the only ones that count, then no one will know and I can't let that happen. Who does that? Usually a small child who hasn't been taught any different.

I don't think it helps that Jayzee made excuses for him. I realize they are friends and in business together, but it appears as if Jayzee is an enabler for that kind of behavior. Maybe Jayzee was not so forgiving in private with Kanye, but his public statement was too much of a wet noodle. He didn't have to rack Kanye over coals but he could have made a stronger statement and then let people know it was time to move on. I suspect Kanye was crying in his liquor to Jayzee about how sorry he was and Jayzee took pity on him.

Only time will tell if Kanye has learned how to act in public, if he hasn't he needs to be kicked to the curb in the music world until he does.

1854 days ago


I love how everyone is saying how Kanye is a racist, really. Look at the video again. That's all white people in the front row cheering him on. Truthfully, this has nothing to do with race, what he did was wrong. No one is saying it wasn't but as far as I'm concerned he apologized, it seemed sincere and I've move on. Too me, he would've had to have said something racist or homophobic to really turn me people off. He did neither, he's a jerk yes, if he continues to do jerk things then he has a problem.

So yes, if Taylor Swift is over it, I'm over it too. The rest of you need to move on to your next target.

1854 days ago


TMZ what about Michael???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1854 days ago


One rapper/thug accepted by a bunch of other rapper/thugs. How novel! Maybe they can all go kill a cop together.

1854 days ago

jOhNNy bOttLeS    

What do you expect in a crowd full of D*CK RIDERS. I dont wish anything bad on him but I still think he doesnt like white people. And I wont feel his music the same or have any respect for him. But he's chilln cuz the world is full of d*ck riders and he knows that. I mean people take it up the as* all the time and turn around and clap.

1854 days ago


Kenya did what? Kain who? Are we talking about a country or that Superman fella that dated Terri Hatcher?

1854 days ago


This s.cker said he wanted to take some time off. What's this then?

1854 days ago


Who cares He's a putz!

1854 days ago


Well, of course they support him, they're "his people", what else would you expect? The civilized part of society does not support him.

1854 days ago


what would you expect of a bunch of brother's in the house, Yes it's ok what Kayn wipe did..NOT. He acts like he is on drugs all the time he is played OUT his music sucks... he is a loser... Being a racist Is NOT COOL...

1854 days ago
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