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Lamar Odom -- Big Man, Big Day

9/27/2009 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom was spotted outside a hotel in Beverly Hills just hours before he is set to marry a girl he just met the love of his life, Khloe Kardashian.


Good luck today, you crazy kids.


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E! probably sent TMZ a cease and disist! their filming a show.

1854 days ago

LakersFan mistake he did show up..I guess I wasn't all that interested that I skipped reading most of the article lol. That's what I get for commenting on this trash.

1854 days ago


I always thought Khloe Kardashian looked like the female wrester Chynna!

1854 days ago

Mely S    

idk why people are being such haters! If Khloe and Lamar want to be together then screw it.. let them be together.

1854 days ago


All I care about is he better not mess up our season with this reality tv nonsense.

1854 days ago


When did TMZ become the promotor for Keeping up with the Kardashians?

1854 days ago

That explains things!    

Now that she has puzzywhipped oDUMB's stupid azz, I hope she spend-drys him then put him out to pasture. He's stupid.

1854 days ago


as a black woman i would think it may be true some black guys will prefer another race when they have money, but who cares, i know i have one that will be with me whether rich or poor, thats all i care about and i not gonna moan and groan bout these stupid other men. plus some may not be stupid, it may jus be their preference and judging from how they are socialized, it may not be right but hard luck for them to not appreciate an amazing black woman

1854 days ago


Lamar Odom's other woman, Lara Manoukian speaks:

1854 days ago


Who gives a rat's ass? Really? Enough already!! It's all for TV. OMG. WTF. They are both media whores!! And they won't let gay people who really love each other get married??? This should be against the law--like having sex with an animal!! Move on TMZ. This can't be all that's happening out there. Where the hell is John and Kate? Just when you thought you couldn't hate someone more these two appear. Gimme a break.

1854 days ago


I was wondering how much the girls make from their show? I know they have trust funds and the dress shops. It seems to me that she didn't need to marry him for the money. Although I am amazed at how willing rich people are to pimp out their weddings when they can afford to pay for it themselves. Also amazed that they could put this thing together in just a couple weeks.

1854 days ago

sicko Lambert    

That's very nice...possibly chemistry? Never know they might be meant for each other! Anyway, Congratulations! Mr and Mrs! Happy for you Mr and Mrs!

1854 days ago


@ 6. -Brandon, You are Absolutely correct about the Self Hate that Black Men have for themselves......The Black Women is the reason the Black little boys like Lamor Exist...........Unfortunately & Disgrace too the the Black women who carry them 3/4 of a year, raise them many times single handedly because tha fathers are No where to found, too much pressure too be a Man beyond the "Good Feeling of Passion & baby Making" A real thank you too Mommmie & Grandmothers inwhich that is solely responsible for sacraficing to house ,clothe & feed them...... You would think they would want somone like their Mother!! Mind Boggle for Sure ~ Love is Love for, I Agree.......But many times the Black Men Marry & Empower white women and other races that for sure the white Men Don't Want and would not Have, Especially for a Wife!!! Unfortunately the disfunction of the Black Race reaches far beyond what you see today, Look @ Slavery.......Brandon, believe in your Experience of your Journey & interactions with the Black Women that are you associates, that is a Good read in General and over all. Maybe the Black man thinks White women empower their existence or make them look more Important??? I many of them like the Lamors & OJ's & ona & on......Tell Me that they are sticking it too the Man ( White Man)breaking his heart by screwing their daughters and the dager of impregnating them with their seed to dilute their Race.......Seems too be working, the world is getting Browner, thanks too the white women, the myth must be true about Black men, because white women are will cross any boundry too get with them, especially the ones with Money & many of the weak black men with no foundation of the Rich Heritege feel like they have died & went to heaven too have them on their arm, even the Trash........ Too bad they get many of the wealthiest Black Men....... Oh well, the table are turning, be on the lookout for the newest fastest growing fad- Black women with White men (Naomi Campbell, Iman)& please be sure too note they will be with matched up with powerful & wealthy white men that can make the difference in their lives as many Black men have done for white women that at best would be considered trash by white men. Black men like Lamor, Tiger, Kobe, Michael Jordan,Quincey Jones,Taye Diggs, Seal, James Earl Jones,& the list goes on for years, really makes the black Race Proud, especially after they become successful ( being sarcastic)Maybe their journey as a Black man is too painful, by mixing make it feels & seems Better?????? Many Black Men, I think are Sick in the Head, what they will tolerate from a white women & other races, is Unthinkable for a Black women too get away with......A Black woman can sleep with a black man on the first date & considered a Whore....A white women that sleeps with a black man on the first night is considered too be a sexually free being as well a Good Freak & who cares if she has been with more NBA & NFL players than is imaginable!!! Wow, oh well Live & Let Live............... black Women are Great as well Worthy,where would the black Race be without her...... My thought is many of the Black men are insufficent beyond their Genitals and their money should thay beome successful.

1854 days ago


Boring, boring and boring. Go on to something else.

1854 days ago


Someone please remind me how Khloe Kardashian, qualifies as a celebrity? She's known for what???

1854 days ago
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